BChapter 4

Definitely rated NC-17/b

iLocation: Sullivan House/i

Chloe stepped in front of her full-length mirror and checked out her appearance one last time. She had always been a bit of a girly-girl and spent a decent amount of time primping ever day; but tonight; she had paid extra special attention to her appearance. She wanted to look sexy as hell.

She had opted for a tight jean skirt that came only four inches below her ass and a green, fitted v-neck top that not only brought out her intense green eyes, but rode low enough to show a significant amount of cleavage too. Chloe snickered at the thought of the pet name Clark had for her cleavage, he called it his 'Chloevage.' He said that the first time he noticed her breasts were when he was 'forced' to rip open her shirt to save her life. So now she made sure he had an eyeful whenever the opportunity arose.

Chloe also decided to wear her hair a little straighter than usual and applied a bit more eye makeup to compensate for the lack of lipstick. 'It's best not to get much riskier than lip-gloss when you have a full night of making out planned' she mused. Chloe smiled a devious grin at the thought of it. 'If Clark's a good boy, this lip-gloss might end up touching more than just my lips,' she thought brazenly. The sudden mental picture of her mouth on Clark's dick made Chloe slightly wet.

There was a sudden knock at the front door. Chloe left her room and went to let Clark in.

Clark was astonished by Chloe's appearance when she opened the door. Her unbelievable beauty blew his mind and he could barely gather the strength to speak. He just walked in and kept his eyes glued to her entire form.

She was taken back slightly by the look of surprise on Clark's face. Had she gone a little too far on her appearance? 'I hope he doesn't think I'm trying too hard,' she worried. "What's wrong Clark?" She asked meekly.

"Nothing at all," he began slowly, "Chloe nothing could possibly be wrong when I'm with you." He smiled. "It's just…you're…. It's just that you're…" he stumbled while searching for the accurate statement to describe what was going through his head. "You are the most beautiful person in the entire universe," he said sincerely.

Clark grabbed Chloe's hand and gently pulled her to him. He felt such an intense familiarity with her. Sometimes he thought he might burst with contentment when she was in his arms.

Chloe was flattered by Clark's compliment. She reached up, wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. His breathing quickened as he lightly brushed his lips against hers. All of their kisses were always passionate and this one was no different. They both felt the sexual fierceness in the others lips.

Clark appreciated the view from where he stood. Her shirt showed an ample amount of 'chloevage' and he felt anxious to see the rest of it. Chloe suddenly began to feel his appreciation against her stomach. Pure heat stirred in her belly and she desired more of him.

"Come here," she whispered while leading him over to the living room couch. Chloe sat and pulled Clark down to sit next to her and placed a fervent kiss on his lips. Through his muddled state of arousal Clark pulled away from her kiss and breathed "Chloe I have to talk to you."

"Alright..umm.. well, there's actually something I need to talk to you about too."

They both wondered what the other one needed to say.

"Okay, where do you want to start?" he asked thoughtfully.

"You go first," Chloe replied. She was a little uneasy about what she would say to him and needed another moment.

Clark had prepared himself for this as best as he could and decided that the best approach to take was to avoid hesitation. He was just going to come right out and say it.

"I'm in love with you, Chloe," he said with a cute smile.

"Wha….What?" Chloe asked with a stutter from both surprise and elation.

He laughed softly and gave her hands a squeeze. "I said that I love you Chloe."

She smiled so big Clark's heart flipped with happiness.

"I love you too!" Chloe practically shouted with her voice full of emotion. She could not believe what was happening. She had been apprehensive for the past month, for the past four years actually, about telling Clark that she loved him and he ended up saying it first. Clark Kent was actually in love with her!

Chloe giggled happily and gave Clark a big hug and kiss. "Thank you Clark," she said with choked up appreciation.

"It's my pleasure," He kissed her gently.

They began to kiss passionately once again, both of them relishing in their fresh declaration of love for one another. Clark pulled back from the kiss once he remembered that Chloe needed to tell him something but still held her in a close embrace so that he would not have to lose all physical contact with the woman he loved.

"Now, what did you want to tell me?" he asked while gently brushing back a strand of hair from her face.

Chloe was full of different emotions. She was filled with joy for obvious reasons and filled with anticipation, apprehension and anxiety over what she was about to say next. "Well, Clark it's actually more of a question," she could feel her stomach doing Olympic cartwheels as she continued.

"Okay, what's up?" He asked curiously.

"Well, umm, would you…. make love to me?" she said slowly, looking him nervously in the eyes.

Clark was stunned by her question, 'how did I not see this coming?' he thought.

"Are you serious Chloe?" He asked not at all unhappy but slightly surprised.

"Well, yeah" she began, "I've been thinking about it for a while and I think we've been progressively working our way up to this moment. If you don't think we are prepared to move to the next level of our relationship though I'll completely understand" She gripped both of Clark's hands in hers to emphasize that is was okay for him to be honest with her.

"Is this something that you're absolutely sure about?" he asked.

"Yes, Clark. I'm really REALLY sure," she laughed. "I have been trying to hold back with you because I wanted you to make the first move. I didn't know if you were ready. That's why every time we're together lately I end up pawing you like ravenous bear," she smiled.

"Yeah I've noticed that." Clark laughed. "I wasn't totally sure if you were ready either. To be honest I had every intention of making my move tonight," he smiled and gave Chloe a sly wink.

"Really?" Chloe giggled in surprise.

Clark was laughing with Chloe while still holding her hands in his. "Yeah, I have been going completely crazy thinking about you ever since you began acting like a 'ravenous bear', he smiled. "I realized that I didn't want to start a physical relationship until we had established our emotional relationship. I knew that I was in love with you and decided tonight would be the night I told you. I figured that sex can always wait but my feelings for you cannot."

"That's sweet Clark", Chloe smiled lovingly. "I'm so happy that you did tell me. But now that we have that settled I don't think we should wait anymore. I have been in love with you since the first time I met you. I want to do everything with you, Clark. I'm glad that we can experience this together. But….I've always been curious… how is that you went so long without realizing my feelings for you?"

"To be honest Chloe, the first time I even came close to realizing that you cared about me romantically was when I discovered your letter."

"Yeah, I really poured my heart out in that letter didn't I?" she smiled.

"It was beautifully written," Clark said thoughtfully. "And you know what? You were right, I have grown into you." He smiled. "You really are the girl of my dreams, Chloe. Thank you so much for making me realize that. I'm just sorry it took me a while to get to you," Clark leaned in and kissed her lips gently.

"It's okay Clark," Chloe smiled meekly. "It turns out you really were worth the wait."

They kissed with more fervor and passion than their previous kisses of the night. He had loved hearing her ask him to make love to her and right now that is the only thing in the world he wanted to do.

"Yes," he said.

"What?" asked Chloe.

He kissed her lightly and then held his lips close to hers. "Yes I will make love to you." He whispered. "I would love to," he smiled.

Chloe felt a burning desire stir in her belly at hearing Clark say that. They picked up with their passionate kissing and both quickly became aroused again.

"Come with me," said Chloe as she stood. They walked hand in hand to her bedroom both fully turned on and full of anticipation.

She locked the door and turned to face him, visually taking in her sexy boyfriend.

He looked so hot just standing there expectantly with his jeans tented by his hardening dick. Clark closed the distance between them, leaned down and kissed her while slipping his tongue passed her lips. They explored each other's mouths with darting tongues and pressed their bodies together tightly. Chloe loved feeling his rock hard cock pressed against her and made a muttered "Uhhh" sound into his mouth.

Clark pulled back to look at her. Both of their cheeks were flushed and he noticed the haze in Chloe's eyes that told him she was consumed with desire. "Are you really horny, baby? He whispered seductively in her ear.

He had never called her baby before and hearing him call her that in such a seductive way at such a sexy time caused a new burst of wetness in Chloe's panties. "Mmm hmm" she breathed in reply as her eagerness built.

While kissing they slowly edged their way toward Chloe's bed until Clark's legs hit it and he was forced into a sitting position. Chloe was overcome with desire and wanted to make sure Clark was as aroused as she was. She stood in front of him and pulled off her shirt, tossing it aside. She then climbed onto his lap facing him draping one leg on each side, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Chloe's skirt rode up; revealing her butt to him and Clark was on sexual overload at the sight before him. Here she was straddling him in a black, silky bra and a tiny skirt bunched up at her waist revealing to him soft, milky legs and a black thong.

He shuddered as she gave a gentle thrust causing his jean-clad erection to rub against her panties. Clark slid his hands up her smooth legs until they rested on her exposed ass.

"Mmm, I want you so bad," he groaned. She shivered and moaned at the feel of his hands on her bare skin and pulled away from his touch just long enough to remove his shirt.

Chloe placed her palms flat on Clark's chest and gently pushed him back into a laying position. She was on fire for the sexy farm boy beneath her.

"I like you wanting me," she said while seductively trailing her fingers down his chest, stopping to admire his finely sculpted stomach. Clark's muscle's twitched beneath her soft caress.

"Does that tickle?" Chloe asked with a mischievous smile. He returned her smile, "No, my body just responds that way when you touch it."

Clark grabbed her hand and softly tugged her down on top of him, the mood suddenly becoming more playful. "Mmm, but that's not the only way it responds," she said as she moved her hand down and squeezed the firm bulge in his jeans. Clark sucked in a deep breath, "Uhh!"

Chloe promptly rolled onto her side resting on her elbow. She brought her hand down to rest on the button of his jeans. Clark's lust-filled eyes and sharp, jagged breathing were all the confirmation she needed to proceed. She un-fastened his jeans and hooked her fingers inside his boxers, slowly pulling both garments down in one motion. Clark looked up at her with expectancy and was overwhelmed with how sexy she was being. Chloe felt equal amounts of lust and surprise, as she looked at Clark's naked body. He was a lot bigger than he had felt in her hand.

"You look so hot!" she breathed eagerly. Chloe gripped her hand around Clark's throbbing dick and moved toward it with her lips parted slightly, only pausing to look at Clark and ask, "Can I?"

A slow, strained "Hmmmmm," was the only sound that Clark could produce as his body ached for additional contact. "That would definitely be a YES," teased Chloe as she bowed forward and took him in her mouth.

"Ssssss," Clark hissed at the first contact with wet suction. His senses were on overload; he had been doubtful that something could have possibly felt much better than Chloe jerking him off but now he changed his mind. He had never felt anything as wonderful as this before.

"Mmm, Chloe," Clark murmured while tightly gripping the covers with his fists. This encouraged Chloe to suck a little harder and she absolutely loved the noises he made when she did that. It was such a turn on to feel how hard he was for her and her pussy was aching to feel that hardness inside of it. She continued sucking for a few moments longer until suddenly she heard Clark choke back a whine and firmly say, "Chloe wait!"

Startled, Chloe backed away from his swollen dick and looked up at him in shock.

"Uhhhh, that felt so good I just didn't want to cum before we have the chance to go further," He said honestly.

Chloe lay down on the bed next to him and kissed his cheek, "It's okay Clark, I really want this to last too".

Clark sat up, "I think It's my turn," he whispered as he turned over on top of her and pressed her against the bed. He kissed her lips softly as his hands went down to her skirt and unfastened it. She undid her bra and tossed it aside while Clark sat up and gently pulled her skirt off and threw it over his shoulder. He was utterly delighted at the sight of her beneath him wearing only a little black thong.

"Wow, Chloe, you are so beautiful," he said while positioning his body over hers and resting one arm on each side. He dipped his lips to her neck and kissed it softly then moved up and began sucking and nibbling her earlobes.

"Mmmmm," moaned Chloe as Clark's hands each cupped a breast, kneading and stroking them gently. The desire to possess each other was their all-consuming thought. Clark captured her nipple between his lips and sucked, while his hand slid down between her legs. He gently rubbed her through her panties for a moment while kissing her and softly stroking his tongue inside her mouth. "Uhh, do you even know how sexy you smell?" he breathed in.

Clark loved how hot her pussy was to the touch and slid his hand inside her panties for a better feel. "Mmm, you're so wet; you must really like this" he said with desire. Chloe closed her eyes and whimpered while arching her back up, "Mmmm, Clark I need you."

"It's so sexy watching you like this," he added. Chloe forced her eyes open to look at him, she loved the way he was talking dirty and encouraging her.

"Flip over baby", he demanded while thoughtfully helping her to turn onto her belly.

Chloe was blown away by how sensual this all was. She wondered how Clark knew exactly what to say to make her catch fire and decided to just oblige to his desires and enjoy the ride.

Clark placed his hands on her sides and lifted her butt up so that it was in the air but her face was still on the bed. He just stared for a moment at her thong-clad ass sticking high up in the air and had to contain himself so that he wouldn't cum prematurely. He placed his hands on her ass cheeks and squeezed them gently then slid his hands down to her thighs pressing them open wider.

Clark moved down and positioned his face just over her ass. He then leaned forward and began kissing her pussy through her panties then pushed them aside and began licking her from behind. His tongue licked her tentatively and then moved up to suck and lick her swollen clit. Chloe squirmed and let out guttural moans. One hand held her thong aside and the other pushed her legs wider allowing him to go deeper and Chloe squeaked in appreciation.

He then slid her panties down so that he could use both of his hands. Clark placed a hand on each ass check and pressed her open while pushing up so that she was almost lifted completely off the bed and totally open and exposed for his viewing pleasure.

"Uhhh, God your pussy is sexy," Clark could barely keep from exploding his cum onto her. "Mmmm, Clark keep going Pleeeaaase," groaned Chloe desperately. He continued enjoying the taste of her sweet juices and then gave her clit one last suck as Chloe's legs began shuddering while she grunted and moaned and rapidly pushed her pussy back and forth on his tongue. She let out a groan that was a barely audible verson of his name; "Claaaarrrrk" and fell forward on the bed panting heavily.

She flipped over onto her back and could feel her own wetness dripping from her entrance. "Mmm, Clark that was amazing. I need you inside me now," she spread her legs wide revealing her glistening cunt to him and yanked him down on top of her.

His cock was rock hard as he positioned it over her drenched opening. They were both panting and anxious as Clark pushed his weight forward and allowed his dick to slide half way into her. "Stttt," Chloe hissed and squirmed beneath him as pain shot through her groin. She knew that it was supposed to sting a bit the first time, but also knew that the size of Clark's dick was making the matter worse. She felt stretched and open, which made the pain almost desirable and sexy.

Clark saw the look of discomfort twist her features; he had worried about causing her pain. "Are you okay, baby?" he asked concerned, bringing his hand up to gently stroke her face. "Yeah..mmm..just go slow," she responded.

Clark sensually comforted her with loving words and tender caresses until the sharp pain inside her turned into a dull, sexual ache.

She wrapped her legs tightly around Clark's waist and he thrust in as deep as possible. He held it there for a moment just enjoying the feel of being inside her. They looked into each other's eyes and gently caressed one another's bodies.

As Chloe became increasingly comfortable to the feeling of being stretched she began to moan in ecstasy and dig her nails into his shoulders. Clark started to push faster and harder. She kissed him and sucked on his tongue, tasting herself, as he rode her steadily.

"Mmmm," She felt so warm and tight around his cock. He slid his hands down a grabbed her ass pulling it toward him while thrusting, using her ass as leverage "Uhhhh, Chloe you feel so amazing".

She felt so connected to Clark that she felt like he was filling her entire body. She had never experienced anything so amazing and she was in total ecstasy.

Her legs trembled from extreme stimulation and she new she wasn't far from going over the edge again. "Uhh, God" Chloe reached down between their bodies and applied pressure on her clit with her hand. She rubbed her pussy while thrusting up toward Clark's body and then kissed him deeply while riding out her second orgasm of the night. "Mmm, uh uh uh!" She moaned deeply in his mouth and her pussy tightened and convulsed around his penis.

"Mmmm, Chloe" Clark thrust deep and hard while his dick pulsated. He was desperate for release. His body jerked as she continued to spasm around him and he grunted loudly as his cock twitched and spilled out inside of her. Feeling Clark's cum shoot through her body helped to prolong Chloe's orgasm until she was completely satisfied. Clark slid off of her and lay beside her. They both felt completely exhausted and content.

After several minutes of lying wrapped up in each other's arms waiting to catch their breath, Chloe lifted her head and rolled over to face Clark. "Wow," she said.

Clark turned on his side to face her and laughed, "You're pretty wow yourself, Chlo." He leaned in and kissed her softly. "I love you so much Chloe," Cark said as he swept aside a damp piece of hair on her forehead. "Mmmm, I love you too," she hummed in reply.

"Are you okay?" Clark asked concerned, remembering the pain he had caused her. Chloe smiled, "Yeah I'm better than okay. I feel a little sore but it's nice." Clark looked at her slightly confused, "What do you mean it's nice?"

"It's nice feeling an ache because I know why it's there. It's like a nice reminder of having you inside me," she smiled and kissed him deeply.

Chloe scooted against him and laid her head in the crook of his arm while he draped his arm over her waist. Then Clark and Chloe lay in her bed together whispering affectionate words to each other until they were forced to say goodnight. They both had the feeling that sex would now be a very steady facet of their relationship. Who needs Kryptonite induced viagra when you have white hot passion?