Eight months later…

Shreveport International Airport, Shreveport, Louisiana

Remy LeBeau cursed the inefficiency of airports. One would think that by the twenty-first century it would be possible for an aircraft to get from Point A to Point B without a million complications.

He'd been flying to New Orleans after spending some time on the West Coast when the pilot announced the current weather patterns over The Big Easy would make it difficult to land, and that they had to have an unexpected stop-over in Shreveport for an undetermined length of time.

Remy didn't want to be in Shreveport. He wanted to be home. Maybe he could make New Orleans feel that way again. Maybe he could find a place to be happy without Rogue.


Gambit froze. He was hearing things. He looked up and decided he must be seeing things, too. There was no way Rogue was standing right in front of him.

"Hey, Remy."

"Rogue? Wha…what you doin' in Shreveport, Chére?"

"Zander was asked to a conference here to speak on how he's helped mutants control their powers. I agreed t'come so he could use my story as an example."

Zander…She was there because of Zander… Gambit sighed. He should've known she'd be married by then. "How's dat workin' out Rogue?" he asked.

"How's what workin' out? The conference?"

"Non. You an' Zander."

"We're not married, Gambit." She held up her left hand and wiggled her ring finger. It was bare. "See."

"What? Why not?"

"I didn't love him enough to marry him."

"But…but you came here f'him."

"As a friend and former patient, nothin' more."


"Remy, I came to the mansion lookin' for ya," she admitted. "At the engagement party, I realized I couldn't marry Zander, and that, well, that I still love you. But when I got there, you were gone…"

"I left because I couldn't stand watchin' ya wit' anot'er man." Rogue laughed. "What's so funny, Chére?"

"The irony." She paused for a moment, then asked, "So what are ya doin' in Shreveport, Remy?"

"I was on my way to N'walins when my plane got rerouted."

"Maybe it was fate."


"Yeah, fate," Rogue said, looking him in the eyes. "Maybe we were meant t'meet in this airport. Maybe fate's givin' us another chance."

"I don' know about dat, Rogue," Gambit said. "Seems more like fate's been pushin' us apart. Did you know I could've been to de mansion de night 'fore you accepted Zander's proposal, but I decided to stop an' rest? An' you, gettin' to the mansion probably moments after I was gone. We keep jus' missin' de mark, Rogue."

"But we didn't miss it this time," she said. "We're both standin' here, in this airport. You're not even supposed t'be here, Remy, but ya are. And even if it wasn't fate, we're still here. How can we just walk away from each other this time? I know I can't turn my back on my feelings for you again."

"You sayin' you still love me, Rogue."

"Yes, Remy. I love you more than I ever believed it was possible to love another person."

"But what about everyt'ing we got between us? De problems we always had, de time since we last been toget'er? How do we deal wit' dat?"

"I was sorta thinkin' we can just figure that out as we go."

Remy smiled. "So what happens now, Chére?"

"I think this is the part where you're supposed t'kiss me."

And that's exactly what he did.

*** *** ***

Gotta find a way
Yeah I can't wait another day
Ain't nothin' gonna change if we stay 'round here
Gotta do what it takes
'Cuz it's all in our hands
We all make mistakes
Yeah... but it's never too late to start again
Take another breath and say another prayer

And fly away from here
Anywhere yeah I don't care
We just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere
Won't let time pass us by
We just fly

If this life gets any harder now
It ain't no never mind
You got me by your side
And any time you want
Yeah we can catch a train and find a better place
Yeah... a cuz' we won't let nothin' or no one keep gettin' us down
Maybe you and I can pack our bags and hit the sky

And fly away from here
Anywhere yeah I don't care
We just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere
Won't let time pass us by
We just fly

Do you see a bluer sky now
You can have a better life now
Open your eyes
'Cuz no one here can ever stop us
They can try but we won't let them... no way

Maybe you and I
Can pack our bags and say goodbye

And fly away from here
Anywhere honey I don't care
We just fly away from here
Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere
Fly away from here
Yeah... anywhere honey I don't I don't I don't care
Yeah... we just fly

*** *** ***

Yes, it ends there. Don't ask for a sequel—I'm probably not writing one. But if you want to know if they get married, read "Back Where the Sun Can Find You." It ties into this.

And let me know one thing…how many of y'all thought she was married to Zander when she said she was there for his conference?

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