Hi! Sami, Ryou's Hikari here! Okay, this is what you get when you get a young teenage authoress staying up all night reading 'The Exorcist.' By the way, if you've read that, it's disturbing, isn't it? Read on, I guess.

A child screamed somewhere in the endless depths of the night. A high pitched wailing, like the wind whistling through the leaves at midnight. It was almost inhuman, and all who heard it cringed and pressed their hands to their ears.

The child looked up from his bedside, the screaming ceased. He looked at the thing he had been screaming at, a shadowed figure in the night, standing by his window. "W-who are you?" The child asked, taking note of the fact that every time he stepped forward, the shadow stepped back, and when he went back, the shadow went forward. It was predicting his every move.

"I am a creature of darkness; I am the shadows and despair. I have come to possess you and take you as my own slave." The shadow moved his hand to the door as the child was about to leave. He'd stopped predicting the child's moves and was now trying to keep the teen in the room. The child whimpered, clutching at his bed post.

"You can see me clearly child, do not doubt that, for if you doubt me, you will never be strong enough to get rid of me. Don't doubt my existence as you did your sisters and mothers deaths. I am far too real for that…Ryou." Ryou gasped. It knew his name, and about his mother and sister. His mother and sister who were…away….on vacation…a very long vacation…

"They're not dead! They've just…" "Gone away?" the shadow finished for him. "Yes, I'm sure they have, and where are they, exactly? Hawaii? Jamaica? France? Whereabouts in this world are they, my precious Ryou. My light…" "They didn't say, they left very suddenly, they didn't even tell Father where they were going. And don't call me your precious anything! I'm not yours!" Ryou ended savagely.

"Ah, but you are," the shadow responded knowingly. "You are mine and mine alone, and you shall be my worthless slave, for my needs, my pleasure, and my entertainment…" at the word entertainment, the shadow had produced a knife that gleamed silver in the moonlight, brand new. Ryou shivered; he remembered the last time he'd seen a knife…he still had the scars.

"And remember, my light, that if you go out of line, or attempt to rise against me, I shall not hesitate to use this beauty," the shadow said threateningly, indicating the knife. As if to prove his point, he glided over to Ryou, who was still in darkness, and drew the blade upon the young teens arm. The blood flowed down the wound and Ryou gasped, jumping back.

"What is your name, shadow?" he questioned. "Do you not have a name? Did no one ever love you enough to give you one? I bet your mother probably hated you…" "SHUT UP!" the shadow yelled, furious at Ryou. "FOR YOUR INFORMATION I HAD A MOTHER THAT LOVED ME! SHE NAMED ME AKEFIA AND SHE WAS KILLED!"

Ryou looked at Akefia, whose face was twisted in a rage, his veins pulsing and his breathing was course and ragged.

"I am not yours, and you are not to be in my room anymore, I want you to get out. Now!" Ryou's tone was menacing, and Ryou was not a menacing person. "Oh Ryou…" Akefia shook his head. "Sweet Ryou, I cannot leave; that would be highly impossible. You see, I am no longer one single being…I am a part of you!"

And with that, Akefia took on a transparent form and flew into Ryou's body. He forced the young teen's soul to hide away in a dark place of Ryou's mind. When he returned that night, he wondered when the child would find the bodies hidden away inside the closet at the bottom of the stairs, and if he would scream again. He washed the blood of his hands and got out his knife. He began carving words into Ryou's skin. 'You belong to me, Ryou,' he wrote, 'and no one else.'

That night, there was another scream piercing through the night. Only this one didn't stop, it kept on going and it wouldn't stop until the owner was silenced. No one ever saw Ryou after that. It was never discovered if he died, was kidnapped, commit suicide, or other things like that. They eventually came to the conclusion that the boy had murdered five people, discovered falling out of his closet, and then went mad, taking himself to some unknown place to commit suicide. The shadow waited, in the ever near darkness, waiting for his next precious light…

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