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Akefia kept on washing himself with the cloth, and muttering about Sami Ishtar and her being so stupid and utterly disobedient. "I will get you for this!" he growled at her, and she shrugged, replying with, "Oh yeah, good luck on that," which made Akefia swear at her. She smirked, knowing she was annoying the shadow. Unknowingly to her, a hand was sneaking its way to her wrist, and she found herself pulled into the bath. "Oh, you stupid, fucking idiot! Now you've gotten me all wet! I hate you!" she kept on yelling at Akefia as she got out of the bathtub, while the shadow was laughing, and decided to annoy her even more. He got up and jumped out of the bathtub, but as he did, his foot slipped, and he fell on Sami, bringing her down to the ground. She landed on her back and glared at Akefia with a look in her eyes that threatened death. "That hurt, you realize that, right?" Akefia nodded, breathless from the fall.

Sami noticed Akefia looked hurt. "Are you alright?" she asked, her eyes growing soft. She was generally a caring person, but she didn't often show it. She hated to see others hurt, even if the person getting hurt had possessed the body of her close friend. She leant closer to Akefia, to see what was wrong. Akefia turned his head up, and noticed how close the two of them were. He sat up, and Sami blinked, wondering what was going on. "So you're alright then?" she asked, curious. He didn't say anything at all, and just stared at her, making her feel uncomfortable. "Um, Akefia, what are you doing?" Sami questioned, as Akefia took her hands in this. But all her questions were silenced when Akefia suddenly leant in and pressed his lips against hers.

At first she fought back, pushing against Akefia with her hands, and struggled to get away, but soon she began to enjoy the kiss, melting into it and wrapping her arms around Akefia. His tongue explored the deepest caverns of her mouth and he traced the shape of her body with his hands, a shape he had never experienced before. Sami ran her hands over Akefia's soaking body, sighing happily, and enjoying the feeling of intense bliss passing through her mind and heart. 'It isn't Ryou!' called the part of her heart that was still waiting for the more innocent boy to return to his body. 'Who cares?' thought another, and even though she was torn, at the moment, Akefia was all she knew and all she could think of. Akefia ran his fingers through her hair and pushed her to the ground, deepening the kiss.

Sami didn't want to be entirely vulnerable, so she began to fight back with her tongue, forcing it into Akefia's mouth and massaging his throat. Akefia moaned, having never felt such passion and ecstasy before in his entire existence. This, to him, was better than murder; better than the coppery taste of blood running down his throat and tingling on his senses. Better than plunging a shining knife into his victims and watching as their last few drops of life bled away. This…this was love. Finally, the kiss was broken by the unfortunate need for a little thing called air, and they pulled apart, breathing heavily and with their minds racing at a million miles per minute. Their hands were still clasped together, and the two embraced, smiling. Neither had ever felt such pleasure before.

Akefia rested his head on Sami's shoulder, and she lay against his bare chest, sighing dreamily. "Well, that was unexpected…" she whispered. Akefia nodded, saying, "I didn't really expect that myself. But I liked it, for sure. You know, for a worthless hostage, you're a bloody good kisser. Maybe you should be my pleasure slave…" Sami playfully hit him on the arm. "I'll do no such thing for you; you'll have to earn that!" Akefia smirked, caressing her even more, before getting up, and wrapping the towel around his waist. There was something nagging on his mind. "Sami…did you kiss me back because I look like Ryou, or did you kiss me because you were attracted to me?"

Sami considered it; she had been asking herself that same question a few moments ago. 'Did I kiss him because of Ryou, like he said, or did I really want to?' she thought about it for a little while, before answering. "It was because of you, Akefia. Because of you." Hearing this, Akefia smiled, pleased to know that someone liked him for who he was. He scooped Sami up and carried her to his room, before getting dressed and kissing her softly on the forehead. They went downstairs together and Sami made them both some food. Akefia wanted a bloody steak, but she downright refused, instead giving him some roast beef, which was the next best thing.

Then, Akefia decided he was going out. "Hostage, can you take me to the marketplace?" Sami stared at him strangely. "You mean the mall?" she asked him, still staring. Akefia looked at her, bewildered. "I'll take that as a yes," she muttered under her breath, but silently laughing because of how little the shadow knew. She got her car and taught Akefia how to buckle his seat belt, and they took off. "Now, what are you looking for?" she asked, when Akefia and she finally arrived there. Akefia grinned, and swiftly answered with, "Knives. Long, sharp knives." Sami nearly blanched, but she decided to go along with it. "What are you gonna do, torture poor little animals or something?" she enquired, looking amused. Akefia merely made a secretive motion with his hand. She seemed to accept it, although she wondered what the knives were for.

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