Jin Kazama was casually looking out of the top floor balcony of his mansion.

He wondered about many things of late… about how he wouldn't be able to suppress the demon within him for much longer, about the betrayals he had suffered as of late, about his mother, who still seemed to guide him… and about the brown-haired woman who seemed to have a sudden interest in him.

I wonder what she would think if she knew what I was…

He walked back in with a sigh, and headed towards the phone next to his bed, remembering that night in downtown Shinjuku… the night that started this entire mess in the first place…

Kanto The Slayer presents a Tekken song fiction…

Caught Up!

Now mostly, I don't write this genre or this rating, but I will anyway. This is one of my lighter pieces, and seeing as I had this thought in my head all day, I just decided, "Hell with it, why not." First time on this sort of thing, so don't light me completely on fire.

Standard Disclaimer: Tekken 5 isn't mine, nor is anything in the Tekken series. "Caught Up" isn't mine either, but it belongs to none other than my boy Usher. If you listen to this song while you're reading the scene in which it is played, then… well, it'll just make more sense that way.

He hadn't gone out like this in a good long while.

Over the years, he had been about nothing but training himself to grow strong enough, so that he could crush the Mishima line, once and for all. He was ashamed at what he was- what he would become. He made a solemn vow that when this was over, he would find somewhere to lock himself away.

It's either that, or kill myself.

But he had gotten a message on his phone lately from the one of the few that bothered to speak with him, besides his rival Hwoarang, who he shared a sort of wary friendship and grudging trust. He was a bit disgusted at the thought of him going anywhere, but somehow, the message convinced him to do something about his current… well, boredom, quite frankly.

"Hey, answer the phone, Jin! Hello?"

Ling Xiaoyu. He cringed, the high-pitched voice blaring in his ears. He swore that he could hear a few dogs barking in the distance. Then he shook his head, and continued to listen.

"Oh, you really aren't there? …Whoopsie. Well anyway, there was this new student that just came in today, right? Well, I'm showing her around the town for a bit, getting her to see the sights. There's this new club that opened that I think she'd really like. Since you had nothing to do, I figured that you'd want to come."

He sighed to himself. He couldn't dance; much less do anything social without screwing it up these days. Of course, he wasn't like this before, but now it just sucked. He was about to skip the message, when he heard something else.

"I'm betting that you haven't been able to get your mind off of anything that's happened recently. You really need to get back to who you were, once upon a time. It just seems so far away from when you had seen Miharu, and she was asking about you too. I don't want to let her down…"

He frowned. That would be a problem, if he made a girl cry. Of course, he did so on many occasions these days, but it didn't mean that he wanted to. He had just learned not to care much. He simply vanished without a trace, not willing to stay in one relationship for too long, due to what he was.

But the boredom and the loneliness were starting to get to him…

"Look, I have to go. If you don't go for anyone else, just go for me, okay? Think about it, and call me when you decide. Bye…"


He sighed to himself. This would be a very interesting evening, if nothing else.

Jin picked up the phone and dialed Xiao's number through sheer memory.

He arrived in a soft black leather coat, wearing a red skintight shirt and black slacks, along with black dress shoes that shone in the streetlights. His shades had no frames- and had a red tint to them. Finally, he finished the outfit with a pair of black fingerless gloves. He might have been a recluse, but that didn't mean that he didn't know how to dress.

And with all the women staring at him, he had done a good job.

But he managed to ignore them all as he scanned the line for Ling and Miharu. Sure enough, they were by the bar, the brown haired young lady trying to get a Mai Thai. Jin was a little worried about a drunken Miharu Hiyama…

But then again, when one had just turned the legal age, then one didn't have to worry, so long as they followed the drink limit.

As he approached, he called out to them, his deep, rich voice reaching their ears. "Am I late?"

Ling turned and a smile lit her features. "You came! When you called and asked what time it started, I was wondering if you would really show up, but you're really here!" She jogged over to him and gave him a powerful hug. Of course, he was unfazed. He was used to her hugs by now.

"Good to see you too, Xiao. And Miharu; looking good, as always." She smirked at him, with her hands on her hips. "Just good? Jin, you're terrible; how could you say that, when I got dressed in my best outfit for this?"

She spun once, showing off her denim jacket, the words "sexy little thing" on the back in glitter. She also wore a white halter top, and a pleated skirt that hung just low enough to tease. Her lip gloss shimmered in the lights, making them have a faint glow to them. The eye shadow was a light color, but there was just enough to give her that "I'm here to party, dammit" look to her.

Xiao was decked out in a stunning red qi pao, the hem reaching just to her knees, and wearing silk hose. A golden print of a phoenix was all across the front, while a dragon was on the back. She had her hair down for once, the black strands hanging down neatly, ending just at the middle of her back.

"You both look great. But then again, we're not just here to look good, right? Where's this girl that I was supposed to meet?"

Xiao looked around her, as if it were the first time in a while since she had been asked that. When she suddenly spotted her, she pointed in the direction of the dance floor. "She's already at it."

There, in the middle of the floor where people had cleared a space, was what Jin thought of as a goddess… or at least an angel. Brown hair and deep, chocolate brown eyes, and wearing a very sexy outfit. It was, first of all, mostly blue and white, a sleeveless body suit that was unzipped all the way to the bottom, with a black belt snug around her waist. Her top, a solid blue, added to the outfit, and even the glasses, frameless like Jin's, had a blue tint. Of course, the legs had to be answered for, but the suit ended with shorts instead of pants, exposing her well-toned, yet shapely legs.

For all instances and purposes, she was his opposite for this evening.

Well, damn.

Then, he caught himself. It would seem like the others were being ignored.

"I see you like her already," Ling teased.

He looked at her with a piercing glare for a moment, and then sighed. "Was I staring that hard?"

She and Miharu giggled. "Yup. I'm surprised you stayed on your feet, she's on fire tonight," Xiao's best friend commented. "Or could you tell that already, from where you were standing?"

He looked behind him with the same glare that he gave his friend, and all she did was laugh. She thought it was hilarious, how he still took things so seriously, even while he was the most popular guy in school. "I wish I had brought a camera- that look is priceless!"

He sighed to himself, and managed a smile as he looked out to the dance floor.

He started to feel like… himself again.

She moved with grace and rhythm, her body swaying in time with the music. Her steps had style, and her spins had grace. It was as if she were made for dancing. She couldn't resist a good beat, and just as soon as she got back from the bathroom, bolted to the dance floor.

She just couldn't stop moving to the music. Her friends said that she could dance to anything, just as long as she could nod her head to it. But it wasn't just that. She was good at dancing- and by that, it meant so good, she could draw a crowd and get them to dance too.

But that wasn't happening right now. Right now, she was showing her stuff. She knew that she was being watched by everyone, and had caught the eye of many who were simply sitting there. But the only one that interested her was a man at the bar.

One who was dressed as if he were her polar opposite. Even from this distance, she could tell that he was staring, and liked what he saw, though she had a feeling that he wouldn't tell anyone else if he got the chance.

He also looked uptight- as if something were constantly bothering him- hounding him, almost. She decided that after she was done, she would talk to him. For now…

It was time to dance.

He caught himself staring at her more than once, and admitted, albeit grudgingly, that he was attracted to her. Love, no. He wasn't fool enough to be smitten from the first look. But… yes, he was attracted. There was something in the way she moved on the floor- grace, beauty, and rhythm. It all fit.

A little too well, if you ask me.

But this wasn't the time to second guess or have suspicions. He was here to unwind, instead of worry over nothing but a hunch. But then, as soon as he thought of it, he heard the crowds cheer and the dance floor fill back up. So she was finally getting tired? Well, that was a shame. He liked watching her-

"Whoops, incoming."

Just as soon as Miharu said it, Jin saw the woman in question head towards him, looking at him appraisingly. It was when she was right in front of him when he felt the most uptight and nervous. Her first two words to him almost had him fall over.

"You're cute."

If they would've seen the look on his face, Ling and Miharu would've cracked up. But then, he surprised them by actually responding to her.

"Thanks. You're not too bad yourself, especially your moves."

She smiled, and her face lit up when she did so. He found that he liked it when she smiled, and could do nothing but smile as well. "Oh really? Sounds like you know a little bit about dancing yourself."

He shook his head at this. "I don't dance. You don't want to see me dance, really."

She placed her hands on her hips and tilted her head to the side, looking at him with a teasing, challenging stare. "Oh, really? I beg to differ… 'cause these clothes… look like something that you dance in. Isn't that right, guys?"

Not wanting to waste an opportunity to tease Jin, they chimed in. "She's got a point! Go dance, Jin; It'll be fun!" said Xiaoyu, who was doing her best to suppress a laugh. "Yeah," added Miharu, who was having far too much fun. "Go for it. Show us what you got!"

He sighed, and finally gave up. "You know, I don't like being ganged up on. Fine, I'll do it. But if I do, you have to tell me your name afterwards." She smirked at him, a mischievous look in her eyes. "Too simple of a request. I know you can do better than that, cute boy."

Okay, the challenge was set. Now he would have to deliver something bigger. "Fine, name and phone number. Take it or leave it." She nodded. "Done. But that's only if you dance better than me. Got that?"

As soon as she finished her sentence, a hypnotic beat sounded off.

G's up! Oh! Oh! Heh, yeah, yeah, c'mon

"Ah, just the song. I happen to like this one, and that means you're going down. Hard."

She scurried off to the dance floor, and he shook his head. What had he gotten himself into?

Pop a collar to this, you a playa, pop a collar to this (You know how we do…)
Gangstas- pop a bottle to this, if you pimpin', pop a bottle to this

Jin was already into it. His very footsteps were to the beat of the song as he walked towards the floor. Whatever reservations he had about dancing were out the window, now that the beat had gotten to him. The crowd started to let him through, and bobbed their heads to the beat, waving their hands. The floor had to be cleared again- the best dancer in the building was on the scene, and it looked like it was her song.

She started to sway her hips to the rhythm, moving in time with the song. She started clapping her hands, and the crowd did it as well. When she was ready, she whirled on Jin and started her steps.

I'm the kind of brotha
Who been doin' it my way,

Gettin' my way for years
In my career

And every lover
In and out my life,
I've hit, loved and left in tears
Without a care

She moved with all the energy that the song gave her, flowing from one move to the next as if she were born to do such a thing. It wasn't even the first chorus, and she was putting up a fight. Jin thought that it would be over quickly, seeing as it looked like she would tire out.

He would soon find it hard to follow her verse.

Until I met this girl who turned the tables around
She caught me by surprise and
I never thought I'd be the one breaking down

The crowd started to get into it, moving with the song and with her moves. With everyone behind her, she was sure to get something out of this. And it still looked like she was warming up… then, she walked toward Jin and danced right in front of him, winking at him as she did so. Before the chorus sounded off, she pulled away in three turns…

I can't figure it out why…

And she turned it on.

I'm so
Caught up!
Got me feelin' it!
Caught up!
I don't know what it is,
But it seems she's got me twisted

Her moves were complex, but smooth and sexy, still moving in time with the song as if she hadn't missed a beat. She definitely had the crowd behind her now, and she got the club jumping with her moves, the beat taking over.

I'm so
Caught up!
Got me feelin' it!
Caught up!
I'm losin' control-
This girl's got a hold on me!

With a stomp, she ended her routine and pointed at Jin, daring him to top it. He walked towards the floor, casually taking his jacket off and tossing it to the side, just next to the DJ station before briefly loosening up.

Lemme go, baby…

And then, he swung into his dance, gliding across the floor with his hands still in his pockets, his feet effortlessly sliding across the floor. As the crowd watched his graceful moves, he started putting a few steps into his movements, and it started looking like a decent set of moves. Even the woman across the floor started bobbing her head to his moves.

Now listen!

My momma told me,
"Be careful who you do,
Cuz karma comes back around"
Same ol' song

But I was so sure
That it wouldn't happen to me,
Cuz I know how to put it down…
But I was so wrong!

He started to get into some interesting steps, his whole body moving and swaying to the beat, just as easily as hers was. He said that no one wanted to see him dance, as if he were some kind of walking disaster. Apparently, not only did he lie, but he was overly humble.

This girl was mean;
She really turned me out!
Her body was so tight-
I'm lookin' for her in the daytime with a flashlight
My homies say this girl is crampin' my style

He did his own fancy little spin before stopping on a dime, then took two short steps forward as the song swung into the second chorus…

And I can't figure it out, but…

And he took off on his own tangent, not willing to be shown up.

I'm so
Caught up!
Got me feelin' it!
Caught up!
I don't know what it is,
But it seems she's got me twisted

His moves had some serious attitude to them. Though they weren't as graceful, and had less turns and spins, he definitely had something going for him, and managed to get everyone moving as much as his opponent had. His steps matched the song perfectly, and had his own personal style to them.

I'm so
Caught up!
Got me feelin' it!
Caught up!
I'm losin' control-
This girl's got a hold-

I'm so
Caught up!
Really feelin' it!
Caught up!
I don't know what it is,
But it seems she's got me twisted

I'm so
Caught up!
Really feelin' it!
Caught up!
I'm losin' control-
This girl's got a hold on me!

By the time the chorus repeated, the girl in blue started dancing along with him, putting her own moves into play. Everyone had to admit- they worked well together. Ling and Miharu were dancing as well, though they were nowhere near as good. But they didn't care much.

And I think I like it baby!
Oh nooo, oh no
Ooh, yeaah, oh my

The two rivals on the dance floor slowly made their way to each other, stepping in time to the rhythm and with an intense gaze directed at one another. They were so far into the dance that it had stopped being a competition altogether.

Pop a collar to this, you a playa, pop a collar to this
Gangstas- pop a bottle to this, if you pimpin', pop a bottle to this

Pop a collar to this, you a playa pop a collar to this
Gangstas (Oh!)- pop a bottle to this, if you pimpin', pop a bottle to this

As soon as she got close enough to him, she turned and swayed her hips, grinding her backside against Jin's hips. All he had to do was grab onto her hips and flow with it, his body moving in time with hers. "You're pretty good, you know. Did you lie about not being able to dance?"

This girl was mean;
She really turned me out!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, suga

He shrugged at this. "I don't like to talk about it much. Besides, talk is cheap, right?"

My homies say this girl is crampin' my style

She smiled at him, that same bright smile, and then pulled away from him with a wink. "You're right. So try and keep up, cute boy!"

As the chorus broke out again, she stood next to him, and he got himself ready. This would be the hard part for him… but he was so confident now that anything could happen, and he was sure that he could keep up.

But that confidence would soon be tested.

Ooooooh, I'm so
Caught up!
I'm feelin' it, yeah!
Caught up!
Don't know what it is,
But it seems she's got me twisted

I'm so
Caught up!
Really feelin' it!
Caught up!
I'm losin' control-
This girl's got a hold-

They started dancing in tandem, each step moving perfectly with the other. She started out simple, so Jin could get into the groove again. To her surprise, he followed her a little too easily, keeping his eyes forward, only looking from the corner of his eye when he needed to.

You think you're something, huh? Well, here we go then!

I'm so
Caught up!
I'm so
Caught up!
I don't know what it is,
But it seems she's got me twisted

I'm so
Caught up!
Really feelin' it!
Caught up!
I'm losin' control-
This girl's got a hold on me!

She started turning on the pressure, putting her best moves on the table for him to follow. But, even through the complicated steps, spins and turns, he had matched her perfectly, step for step and beat for beat.

As the song stopped, they looked at each other in admiration, more out of respect than anything else. That and a certain something else that drove them onward. At that point, they were both on the same page…

He really does look cute…

She looks even better up close…

As they made their way back to the bar, they had learned a few things about each other; they would skip the introductions for later. Of course, they wouldn't say everything right now, but over time, they would come to really know each other.

Hopefully, this will be the one. I sure as hell like the way she moves.

"Whoo-hoo! Way to go, Jin!" piped Ling as they approached. "You really put it on out there!"

He shrugged. "Gotta do something in my free time, besides train all the time."

The girl spoke up suddenly. "So, that's why you're such a good dancer- you're a fighter, aren't you? I knew it from the way you were standing all casual, staring at me, obviously interested, and yet without any real reaction until you hit the floor."

He stared at her for a brief moment, and then everything clicked into place. "So, you're a martial artist. Now I see why you're so graceful. I have to admit, I like the way you move."

Miharu quirked an eyebrow, walking towards Jin and nudging him with an elbow. "A little chemistry, maybe?"

"Quit that, Miharu. It's bad enough that you guys invited me- you know that I didn't want to get out of the house today."

Ling pouted, trying her best to look cute. "That's the problem- you don't want to get out, period. Just sit there brooding, planning something without telling anyone, locking yourself in your own little world. That's not healthy, and it's not right. You have to let things go sometimes, y'know?"

She shrugged, and before he could say anything else, introduced the new girl that stood before him. "You've just met Asuka, one of the best new friends a girl could ever make. Asuka, meet the former most popular guy in our school, Jin."

Jin rolled his eyes, but extended his hand anyway. "It's nice to finally make your acquaintance." She slyly took her glasses off and smiled that same beautiful smile, the one that a man would kill for. As her hand slid comfortably into his, he felt something else arrive with it- it felt like a slip of paper.

"Don't get all formal with me now… Jin. I want us to be good friends."

Later, when he got back home, he would find a note on the paper, along with her phone number.

"Here, as promised. Call me sometime- we can talk more. We have to dance again sometime… I owe you a sound beating."


Chapter 1: The Dance

Okay, this was the most interesting ficcie I've ever conjured.

It started when I heard the song "Caught Up" by Usher. The video is awesome, by the way. I started imagining Jin Kazama dancing to this song, along with someone fresh and interesting. Seeing as there were plenty of XiaoJin and J-J's (Julia and Jin stories) out there, I decided to go with Asuka Kazama, from Tekken 5.

Now in this fic, which happens to be somewhat of an alternate universe in between T4 and T5, Jin and Asuka are presented as a couple. I'm betting you're asking why, when they are brother and sister, for all cases and purposes.

Quite frankly, if the situation were different, I think that this pairing would work pretty well, and my sick, twisted mind wanted to try it out. Be lucky, dear reader, that this is a PG-13… I can twist this so many ways, it'll make your head spin.

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