It was over.

It had been a long and trying day, with a lot of close shaves and near-misses, but it was finally over. Ten were disappointed… very much so. They didn't really have to leave the grounds, but the fact was that they could no longer be in direct tournament participation. Some were shocked at the news that a few of their favorites had been knocked from the roster…

Steve Fox was irritated. He had lost his opportunity to destroy the Zaibatsu, but he had others to do it for him. The detective would see the rest through to the end- or so he hoped. The competition was tougher than he expected- he wasn't so confident this time.

Craig was in a rage. He had been bested again, by the luchador, King. The man was faster, stronger, and more devastating than ever, but it wasn't enough. It never seemed to be enough. He simply walked out of the building and went somewhere to get wasted, hoping to wipe this loss from his mind.

In what was known as a prime opportunity to both fighters, Bryan Fury and Yoshimitsu faced each other in one of the matches. Needless to say, Yoshi overwhelmed his opponent, fueled by vengeance for his fallen comrades. Not even Bryan's power generator was enough for the deceptive leader of the Manji clan, and though he put up a desperate effort, he got floored.

But even the mighty ninja was caught unawares by an incredibly fast-paced match with Julia, who seemed to be able to throw a punch or kick in between every move he made, completely overwhelming him. But he didn't care about the tournament, anyway- he still had a task to finish. His fellow clansmen had been slain, and blood cried for blood.

The two of them would definitely be seeing each other again…

Lee was not that happy, either. His chance at revenge was shot down early, and he didn't even get to fight Kazuya- he was already irritated when he heard that his rival had already advanced, and for the rest of the day, his concentration was off. The one who finally put him down was a fully alert Hwoarang, ready for anything that the Silver Stallion threw at him, after that battle with Christie.

Someday, he would take what was his…

Meanwhile, those at G-Corp. were satisfied. Though their latest Jack model had lost, they had collected some excellent data on his capabilities. He seemed intelligent enough to know when to hold his fire and when to take aim, and the systems were in full swing. Congratulating Jane on a job well-done, they got to work on a full production line as soon as they could.

Jane had a warm smile on her face. He had done all that he could; that was enough for her.

Even with all his sumo experience, Ganryu couldn't advance. The sheer ferocity of the competitors this time around was all too much- he could break through brick walls and bend steel, but when it came to those who moved as fluently as water, he could not do much. It looked like he would have to go for that retirement in Hawaii after all.

Xiaoyu was a bit saddened at the loss of Panda, but told her pet to cheer up. She would win for the both of them, and everything would be back to the way it was before all this mess started. In any event, she sent her to some people that she knew who would take care of her until she was done with her business.

Kuma got utterly wasted. It seemed that no matter what he did, he simply seemed to get torn into by the one man who always stood in his way. Certainly, he had beaten him in the last tournament, but this time he was… stronger, somehow. Fiercer… more determined. Every attack that was thrown at him was expertly dodged, parried, or simply outmatched, and though the monstrous bear had gotten in a few shots, the end result was daunting.

If he had a last thought before being tranquilized and carried out by animal control, after flying into an utter rage at his loss, it was… "Master…"

And then there was Roger Jr. He had been looking for the last known whereabouts of his father, and thus entered the tournament to find him. However, in an old school match up between two who mostly used their fists, Steve had eliminated him handily, just before he was taken down in the next match he had. He and his mother had to be carted out as well along with Kuma, but for other reasons. Panda seemed well-behaved enough, so they didn't bother with her.

Those ten were leaving. And in two weeks' time, many more would be leaving… unconscious or heavily bruised.

Kanto The Slayer presents a Tekken song fiction…

Caught Up!

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Those are the ten people you chose to get chomped, stomped, and dropped on their heads and out of the tournament. And it's not even started yet; the next round is about to begin!

Now, on the topic of the reviews… You made some good points, kind sir. First, here's the deal with the OOC-ness… you hit it right on the head. Jin had indeed been angst-ridden and such. I didn't much like it- I wanted him to have something to live for this time around. What better opportunity is there than to have a love enter his life?

I'm not even going to comment on the Angel Gene… save for one thing. If you can somehow explain to me how Jin got those feathery wings of his, I certainly will accept defeat. That, and certain facts in Tekken 4, during Kazuya's pre-Jin fight scene; you know the one.

In any case, here we go.

Disclaimer: Before I forget this one, none of these people are mine. Now go away lawyer person, before you become incinerated. (Brandishes a flame thrower)

During the two-week stretch, Asuka and Jin had been recovering.

As they awakened on their first day back at Shinjuku, Jin felt compelled to ask about what her father had spoken to her about. But as she relayed the story, he began to become worried... She was taking the news of her being adopted far too well for his tastes- he would be shocked if it were him.

She nodded. "I was at first. But then, I thought about what might have been, and I accepted it, soon enough. I feel… kinda at peace now, you know? Well, not like I wasn't before, but I felt as if a weight had been lifted from me when I was told all that."

"Is that so?" Jin asked. "And what weight would that be?" Asuka blushed and smiled. "Well… when you look at it, we're kinda related. Well, not entirely, but…" Jin didn't quite understand. Should that matter at all? Then, he thought about what had happened between them just recently, and he understood why she was so worried.

She looked at him, a bit surprised. "You're not surprised at that in the slightest?" He shook his head with a smile. "I think I knew all along. You have the same power that my mother did. Of course, I can't feel it in me anymore… but you've got it." She was a bit angry. "You knew? And you didn't tell me once?"

Jin looked at her, a bit hurt. "Tell me then, would you have believed me or taken me seriously? I think not. In fact, I suspect that you would've gotten angry, right?" She blushed a bit. He had hit his mark perfectly, and it was a bit humbling to be defused so easily. "…Point taken. I guess it's better that I found out now."

Jin nodded sagely. "So… where do we go from here?" Asuka looked at him with an impish grin and a gleam in her eyes. "Depends… where do you feel like taking it?" Jin's eyes widened slightly. "We're related…" She scowled playfully, feigning irritation at his words. "Didn't I just say that I was adopted? I don't have ties to anyone… now, get that through your thick- although cute little head- and kiss me."

Did he need a bigger invitation?

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Asuka's, no longer caring about what was what. Besides, she had said it twice- there was no need to doubt it. Apparently, he didn't need a bigger invitation than the one she had given.

She sighed happily into the kiss, and thought to herself, I could do this for the next two weeks, and not have a care in the world. I'm already ready for the tournament- why can't I have a little time for me now and then?

Meanwhile, on the rooftops of Osaka, a battle was being fought.

A steel-forged katana cut a swath through the air, its intended victim barely dodging the swings. As Bryan came at him with a left body hook, the Manji Party leader quickly put his sword at his side, the blade facing downwards in a vertical line with his free hand gripping the back of the blade. As an aura of power quickly shielded him, Bryan was hit with it, collapsing to the floor and gasping for air.

"Hmph… I doubt that my clan was slain by the likes of you. You can't even attack me properly," Yoshimitsu commented. "No matter… now you die." He raised his sword, aiming the point of the blade at his neck, and thrust downwards. Unfortunately, playing dead can have its advantages. Bryan rolled away and rose up with his right fist in a vicious uppercut, catching the cyber-ninja right in the stomach.

"Me… die? Heh…haha… muahahahahahaha!" He slammed him on the ground with such force that Yoshimitsu was sent careening off of the ground like a pinball before tearing into him with a left jab, followed by a right roundhouse kick into two back knuckles, right then left, before blasting his right hand forward again. The last punch sent Yoshimitsu flying toward the edge of the skyscraper upon which they had found themselves.

"You should be more worried about your own self! How dare you challenge me? You'll be the one to die, just like the rest of your fool clansmen, who didn't have enough sense to get the hell out of my way!" With that, he ran toward the prone ninja- who hurt everywhere imaginable, mind you- and whipped his left leg around in a wide, low sweep, intent on kicking him off of the building.

Yoshi rolled to his right side… however, the kick was in such a wide radius that it hit anyway, but only knocked him to the side instead of off the building. It still hurt, though. Bryan picked a now devastated Yoshimitsu up from the ground with one hand, and held him suspended in the air, walking toward the edge of the building with an insane look in his eyes.

"Heh… not so confident now, are you? At least you'll be joining your fellow clansmen soon in the hereafter, you freak. Can't imagine why you all seem to have a death wish." He held him over the edge. "No matter… wish granted!" With that, he threw him down instead of dropping him, to make sure that he was dead.

A long, insane laugh rang over the city as the ninja fell from the heavens. But as he turned around, he found himself knocked over the edge with a low sword sweep from Yoshi's blade. Not only did he make his way back up and behind him, but he had finally landed a successful cut.

"Grrraaaaagh!" Bryan screamed in sheer rage on his way down, and was quickly silenced by his meeting with the floor, his blood littering the ground… again. And this time, technology wouldn't save him- the power generator that was installed within him was completely destroyed.

The rain would wash the blood clean, but the mess would still have to be cleaned up- it wouldn't be good to have him arrested now. Yoshimitsu made his way down with a graceful leap, plummeting fearlessly down the side of the building head first before flipping in mid-air and landing clean on his feet. He casually moved his hand in the air, making complex cuts and movements before finally thrusting his right palm forward, the kanji for fire appearing in mid air and a burst of flame heading for Bryan, igniting his body with soul fire on contact. The rain would have a hard time putting that out until it had done its work…

He hoped that the rain would wash the ashes away as well as he vanished from sight.

The next morning, Asuka was once again feeling so much better than she had the night before. And for once, she felt the energy coursing through her, could feel it working its way through her system. She stretched out like a lazy cat, feeling better than she had ever felt before.

Maybe it was because of last night… the kiss, and what started happening after… maybe something inside of her felt right now. She didn't know- all she knew was that it was something she wouldn't forget for a long time. Experimentally, she turned her head to one side and opened her eyes slightly, just to check and see if Jin was there.

What she saw made her smile.

There he was, sleeping with the most peaceful expression on his face.

I bet he hasn't slept like this in a long time… just how long has he been having those dreams of his, anyway? I'll have to ask him about all that later. Right now, I'll just let him sleep and stuff. I suppose I'll sleep as well… this bed is so nice.

After a while, she found herself drifting off again.

Someone was watching again.

"…Hmmm. So they've joined forces, have they? This could be very unfortunate for my resurrection… good. They just might be the ones to kill me… but we'll see soon enough."

Certainly, there were others that were strong enough to defeat him… his friend, the detective, his grandson… many could kill him. But the Devil was persistent… tenacious. He constantly heard his voice in his head- that it would destroy everything, sooner or later.

Soon, he feared, it would make good on its threat. He had organized this tournament for one reason and one reason only- his death. This demon would not stain the earth with its taint, not as long as he still had control over himself. And the only way that could happen was if someone took him out.

He most definitely hoped that it was one of these two- if not anyone else first. As for the Zaibatsu, They could have it. It would probably benefit from a change of hands anyway. Speaking of his demon side, it came forth suddenly, as if the thought of killing him were a trigger. He barely held it back, but it was enough to trigger certain things…

Like Jin's Devil Gene.

He snapped awake, suddenly aware of something far beyond his range- something that was familiar to him. Asuka felt it too, but she felt Jin's demon coming forth instead of the other presence. As she placed a hand on his shoulder to pull him out of whatever he was going through, he relaxed visibly, his stiff body becoming loose again.

"What is it?" She could tell that something was wrong, but not what. Without thinking, Jin answered. "Him… the one that's behind this tournament… he's waiting for me." She quirked an eyebrow, intrigued somewhat. "You know him?" He shook his head- half to answer no, half to clear his mind. "No. But I can feel him, and he's waiting for me. I have to end this, once and for all."

She nodded and smiled at him. "I want to help. I don't care how, I just want to help." Jin looked at her for a moment, and then nodded. She could take care of herself perfectly well, and would make for a good ally. "That's fine by me. But if we happen to fight each other… if it comes down to that, only one of us will be left standing. Feelings don't have a place in a fight."

She shook her head at this. "You're wrong, you know. Emotions are what I use as weapons. They give me focus and strength, and I'm betting that they used to give you that as well, before you turned apathetic. You fought for something once, didn't you?"

He nodded, but before he could say anything, she drove onward. "Well then, find something else to fight for. Something you feel strongly about. When the time comes, you can do what you have to, without thinking about it. I still have to find the one who put dad in that hospital bed… so I still have something to fight for. You can find something too- no matter what it is."

Jin nodded. He knew perfectly well what- or rather who to fight for. "I'll keep that in mind." He finally got out of bed and stretched out, popping his joints and heading downstairs. "Come on; let's go get this over with."

The next set of rules was announced sometime later. Each participant would have one starting place, and one starting opponent. From there, they would have two different locations to head to next, or they could simply wait right where they were, and let the next opponent come to them.

The tournament would take place all around the globe- even in parts where mankind rarely visited. Not only was it a test of endurance, but it was also a test of technology- the cameras would be placed under the most extreme conditions- most of them were in danger of shorting out, due to the extreme temperatures of an area.

However, there was always a way to replace a camera… besides, these would be the best that money could buy and the mind could offer- said to withstand anything and everything, and still provide excellent clarity and reception. Well if it worked, then it worked. In any event, there was another rule in effect- fight money would be handed out at the end of each match, depending on the performance of the winner in both technical aspects and flair.

Of course, the places that were not ordained a fight area would be considered a match as well… so each participant carried with them a digital camera to verify a knockout. This served two purposes- the first was to confirm a victory. The second was to secure a medical team to get said fighter that got their ass handed to them out of the premises and into a recovery area.

At the end, ten more would be carted to the nearest recovery station, and be out of the tournament. However, those who passed wouldn't get out so easily… the tournament would continue as if nothing big had happened, but everyone would know that the rules had changed significantly…

The next time, eight would be carted to the nearest hospital, either for treatment of major injuries, or in a body bag. But one didn't need to worry about that just yet… for now, it was simple enough to advance. Knock out, TKO, or surrender… simple enough. Thus, two weeks had passed, and the preparations were complete…

It was time for the real fights to begin!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A young woman was sitting on a park bench, casually listening to her CD. She didn't look like she minded at all that someone was coming in an attempt to knock the daylights out of her, or that her grandfather was in the hospital, and had only six months to live. Christie Montiero however, had plenty of worries.

She was anxious, first of all. She could very well lose right here- she wanted to get it over with and move on to the next opponent, or lose here and not worry anymore- or not worry as much. Certainly, there was another way to do things, but this was the only one she saw right now.

Second, she was nervous. She was worried that she was lacking something in her training, or had to make last-minute preparations. This wasn't a jogo- definitely not for fun. The other competitor wasn't her friend- or at least, they didn't consider her one of theirs. So she had to get into the mindset that this was a fight, not a game.

But she couldn't get her head around it.

Therefore, she listened to her music, and suddenly found her thoughts sorting themselves out. The situation was simpler than it seemed- she just had to stop worrying so much. She enjoyed how everything came together with the rhythm of the music that she listened to, and simply let herself go.

But that didn't mean that she couldn't hear anything else… even with her eyes closed, she could hear someone approaching, and then stopping right in front of her. The slight red haze that covered her lidded eyes suddenly blacked out, giving her more than enough warning. But she simply kept her eyes closed, and asked her question.

"Can I do something for you?"

"…Yes. You can do something for me…"

She heard the attack coming, the left leg whipping through the air. She casually raised her right forearm and blocked the axe kick, stopping it effectively before it hit her head. She lazily opened one eye, and then the other as she looked at her quite rude guest.

Shocked for a brief moment, she smiled at him, as if she expected him to be here. Heck, she had expected someone to come along, sooner or later. "Well, it's nice to see that you're still around… mister Mishima. News said that you were dead… then again, I don't believe everything I hear."

He smirked at her as he brought his leg back to the ground. She was much more observant than he thought- perhaps this would be a decent start to the tournament, after all. "Good for you… get out of my way. I'm after the one who planned this fool tournament in the first place." She smiled. "Then we have something in common. Though I can't let you go any further than here…"

"Is that so? Well then, why not try and stop me?" She grinned and suddenly kicked out with both legs as soon as his sentence ended intent on doing so. They slammed straight into his, while she leaned back with her hands on the top of the bench to pull herself upwards, effectively slamming her legs into his gut and tossing him backwards, landing right next to the fountain.

As she swung her legs back further, putting her on her feet, she smiled at him, this time a mocking smile. Still sweet, mind you, but mocking at the same time. "There… did that stop you enough?" He rose to his feet again, now wary of her. She casually walked forward, turning up the music on her cd.

"I guess not… well then, here we go!"

As a crowd began to gather, the official referee that was nearby picked up the sounds of a fight and ran over to preside over the events. It had begun.

London, England…

The young Ling Xiaoyu was casually admiring the garden in which she was situated, believing that it was quite possibly one of the prettiest things she had ever seen. Sure, she was age 20, but had a thing for the beautiful things in life. The referee was casually waiting for the other authorized entry to enter the fighting venue

However, the competition was already there. A man wearing mostly black was hiding in the shadows, waiting for her. His reflective shades had a perfect mirror image of her… he was just about ready to strike. Vanishing from sight, he suddenly reappeared above her, his left leg coming at her in a blade kick.

She heard the air shifting as something came at her from… well, nowhere, and did the one thing she could- she rolled backwards, right underneath the ninja. She looked at him, flustered at his sheer audacity. "W-what's the big idea? Here I am, enjoying the scenery, and you barge in like that!"

He simply kept his back turned and spoke. "You anticipated my attack at the last second. Interesting… Let's see you dodge this, girl." He suddenly turned, readying his left leg to kick straight at her head while he jumped into the air, and as he landed, he shot his right leg upwards while she was in the air, hitting her dead on.

It came at her with such a speed that she was caught completely off guard, and was sent flying, with the second kick giving her extra height. It was only made worse on her way down, as he leapt up again, striking out with his right leg in an outside crescent, followed by a left inside, and as he came down, caught her with a low back fist.

As she hit the ground, she immediately rolled to the side, but was stopped cold by a wide right front sweep kick, which hit her dead in her ribs as she tried to escape. Now writhing in pain, with everything hurting everywhere, she her eyes shut tight, just to block out the pain.

He stood there and waited for her to get up… if she could withstand such an attack. The referee counted off…

No… I have to keep going! It's for the Mishima… I know I can save them, if I only tried! I have to fight! Don't think about the pain, and just get up!

She got up slowly, though everything protested. The count was at six when she did so. "Pretty good… what's the name of the one who's going to be comatose when I'm done?"

He smirked and replied- something that he rarely did. Seeing as she got up from that entire string, he had both respect and pity for her. "I have no name. But if you want to call me anything… call me Raven. I'm about to make the next two minutes hell for you… Ling Xiaoyu."

She was a bit startled that he knew her name. Upon her surprise, he struck again, coming at her with a fast, high right knee. She got slammed again, but went on the offensive as he thrust his right palm out and upwards, aiming for her stomach in order to knock the wind out of her. Xiao parried the attack and came at him with her left hand, slamming it into his side and forcing him back a good three feet.

She wasted no time in talking as she ran after him, flipping forward in the air and bringing her left leg down on his gut, knocking the wind out of him. She ended up in phoenix stance, and just when he decided to rise up with a low left kick, she jumped over, kicking him dead in the head with her right leg and sending him sprawling again.

His head smacked against the pavement as he got wailed on, sending his world reeling. He couldn't get up for a good while, and the ref counted. One… two… three…

Hmph. I can't say that she's bad… but I still have to get this done.

By the time he reached five, Raven was back up, but not before Xiao was upon him again just after the match resumed, leaping into the air and coming at him with a right front kick, followed by a left heel kick, and then one more right kick, straight into his forehead.

Only one had connected… the other two didn't even register. He suddenly appeared from above her, and she knew that she was in trouble as his left fist came crashing down on her forehead, guiding her to the ground with a vengeance. Her world went white as she was driven with crushing force into the cold, hard cobblestones, and she could hear her ears ringing from the blow.

She could barely hear the official counting, and could swear that she could hear her opponent talking to her. "Don't worry… you're not getting up. Just lie there and rest for a while- this tournament isn't for you. Oh, and don't take it personally… it's just business." She seethed at the thought of him talking her down like that, and her world went into sharp focus again. The ref had reached nine when she rose again, springing to her feet.

"I wouldn't talk so soon, jerk! I won't lose to you!"

He looked a bit shocked- her getting up from such a telling blow was almost unthinkable. But then, he smirked. He hadn't done such a thing in a long time; much less show any emotion at all. The reason why? It was simple- she couldn't be able to take another one like that- he would've been right in any case.

"That's fine…" he said as he finally got into stance. "But I won't allow you to interfere with my mission. You're going to have to stay down next time, if you know what's good for you." She had enough of his arrogance. "I'll have fun hearing those words after your teeth are missing!"

With that, she charged forward again…

Lei Wulong had pretty much given up on dissuading the girl in front of him to enter the tournament. Asuka stood defiantly in front of him, daring him to say something. They were on the rooftops of Osaka, Japan, and she was pretty much irritated at him telling her to stay out.

"This guy can kill you if he really wanted to- those schools he trashed are no joke. I'd rather that this stay police business- you should be taking care of your father instead." She scoffed at him. "That's already been done- he's fine. This is personal for me- I can't stop just because someone tells me to." She got into stance. "I'd rather not have to do this, but if you're just going to be in my way instead of helping me…"

He shook his head, giving up entirely. "All right, then. Looks like we'll have to settle this the hard way." There was no real referee up here, so the cameras would have to do the work for them. How? Biometrics would read vital signs, stamina, and fatigue, all to the decimal and exact point. As soon as it reached a certain point and a knockdown was scored, the count would begin, a series of audible beeps sounding off.

It was up to the participant from there to get themselves back together before the count reached ten- and even after that, the winner would still have to take the picture. On verification of time expiration, a buzzer would sound- and they would be given a decent thirty seconds to rest before the next buzzer sounded off, and the next round commenced.

Simple enough… TKO would have to be on the fighters' best judgment. There had to be an air of professionalism and respect to it, after all. Of course, if they were killed in the process, local authorities would be contacted, and the perpetrator would be forcibly ejected from the tournament. These alarms would be turned off when the rules changed…

In any case, Lei started off with a lazy look in his eyes… he stumbled around and staggered, his steps off balance and off kilter. Asuka's eyes narrowed- she wasn't falling for this act. She approached him cautiously; wary of his drunken fists… she decided to test the waters a bit and came at him with a front sweep with her right leg, and got stopped cold with a quick left kick, his heel slamming down on her shin before he leaned in and whacked her over the head with his right fist.

As he took a swig from his invisible bottle, she got a bit irritated. She had hoped to catch him off of his feet, but the story was different. She quickly rose up, whipping both legs out in a circle, repeating the process again. As the kicks came at him however, he tripped over his own legs- either by accident or design- and kicked out viciously with both legs. It should've knocked her down, but served its purpose anyway- she went straight over him, and couldn't stop, due to the momentum of the second kick.

Not only that, but her back was turned to him as she landed… it gave him a prime opportunity to rise up on his hands and kick out at her, left leg first, then the right. Both slammed into the small of her back, and the second one sent her down on her face. Undoubtedly, she was in trouble if he continued to fight like a drunk…

Lei rolled backwards, smirking at her as he rose to his feet. She was good, no doubt… but she had to have a high water mark somewhere. When Asuka got back up, she was angry. She was being made a fool of- that would change quickly!

"Fine… you wanna play that way? Then here I come!"

Sierra Vista, Arizona…

Jin was standing in front of a major problem…

"They say you're the two-time King of Iron Fist… am I right?"

Jin shrugged. He didn't see how that would matter any. "What of it? If you want my title, you can have it. I'm after one thing in this tournament, and that's the one who's behind it. You're not my concern." The blonde smirked at him, knowing full well that everyone had the same goal. "Is that so? What if I challenged your superiority? I was destined to be the best- and no one's gonna say otherwise after I win this."

Jin shook his head. "I suppose that means that you're not getting out of my way then?" Paul Phoenix smiled. "You got that right, buddy boy. Just be a good kid and stay down after you run out of gas- you'll be in less shame that way."

Jin got into stance- he would have to take care of this one quickly. "I wouldn't talk so soon… come."

Paul advanced cautiously- he had learned his lesson in the last tournament. He wasn't going to underestimate his opponent again, especially one who had gone and won two of these damned things. He pretty much knew that this guy wasn't about to fall for any old trick- he had to come up with something interesting.

As Paul got into range, Jin noticed how cautious he was being. He couldn't help but smile- the last tournament must have taught him something. Well then, it looked like he would have to take the offensive this time. So much for being on guard… when his target was in range, Jin suddenly lunged at him with his right arm, the range and speed of the attack impressive, even to Phoenix.

But he blocked, and came at him with his own right fist- a familiar assault that used to be known as his "shut down" move. It was still known to be feared for its sheer speed and as a retaliatory strike. And it did its job quite well, crashing into Jin's stomach with crushing force, and winding him completely.

Jin flew back a few good feet, and Paul wasted no time in running after him, making an attempt to trample him as he ran along. Jin rolled to his right, just as the stomp came, and quickly rose up, sweeping low at him with his left leg as he did so. Paul was knocked to the ground, and Jin followed up by sliding forward and kicking out in a low right roundhouse kick, catching him while he was on the ground. To finish, he brought said same leg down in a guillotine kick, flipping forward and bringing his heel down on his chest, knocking the wind out of him and rattling his bones severely.

Jin rolled backwards and got up, getting back into stance. He still had a wary eye on him- his speed was not to be trifled with. As Paul got up a bit slower than usual, he gave Jin a crooked grin. "Yeah, you're not too bad. I suppose I'll have to work a bit harder to beat you, huh?"

Jin began approaching him, intent on finishing the job, and came at him with a left body thrust punch, intent on sending him to the dirt again. Unfortunately, though it was fast, it was not fast enough, and he got slammed by a right step-in elbow from Paul, which was followed by a quite odd move- ducking in quite low and delivering a right uppercut to Jin's legs, effectively cutting them out from under him.

Finally, he punched downwards, using his right arm once again to smash Jin's face against the ground, blurring his vision and rattling his brain for a bit. The referee pretty much knew that Jin was pretty devastated after being whacked like that, so he counted. One…. Two…. Three….

Chapter 12: The Q-Finals 1 (Enter the Tekken)

Ouch… that was a painful start for a few people. I have now effectively shown eight competitors. As you can see, the elimination field has been broadened from eight to ten, for the sake of fairness. So then, it's up to you, dear reader, how it will end from here. Are there some of you who feel the need to see someone get burned in the next chapter? Rooting for a certain person? Put it in your review…

Remember, three votes for a certain outcome gets you the win or loss you've been looking for. Also, there's the thing about staying or going… should the winner stay at the certain stage, due to its location and atmosphere, or is it time to go jet-setting? You decide!

Stages mentioned:

Brazil: Park in Christie's ending

Arizona: Waterfall

London: Secret Garden

Japan: City at Sunset

Ja ne.