Title: A Change of Fortune

Author: Tejal

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing. It all belongs to Mark Schwahn

Spoilers: None really. Maybe season 2.

Summary: After moving to Beaufort, Brooke Davis' luck changes as she meets a familiar face from Tree Hill, who has transferred to her new school.

Author's Note: I've sworn against writing two stories at the same time, but I wanted to get this out because I couldn't resist. It's short. I know and I apologise for that. Next chapter will be longer.

Chapter One: A Meeting.


Brooke Davis awoke with a start, "I'm awake!" she insisted rubbing the leftover sleep from her eyes.

"Are you aware that you've been sleeping for the last fifteen minutes?" her best friend asked.

"Yes, Jessica. That was the point," she answered with a suppressed yawn. "I was up all night finishing this proposal for the cafeteria."

She looked at the folder Brooke produced out of her bag.

"Wow, you take this Student President thing seriously." Jessica commented.

"Well, I was Student President at my old school and so I kind of know the ropes. Plus, it looks really good on transcripts and with my grades, I kind of need all the help I can get." Brooke explained. "What did I miss?"

"Oh, nothing really. Woodford left us to do whatever," Brooke groaned.

"I hate that. She never teaches us anything anymore. I could have just stayed in bed." Brooke complained.

"Oh yeah, you got this note in registration. You didn't show so I got it," Jessica gave her a folded piece of paper for Brooke to read.

"Urgh, the new principal wants me to show around a new student before lunch, which is next period."

"One of the perks of being the President," Jessica said, "Guess I'll see you at lunch then?"

"Yeah." Brooke said just as the bell went, "I'd better go. Can you buy me sandwich? I'll totally pay you back but I don't know how long this will take and all the good food will be gone." Brooke gathered her books off the desk and stood up.

"Sure. Oh, and remember that if you get bored of giving them the tour, you can always lock them in a closet and pretend you didn't know they were there." Jessica offered with a laugh. Brooke shook her head and waved goodbye to her best friend.

She took a quick detour into the girls' bathroom to check her make-up and look presentable rather than tired. Brooke sighed as she stared back at the reflection.

When she moved to Beaufort with her parents last year, she had decided to make a fresh start. No more party-girl-cheerleader who slept her way through the school. Her last year in Tree Hill had made her realise that that wasn't who she was anymore. It wasn't who she wanted to be either.

Although she was still a cheerleader, she gave up her captain status so she could run for Student President, something she'd enjoyed in Tree Hill.

She turned on her heel and walked out of the bathroom, making a quick dash for the principal's office. She knocked gently on the door and walked in.

"Hi, Mr V. You asked to see me?" Brooke said as she was motioned into the office. The new principal had difficult surname to pronounce and so insisted that everyone calls him 'Mr V'. Although Brooke did suspect maybe he was trying to appear friendly and approachable.

"Yes, Ms. Davis. We have a new student and I'd like it if you showed him around." He smiled at her.

"Well, I am the Student President so it's my job." Brooke returned the smile.

"Partly, but also because he requested you especially," Brooke frowned.

"Excuse me?" Brooke said, "I don't understand."

"Seems like you two know each other. Said you attended Tree Hill High together." Mr V explained.

"Really?" Brooke brightened slightly, "Who is it?"

Mr V didn't reply, instead he walked past Brooke and poked his head out of the door, motioning somebody inside.

Brooke held her breath, her mind rushing with ideas of who it could be.

Her eyes widened as she saw a familiar tall figure enter the room and stand near the doorway. He smiled at her and nervously ran a hand through his hair, "Hey Brooke."


To Be Continued….