Chapter 14: A Last Letter

Dear Jason,

Well, this is it. My last letter to you. In a few hours, I will be Mrs. Lucas Scott and begin the next stage of my life.

It's been eight years since your accident and they've been some of the hardest I've had to face. Through all those dark days, I wrote you letters and they helped me get through them. I know that I haven't written any to you for a while, but that is because those dark days came less frequently and I turned to somebody else to help me.

I want you to know that I didn't intend to fall in love with Lucas. It just happened.

After we became friends again, it just seemed to happen naturally. We just fell into step with each other, and even though I was still in love with you, those feelings slowly began to fade and new feelings for Lucas began to creep back in.

I'm sorry if this a disappointment, but I always felt that that would be what you would have wanted me to do. It's only been the last three years or so that it's become serious. There were feelings revealed before graduation but they were never acted on until we saw each other during the summer break after our freshman year in college.

I've come to the conclusion now that Lucas and I were just meant to be. And as stupid and cheesy as that sounds, I truly believe it. But I believe that none of this could have been possible without you. For a long time, I was still completely in love with you, and I know a piece of my heart will always belong to you – but you helped me realise that I need to forgive Lucas for hurting me in order to move on with my life. And that's what you helped me do.

I hope that you are not too disappointed in me for writing that, but it's the truth. Lucas and I will never forget what you did for us. You helped us find our way back to each other.

And for that, we are eternally grateful.

I hope you're up there looking down at us, and smiling, because when we think of you, we smile too.

I love you.


Brooke paused as she re-read what she'd written. Satisfied, she folded the piece of paper over and pushed in into an envelope. After sealing it, she scribbled Jason's name on the front and got up.

She looked at the long white wedding dress hanging up in her closet and smiled. In less than six hours, she would be walking down the aisle. There was just something she'd have to do first.

She glanced at Haley and Peyton sleeping on her bed. They'd come all the way from Tree Hill for the wedding, along with Jake, Nathan and Tim who were staying with Lucas. Brooke wondered if she should write a note to tell them where she was going, but then decided against it. She'd make it back in time.

The best thing about driving at 4am was that there was hardly any traffic on the roads, which made her job a little easier. She managed to make it to the cemetery within twenty minutes.

Brooke got out of the car and walked through the grounds, following the familiar journey she'd made countless times before. Within minutes she was at her destination.

After eight years, she could still recall the sound of the coffin being lowered and the way she felt. Brooke closed her eyes and let the memories overflow her senses. One such memory was that of her yelling at Lucas. The conversation that caused them to avoid each other for two whole months and affected more or less the whole school body.

She chuckled to herself. On the day of the funeral, Brooke didn't even want to see to Lucas, and now she was preparing to marry him. She was confident she'd made the right decision.

Brooke crouched down in front of the gravestone, tracing her fingers over the carved letters and taking a moment to collect her thoughts.

She pulled out the letter she had written and put it in front of the gravestone, holding it down with a nearby stone. She wasn't sure if it would still be there when she next came to visit, but as long as she knew that she'd put it there herself, she was satisfied.

Brooke stood up, her eyes never leaving the plot where her old boyfriend was buried.

She closed her eyes again.

"I know you're there," she said simply, "I can sense it."

She could hear the twigs on the ground break as the footsteps came closer and arms wrapped around her.

"How did I know you were going to be here?" he asked. Brooke looked up at the face of her fiancé.

"Because, Lucas, I knew you'd be here too," she said giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Saying your goodbyes?" he asked motioning to Jason's grave. Brooke nodded.

"Yeah. I just haven't been here for a while so…"

"Is that yours?" Lucas looked at the letter Brooke had left for Jason.

"The last one," Brooke sighed, "What are you doing here?" she asked Lucas.

"I just needed to come here. I noticed your car outside. I guess we both had the same idea, huh?" Brooke nodded as she rested her head on Lucas' shoulder.

"I miss him," she said.

"So do I. He was a good guy."

"Do you think he'd be happy… with the way things worked out?" she asked.

"Well, are you happy?" Brooke nodded, "Then yeah, I think he'd be pleased."

Brooke sighed contently.

"What time is it?"

"Almost quarter to five."

"We're getting married in a few hours," Brooke grinned wrapping her arms around Lucas' neck.

"I know. You nervous?"

"A little. You?"

"A little," he said, "Okay, a lot," Brooke laughed.

"Yeah, same here. It's going to be worth it though," she said, "I can't wait to be Mrs. Lucas Scott."

"And I can't wait to be Mr Brooke Davis." Lucas replied kissing her on her nose.

"Even if I paint the bedroom… purple?" she teased.

"Okay, now we're going to have a problem," he said. She grinned and kissed him.

"I'm kidding….kinda…sorta," she said.

"Are you ready to go?" he asked after a few moments of peaceful silence. Brooke thought for a moment and then nodded.

"Yeah, I am," Brooke said, "Just give me a sec?" Lucas nodded and let her go.

Brooke looked at the grave for a few moments, saying a silent prayer for Jason and thanking him. She looked back at Lucas and smiled, making her way towards him.

"Let's go get married," she said with a smile.

Lucas watched Brooke begin to leave the cemetery and said his own personal thank you to Jason.

"Take care, man," he said quietly, "And thanks for looking after my girl."

Lucas gave him a small wave and looked at Brooke, who was waiting for him a small distance away.

Running to catch her up, he took her hand and the two walked out of the cemetery, and off to start their new life together.

The End

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