I hope this type of fic has not been attempted yet!

The Power Of Friendship

or: The truth about Téa

"Firedpinsh," Joey said simply.

"Pardon me?" Yugi asked.

"An anagram, firedpinsh, I bin working on it all day, n' da answer still alludes me," Joey explained, as they walked past the lake.

"Alludes? Big word coming from a small brain," Kaiba murmured, trying to solve the anagram himself.

"Leave Joey alone," Yugi scolded. "Can't you see, he's trying?"

"Yeah," Duke chortled. "I bet you a tenner Kaiba gets it before him!"

"That's not the point," Yugi said. "But you're on."

"Hey!" Kaiba and Joey both exclaimed.

Téa, who had been silent for a while, piped up. "Friendship."

"Yawha?" Joey mumbled.


"If this is going to be another one of your sickly speeches then I-" Kaiba began but was interrupted.

"No, the answer is 'friendship'," Téa pressed. "The most powerful force in the universe, it is what holds us together and is far stronger than love, and-"

"No one believes in friendship anymore, it's a dog eat dog world!" Kaiba sniffed, looking at Joey.

"What was dat you was implying, Kaiba boy?" Joey stopped, and eyed Kaiba up and down. "If this is a challenge, den bring it on!"

"What are you going to do, bark at me?" Kaiba sneered, inspecting his nails.

"People, chill, come on!" Mokuba appeared from somewhere and plonked himself in between the two teenagers.

Duke lifted Mokuba up and plonked him five feet away. "Shh, little one, this is gonna be fun!"

"-yeah well, at least I don't need a fanfare evr'y time I walk into a room."

"That's because you can't afford one, nincompoop!"

"Oh yeah? What was dat I just heard you say?" Joey cupped his ear. "Oh yeah, you was talkin' to der guy dat won three hundred grand from Duellist Kingdom!"

"Who blew it all because he can't count to ten! Mutt, even I know how much money I make. And fyi, you won three million-"

"Yeah, dat's what I just said, don't ya listen?"

"Guys! Calm down. Let's all have a nice cup of tea and watch the rainbows, then we can all be friends agai-"

"Knock it off Téa, can't ya see I'm in da middle o' something?"

"Yes Téa, save your speeches for someone who cares," Kaiba said coldly.

"But without friendship, we are all just lost souls, in the sea of evil," Téa wailed.

"Look, Kaiba-"

"Friendship!" Téa eeped.

"I don't care about ya fancy clothes n' dat-"


"Man, what's up with Téa?" Duke said. "She's ruining the match!"

"Oh my God, she's got smoke coming out of her ears!" Yugi cried.

"Friendship! Friendship! F-friendship!" Téa faltered, the pitch of her voice lowering, like a machine. "Ffffrrrrriiiiieeennndddssshhippp…"

Then she exploded.

"Oh my God!"

What was left was a smouldering pile of wires and chips.

"Gosh, never knew she was a robot!" Duke exclaimed, coughing and wafting away Téa smoke. Smoke was rising from the place where her- it's head used to be.

"Well, that explains why Téa kept relentlessly drumming in her friendship ideas," Yugi murmured. He prodded the recumbent figure that had stopped dead in it's tracks. Téa fell over.

"Good thing we found out now that Téa was a robot, I mean, imagine what the world would've been like if everyone had been brainwashed?" Duke said. "I wonder if there are any more robots here?"

Mokuba backed away nervously.

"Let's call a truce now, eh?" And the gang, minus one robot, walked away into the sunset.

And the moral of the story is: Sometimes it is the ones we least expect, that turn out to be fake.

Or: no matter how good you are at disguises, people will find out sooner or later that you're not human.

Whaddya think? Yay or nay? If I get enough encouragement, I may make a series outta this! Plus, any reviews and ideas for future episodes very welcome!