Hey all! I am Mikazuki Tsuki and this is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction. I have had this idea for some time now, but it was a while before I could make it properly into a story, without getting a little out of character or mauling the plot ruthlessly -to put it nicely-. So sit back relax and enjoy the read!

Summary: Who knew, all you had to do to become famous was down...

Rating: PG-13

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-Delightfully Disastrous-

-Chapter 1-

It was a beautifully sunny spring day. The weather was perfect despite the rain that had poured the night before. It was March 30, 2005, in the Japanese city of Kyoto.

It was a nice place to be at the time. It was spring.

Spring is a time when life seems renewed and seems to begin once more. When everything awakens from a cold slumber. And it was also a time when things were most likely to happen and change from the ordinary and slightly dull niche that life was stuck in during winter.

"Eri," a raven haired young woman cried exasperatedly, "We're not here to fawn over...magazine pictures!" Eri rolled her eyes in response.

"These aren't just any pictures, Kagome! They're Sesshoumaru Taisho's!" She sighed. Yuka took the moment to snatch the magazine from her friend.

The short brown haired girl was sitting in a bean bag chair that was a pale red. She leafed through it. "Can you believe the guy's only twenty?" Came Yuka's bordering on random question.

Sesshoumaru Taisho. Taisho was a name commonly spoke, since almost every issue of Japan's most popular magazines had one of the distinguishable faces of a Taisho.

Kagome agreed that he looked good. Beautiful if you will, but she would not obsess over his life as her friends did.

The four girls were sitting in a fairly large room. It was Eri's bedroom. The walls of the room had been painted to look like a serene sky and it had soft crème carpeting. It was decorated with posters and pictures of famous Japanese, and some American, stars.

It was furnished simply with only the creative flair that was unique to Eri, a shoulder length raven haired girl with brown eyes.

There a small desk with a computer, a bean bag chair at the foot of a bed that had bamboo imitated posts, there was a bookshelf and nights stand in opposite corners made to blend with the surroundings. The book case had a realistic appearance of a waterfall and the night stands were different animals.

Lastly to complete the room, there were Kenji figures painted on the walls aside the posters.

Kagome snorted, "He looks only twenty, but as a youkai, for all we know, he could be centuries old."

Ayumi not seemingly having had heard her friend added to the discussion. "I'm surprised he's single! Can you believe he's only two years our elders?" Ayumi grinned and stifled a laugh, knowing that would set Kagome off on another rant.

Kagome frowned, "Did I not just say-"

Yuka squealed, "Oh! Guess who might be engaged!"

She was madly reading an article in the latest KoKoi magazine. Yuka began relating almost word for word what the article said.

Kagome had to smile, her friends were beyond help. She let them have their fun idolizing the photos and articles that made of the magazine, for a few minutes more before breaking it up.

"Come on, a break from college is a rare thing. It should be filled with...well, not this," she laughed waving her hands around the queen bed, that was covered in magazines, for emphasis. She sighed and rubbed her temples as she hugged a plush pillow on Eri's bed.

"I may have two weeks of freedom and above that, sanity, but we only get three days together, before I have to go back to Tokyo, and you guys have to go back to school so let's do something fun."

Yuka grinned conspiritually. "Fine," she flipped through the magazine and scanned an article, "I have an idea. It says here, that a community center is opening today." She closed the magazine.

"We should take a look; I have a feeling that we'll have fun there, since it was shaped for our age group as well as children."

Eri clapped her hands, "Good idea! When is the opening?" Yuka looked at her room clock it read in bright red: 12: 30. "It's in about than two and a half hours."

Kagome smiled, "See, and now was that too hard to come up with a non-obsession feeding activity?" Yuka snorted, but kept quiet.

Ayumi put down her magazine and grabbed a pillow, "I have an idea that will pass some time. Let's try to see if we can find out what has been going on in Tokyo, since Kagome has been a little stingy with the gossip since she's been here..."

Yuka and Eri grinned and Kagome had a bad feeling. "Hey! No fair..." She scooted away from them as they advanced on her. Yuka grabbed a pillow and threw it at Kagome.

"Question one: What hot guys have you met in Tokyo?"

Kagome laughed, 'Trust Yuka to make that the first question.' "Well, there is this guy in my Calculus class..." Ayumi threw another pillow, "Come on, and spill it!"

"His name is Kouga and he can be really sweet at times..." She turned around so her front was not facing them any more. She stifled a laugh as she heard the other girls squeal over the prospect of their friend having a boyfriend. "But of course, he's only a friend."

And then they face faulted, "Kagome...!"

The three girls had used up the time bombarding each other with pillows, telling dating anecdotes, and laughing until they felt as if they could die.

Eri gasped for air, "As much as I hate to break up this party, we have to get going if we want to get to the opening."

Ayumi stacked the magazines on the end table adjacent to the bed. She straightened her khaki pants that stopped just below her knee. After pulling down her pale yellow shirt, she jumped off her friend's bed. Kagome, who had been leaned against the bed head board, followed suit. She was wearing a simple spring dress with pale flowers strewn randomly on it.

"Come on let's get going," she smiled slyly, and as she added a wry comment, "A little fresh air will really do you guys some good..." Ayumi grabbed her jacket off the bed and put it over her shirt. It was a pale pastel-like color that went with the shirt and skirt she wore.

Eri quickly scrawled a note for her parents. Kagome grinned "Wait it's missing something..." in the handwriting of a child in Kindergarten, Kagome wrote "Kagome was here," misspelling everything but her name. Laughing she prodded the other girls to do the same.

The girls, laughing all through out, signed their names and drew small pictures next to them. Giggling, they locked up and left towards the center.

Even though the four of them had their license, they seldom drove. Most things were mostly well within walking distance. And to be honest, no matter how close the four were, they did not trust each other behind the wheel of a car. It was like being in a car with a road raged drunk whose vision was impaired.

The community centre was a brand new center for teens made to keep them off drugs and such. There was a constant fear that the drug rate would be alarmingly increased because of overseas influence.

It was rumored to have a lot of pointless things in the center, but yet it was rather appealing. There was a pool that ranged from 3-9and some feet. Which to Ayumi had remarked how much there was a possibility of someone drowning.

Ayumi was a realistic and logical person. She thought out more things then the other girls. But despite her love of knowledge and such, she was a star-loving-fan girl at heart...

There was also a lounge for homework and study that also was a mini-library, counselors to talk to, and a sports center to work off steam and exercise. That was basically all they knew about it.

Well, that and the fact that it was 3 blocks from Eri's house...

All the while they were walking; they kept a constant stream of jokes and laughs. This was the kind of thing she missed. Last year, when Kagome was accepted into a college in Tokyo, she and her family moved from their small house to a shrine located there during the summer, she had only seen them then about eleven times since she left.

Her friends were accepted too, but moving for them was not an option available. Going to a College in Kyoto was, since their families could not up and leave.

Kagome's family was fine with leaving since Mrs. Higurashi found Souta a better school than the one in Kyoto that he had previously been enrolled in.

Kagome's grandfather was also pleased with the arrangement of owning a shrine... so everything worked out almost perfectly.

Kagome had made friends in Tokyo, but they were not the same boy-crazy, star stalking girls from Kyoto. Eri, Ayami, and Yuka could be pushy ...when it came to boys and sometimes annoying...when it came to boys, but they had been her friends since she could remember and they were as loyal as they came...except when it came to boys.

She was brought out of her thoughts by Yuka's groan. "Look at that crowd!"

Kagome was surprised that most of the people were female. And they all had cameras or notebooks and pens. It suddenly dawned. "GUYS! Are you really here for the opening or is it something else."

When she heard nothing, Kagome looked around started realizing they had left her.

Kagome gaped, ''How could they leave...?" she murmured.

She rubbed her temples to ward off an approaching headache and tried to squeeze into the entrance. "Some friends!" she growled.

'As loyal as they come my ass...' Kagome thought shaking her head, slightly angered at how she had been ditched. Her previous comments on the girls' fidelity came back only this time sounding snide.

"Where are they?" she bit her bottom lip.

Kagome suddenly thought she saw Yuka. But she was not sure. She suddenly remembered how a lot of people at her high school with the same short, straight, dark brown hair and the same height as Yuka.

So she could be mistaken, but that was as close as possible as she was to finding them, so she would be damned before she lost sight of her friends.

She wanted to call out the girl's name, but did not feel like making a fool of herself because of identity misconception. She also doubted that she would even be heard over the shouting of the people in the room.

Kagome would just have wait until the woman she presumed was Yuka, turned around or she at least saw what she was wearing.

Yuka had a certain dress style that Kagome would know any where, but it was so damn crowded, she could not see passed the women's neck.

The screaming and pushing was really getting to her.

Kagome saw the woman sneak through a slide glass door, and Kagome rolled her eyes, "That has to be her." She tried to fight a smile trying to work its way to her face. She was supposed to be mad. She reminded herself as she slid the glass door open.

She frowned as she lost sight of Yuka. Her eyes lit up. "There!" She was standing with her back to Kagome and snapping pictures of a man in the center of a crowd. "Well there must be whoever is sponsoring this center."

Kagome began towards Yuka; grimacing at how the short hair girl chose the side that was 9 feet. Kagome was an excellent swimmer, but she was still cautious.

"Yuka" suddenly turned. Kagome began to grin. "Finally I've found..."She was appalled to see that it was a man. Kagome looked into crowd with a frown on her face.

"I have found a man who from the back who looked like my friend...that was not a man." Kagome gave and inward scream of frustration before heading back.

The crowd was still thick, so she was forced to edge closer to the pool. 'To close for comfort!' she singsong' ed as she made her way back.

Suddenly someone knocked into her. Hard. Kagome staggered and slipped into the water with a resounding splash.

Kagome plummeted down into the light blue water, shocked. The chlorine was incredibly irritating to her eyes.

She felt too dazed to swim and all she could do was watch mutely as she fell, entranced by the surfacing bubbles. She did not even try to fight the almost comforting darkness that was approaching her. By the time she snapped out of what ever feeling of vertigo she was in, she had taken in a lot of water through both her mouth and her nose. She struggled to swim upward.

Her delayed responses had cost her. Her eyes slowly closed just as she touched the bottom of the pool. She slowly slipped into the black and empty world of unconsciousness.

The last thing she felt or at least thought she felt, was a warm pair of arms encircling her waist.

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