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Chapter 7: A Souvenir

How do you define happiness? Or even measure it?

With words? Trinkets? Or little tokens of gold and materialistic gleam?

What is Happiness? That intangible thing that lingers within the recesses of your heart; yet leaves as quickly as it had come?

Tell me…

What is Happiness? What is it—

And what is it not?

Tell me…

Tell me

Tell me

Seto stopped and looked at the screen of his computer; his blue eyes gleaming faintly from the glow of the silent monitor.

His fingers paused in their hurried movements, individual digits lingering upon the cool and metallic feel of lifeless keys.

His lips pressed themselves into a thin line.

"Delete last entry," Seto Kaiba commanded.

There was a small noise.

"Last entry, deleted," stated the computer voice.

And so the screen remained blank—

With only the blinking cursor as the sole witness to the inner thoughts of the CEO.

"I don't know whether I should be amused or incredibly irritated by this."

"How about we forget amusement and irritation…and concentrate instead on being pleasantly infuriated?"

Yami hiccupped and stumbled slightly, dragging himself out of the water in a flurry of clumsy movements. Shoving his blonde bangs out of his eyes in a careless sweep, the former Pharaoh plucked at his not-so-lustrous outfit in minor annoyance, a frown lightly settling upon his face as he examined the extent of the damage done.

His former sleek and mellifluous attire was completely drenched, hugging his form in a wet and disgustingly clingy fashion. Droplets of water were studded everywhere in the spirit's magnificent multi-colored flare, resembling tiny and clear-like pearls within the wavering glimpse of the mocking moon. Yami's frown deepened even more when he felt at the dampness of his leather pants; years upon years of experience with the garment enlightening him with an adequate hypothesis that wet leather pants would be extremely difficult to remove.

But Yami had more important things to worry about this moment. The sudden contact with skin-chilling water had brought about one positive thing. It had broken the alcoholic haze with the effectiveness of a sharply held knife, the unexpected douse of liquid dispersing a clear-cut path through his befuddled mind. Mind you, Yami was not completely "undrunkenfied," but he had a decent amount of reason left within his head.

A decent amount of reason that told him quite clearly that Seto Kaiba was most likely about to go forth on a killing spree. And that he, being the moral and only person that had the guts to stand up to the wrath of the CEO, had to prevent him from doing so.

No problem, right?

Yami staggered once again, propelling his body slightly forward until a steadying hand grabbed at his wrist. Crimson eyes blinked blankly at the ferocious gleam of ice blue eyes, finely-blended shades of azure unable to hide the barely restrained glint of anger.

"Are you alright?" questioned Seto. There was a slight quaver to the voice, the cool façade that the brunette so deftly carried about with such ease weakening temporarily, his ice-laced tone melting slightly from the anger he currently felt. The hand around Yami's wrist tightened, a small increasing pressure that illustrated the smidgen of concern that was, perhaps, also present within the smoldering flares of muted fury.

Yami opened his mouth to reply with a comforting response as luminous and calming as a person could ever hope to suffice, but Seto interrupted him before the soothing draught could be administered.

"Good because I'm about to destroy this wretched thing of a restaurant."

Well…that's not good.

Yami blinked and opened his mouth once again but Seto was already well on his way towards the path of havoc and complete annihilation, glaring beautifully at the surrounding people in a manner of concealed distaste.

His gaze settled on a frightened looking waiter, who literally jumped as Seto motioned for him to come forward.

"You, over there. Come here this instance—Yes, YOU with the atrociously colored hair and abnormally large freckles—hurry, before I lose my temper—"

The waiter blinked as the words were absorbed within his brain and then proceeded to scowl heavily. "Hey! If you want my help, I'd advise that you choose your words more carefully!"

Seto sent him a withering look. "I can call you whatever I want, boy. And I suggest that you take your own advice…I could have you fired and thrown in jail in a split second."

"Well, I would like to see you try!"

"Please, don't tempt me any further."

"Pish. Just as I thought! I bet you were just bluffing!"

The insults bounced back and forth, causing the majority of the people's heads to swerve from the right and then to the left; eyes following the line of verbal abuse with hints of amusement and wavering disbelief. Yami simply fished a piece of sliced banana from the trays of one of the shell-shocked waiters and chewed on the fruit in quiet thoughtful ness.

I should probably really do something, thought the former Pharaoh, gnawing at the pale entity as he flicked his eyes from the flaming red hair of the bellowing waiter to the tousled brown locks of the less-than-delighted CEO. But where would I start? He fumbled for a glass of clear liquid, the waiter still completely unaware of the teen's actions, and sipped blankly.

There was a light surge of bubbly foam within his mouth.

Knowing Kaiba, he'd probably crush that guy over there like a piece of watermelon or something…Yami supposed wisely, hiccupping for a second time as he gulped down the liquid. He probably should've felt worried or even mildly concerned for the doomed fate of the brash busboy, but at the moment, Yami didn't care. Oddly, the world seemed like such a happier place right now.

"Oh? And what if I'm not bluffing, as you say?" Seto calmly countered.

The waiter puffed himself up and declared in challenging war tone, "Well then, bring it on, BUB!"

"With pleasure," hissed Seto, a seeming haze of crackling doom enveloping his figure as the brunette's eyes darkened ominously, not unlike the echoing grumble of an imminent storm at the moment of its watery glory. Yet amidst the creeping shadows of antagonism and bitter resentment, there was a small tinge of grey familiarity that tainted the recesses of his mind, a familiarity that literally reeked of déjà vu; the loser-thing of a waiter reminding him strongly of a certain someone…

… he made a threatening move towards the opposite figure—

--when Yami sneezed at that exact moment.

Seto froze and quickly glanced at the former Pharaoh. His blue eyes took in Yami's dripping bangs plastered against his pale forehead, as well as the rivulets of waters flowing steadily down the boy's curved cheek. Droplets of the liquid were shed continuously off the youth's figure in fragilely-spun spheres, due to the constant shivering the former Pharaoh was exhibiting from the night air.

He had an odd and glassy look within his eyes…

Seto let out a derisive noise and waved his hand at the red-head waiter in distaste. "Forget it, I have more important matters to deal with rather than obliterating an insignificant idiot like you."

Ignoring the indignant sputters of the freckled boy (What! I'll show you whose the insignificant idiot you…idiot!) the brunette raised himself to his absolute height and stature, coldly requesting to the nearest individual that he immediately relieve himself of his jacket.

After a panicked babble of "Of course—here you go--will I be getting it ba—? Not getting it back? Well…umm…okay then…" at which the person proceeded to stare at his shoes in a sudden feat of feigned interest, the poor man perhaps all the more too frightened to do anything else than quail in the domineering presence of a certain ice-spun CEO.

Muttering something that vaguely sounded like, "mumbling fool", Seto wrapped the jacket around Yami's shoulders and observed politely at the glazed look within the former Pharaoh's crimson eyes.

"Chilly?" he commented lightly, wrapping the silken coat more tightly around the spirit's slender form.

"I'm shivering, Kaiba, what else do you think I would be? Sweltering hot?" Yami derided in a slurred drawl. He took another sip of the liquid within the glass and swallowed. "You know, Kaiba. That was really rude of you, taking that guys jacket without his permission. You should be ashamed of yourself."

Seto merely smiled faintly. "What did you expect me to do? I don't suppose that my wet thing of jacket could do much in keeping you warm. Besides, I'm sure the man didn't mind at all."

He coolly glanced at the individual, causing the man to shake his head wildly and stammer a decent acquiescence in response. "See? All too happy to help."

Yami let out another indiscernible mumble. Seto frowned lightly and brought his hand up to the boy's forehead, brushing aside the damp bangs so that they gleamed faintly within the gathering light.

"You're drunk," he stated flatly, flicking his blue eyes immediately to the glass Yami was casually holding.

"I am NOT. Besides, I only had a few sips of this bubbly thing over here."

"Yes, you are. Goodness, I never knew that you had such a low alcohol tolerance level, Yami."

There was a gape of indignation. "I do NOT have a low tolerance level!" furiously commented the former Pharaoh, a tumble of bedazzled flare and sodden silk. He stumbled a little; Seto's gripping hand upon the small of his back the only thing that prevented him from falling over like a complete idiot.

He lifted himself imperiously. "Drunken people can't walk properly and make a fool of themselves."

"Which is exactly what you're doing, Yami."

The former Pharaoh scowled. "Go eat a banana and shut up, Kaiba."

Seto raised his eyebrow in pleasant amusement. "Why a banana?"

"Because it has plenty of potassium, that's why. Besides, it's the only fruit I have in my hand right now." Yami made a face at the object and twirled his half-eaten slice of banana within the tips of fingers, pressing the fruit to the CEO's lips. "Ew. I don't want this now. Here, you eat it."

"Yami. You dipped that thing in melted cheese and spaghetti sauce."

"Your point?"

"My point is that no person in the right state of mind would eat such a thing." Seto paused, gripping Yami's shoulders in a tighter hold as the boy swayed unexpectedly, and then continued. "And you do realize that about every single person in this area is currently staring at you as if you were on the verge of insanity, right?"

"Oh, fine. Don't eat the banana then."

"Were you listening to me at all?"

"Of course I was listening to you! And I'm gonna prove it right now," Yami turned and glared ferociously at the eye-boggling mass of people surrounding him. "I don't like any you people over here. I'm gonna send you all to the Shadow Realm."

It seemed that the time had come for drastic action.

Without a single warning, Seto scooped Yami up into his arms, carrying the former Pharaoh towards the open doorway as if he were a giggling bride on the day of their beloved honeymoon. Except that instead of sighing romantically in the love-struck way teenage girls always sigh in, Yami let out an indignant squawk, which was followed by a spectacular display of kicks and flailing arms.

"Kaiba! Just what in Ra's name do you think you're doing?"

"Ouch—I can't believe that you just hit me—I'm carrying you out of the restaurant. What else does it look like I'm doing?"

"I don't need you to carry me! Go kidnap some one that's actually incapable of using their legs!" Yami spun around and pointed fiercely. "See that old lady over there? Carry her instead!"

"Don't insult me, Yami. If you're saying that I should exchange your gorgeous body for some old decrepit form of a lady than you're even more drunk than I thought you were."

"Number one, I am NOT drunk for the third and last time and number two, let me tell you that flattery will only get you so far, Kaiba. You better put me down right now!"

"I was only stating the truth, was that so bad at all?"

"Hmmm, I suppose not…"commented the former Pharaoh, slightly pacified. Yami tilted his head upwards, only to be met with an eyeful of water. He wrinkled his nose as another drop of water made contact with his cheek. "Geez Kaiba, you're dripping all over me..."

"You're wet enough as it is, so you shouldn't mind at all."

Yami narrowed his eyes. "Of course I mind! It's just downright annoying! What sort of person doesn't care if their body keeps getting soaked in water?

"A person with a body that looks so much better when it's wet, of course," smirked Seto.

Yami blinked blearily and glanced at the billionaire in question. "Are you trying to imply something, Kaiba?"

Seto adjusted his arms and lowered his face, a single wet tendril of auburn colored hair clinging to Yami's forehead. "Let's just say you can take it whatever way you want, Yami."

He shook his head for the umpteenth time, sending a faint shower of clear mist into the air as he wrapped his arms around Seto's neck, "Gosh, Kaiba you freak, I sometimes wonder about you."

He raised an eyebrow. "Do you now?"

"You bet I do," the tri-color haired boy firmly enunciated, waving a finger commandingly within the air. "It's because so many things about you irk the hell outta me. Like for instance, why exactly you forced me into this date over here. I've puzzled myself about that until I think my brain might've melted from such an overload of thinking."

"Really now?" Seto remarked.

"That's right, you better believe it!" answered Yami in a postively loud tone. The spirit brought his face closer to the billionaire's. "So, as payment that is justly earned, here's something for you to puzzle about…"

Wheat colored hair intertwined gently with mahogany streaks, fluid strands of color mingling together like sinuous ribbons wavering in the wind.

And with that, Yami lightly pressed his lips against the brunette's mouth and kissed him.

"Well, now…that was quite an interesting spectacle."

"I swear! Teenagers these days!"

"…I don't remember ever being so remotely peculiar back in the days when I was a young fledging!"

"Here, here!"

"That guy stole my jacket…"

"Jou, I hope you are very happy with everything now."

The quartet had scurried into the less crowded area of the restaurant and was currently whispering in a series of extremely furious tones. Well, at least Yugi was, to Jounouchi of course.

"I mean, HONESTLY Jou!" scolded Yugi, fixing the sulking face of the accused victim at hand with a look of intense annoyance. "Not only did you send Yami and Kaiba into that water garden -seriously, Jou! I told you not to bother them!- but you risked exposing our identities -which, might I mention, that we all worked so hard into constructing- when you foolishly started that stupid argument with Kaiba! And that's not all!"

Jounouchi jerked his head up from his original duck of shame-faced mellow-ness. "What! You can't mean that I caused even more trouble!"

Yugi glared at the teen with a look that clearly said otherwise. Anzu and Honda hovered in the background, nodding ferociously as their shorter friend stomped his foot in random intervals, occasionally slipping in an accusing, "Yeah!" or a sorrowful sigh of "We told you, Jou."

All in all, the poor blonde was not in the most delightful of all moods. Did I really cause all of that? thought Jounouchi, his ears literally smoking from all the accusations that were currently spilling out of Yugi's mouth. He had the vague and faint feeling that Yugi was diligently working into making him feel dreadfully guilty…

'Yes! You better believe it, bub! Not only all of that, but you have totally jeopardized this restaurant's reputation! Honestly, I was surprised that Kaiba didn't mention anything about suing the place—!" (At this, Anzu and Honda shook their heads and let out a loud, "FOR SHAME.")

And you know what? He was succeeding.

"Okay, okay!" Jou finally managed, covering his own two ears in hopes of drowning out the tangents. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Just…just stop it with all the venting! It's starting to hurt my ears!"

Yugi narrowed his eyes, spiked hair crackling with electricity while he placed his hands upon his hips. Anzu and Honda imitated similar stances, the teenage girl saying, "You better be, Jounouchi Katsuya. Our plan, our brilliant and oh so wonderful plan that all of us had worked so hard to come up with—!"

"Alright, alright, you've got me literally melting from the guilt right now…I get the point!"

"…totally flawless and ingenious plan…!"

"I. Get. The. Point."

"Oh, sorry. I got a lil' carried away over there…Never knew that it was so much fun to make you feel guilty, Jou!"

"Ha. Ha. I noticed," the disgruntled blonde muttered dryly, clearly un-amused from all the horrible abuse he was experiencing. Who needed buffed up security guards and arrogant CEOs to insult you when your group of "friends" accomplished the deed just as effectively?

And yet he was still here, hanging out with this crazy bunch over here. He must be insane…

"Well, I suppose what's done is done," Yugi sighed tiredly, his hair levitating downwards as he calmed himself. "But really, Jou, what made you even think of marching up over there to Yami and Kaiba? You knew that we had to stay under cover! Why'd you do it?"

Jounouchi ducked his head downwards and hunched his shoulders up. "I dunno," he mumbled, stuffing his hands into his pockets. "I guess…the image of Yami dancing with Rich Guy over there…it just…I dunno…"

"Ahh," professed Anzu immediately, halting her disapproving stares and slipping besides her down-faced friend in interest. "My woman's intuition is currently tingling at this moment!" she exclaimed wildly, disregarding the irked look that appeared on Jounouchi's face. She directed him with a serious stare and smiled benignly. "I suspect that you may be jealous, Jou."

"Yeah, I suppose that might be—WHAT! I'm not jealous! What are you talking— Anzu! Where are you getting all of this crap, anyway?"

"It's denial…I'm sensing it right now," muttered the blue-eyed girl to Honda and Yugi, the both of them gasping and looking at the blonde in shock.

"It's not jealousy, Anzu, you twit! I don't know where you're coming with all of this but…!"

"Number one, Mister Date-ruiner (at this Jounouchi's left eye twitched phenomenally) it's called a woman's intuition, which might I say, is almost always correct!" the girl proclaimed proudly. "And number two, if it isn't jealousy, than what is it?"

"That's simple! It's called, "I hate that stupid Seto Kaiba and because I hate Seto Kaiba I don't want to see Yami dancing with that stupid Seto Kaiba and because of that I –not purposefully- did what I did!" He huffed and exhaled dramatically. "So, there!"

Anzu peered at him with calculating blue eyes while Yugi and Honda tried not to laugh.

She chewed on her fingernail and then placed her hand underneath her chin. "I still think it's denial, Jou. But whatever, I suppose only time will tell."

"What's that supposed to mean!" screeched the blonde in total clueless ness.

"Alright, alright, Anzu, stop teasing him! Seriously, you're starting to sound like Kaiba with that tone of yours!" interjected Honda, ignoring the horrified look upon the girl's face.

Yugi shook his head in amusement, the argument lightening his mood dramatically. "God, Jou, you are just so much fun to listen to." He smiled all the sudden. "Well, let me tell you a lil' something that Jou's "date-ruining" skills have accomplished…that's actually good!"

"Really?" squawked the blonde, turning his head so fast that the three of them were surprised his neck hadn't spun a total 360.

"Well…good for Yami and Kaiba that is…"

Jounouchi furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion, while Anzu and Honda leaned in closer in interest. "What is it?"

Yugi smiled. "I think Yami's gonna have a little "sleepover" at a certain CEO's mansion…"

To be continued…
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