It is said in every Age, there is one singular event that forever changes the world around us. A nexus, if you will.

It is said the future is always born in pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise, what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world. Because we learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past.

(Taken from B5: In The Beginning...)

30 September, Sol System's Asteroid Belt, on the EAS Lexington

Lieutenant-Commander John Sheridan tensely studied the schematics on his scanner. Adrenaline pumped his heart as he waited for the right moment. This time, the wounded hunted would be the hunter.

The Minbari warcruiser, the subject of his scrutiny, approached among the asteroids, attracted by the distress signal from the Lexington.

It was time.

Sheridan sent a signal to one of the three bombs attached to asteroids. The two-megaton nuclear bomb exploded in a flash of light, its kinetic energy and heat striking the terrifyingly beautiful warcruiser, engulfing it.

Exhilaration coursed through Sheridan's veins even as the dying kinetic energy shockwave shook his Hyperion-class cruiser. When the energy of the bomb dissipated, he could see that the Minbari warcruiser was damaged. Its starboard side sported glowing wounds, trailing heated and irradiated debris as the ship turned to leave the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. It was now missing one of its three major fins.

On the Drala Fi

Shai Alyt Vultan ached. The Minbari warrior picked himself up from the floor. His bruises ached and he ached to destroy the treacherous humans who had done this to the flagship of the Minbari Federation.

The raid into the Sol System was supposed to force the Earth Alliance to spread its defenses thin across itself, and to confirm the location of the human homeworld for the rest of the Minbari military. The raid had been a success. Until now.

Vultan angrily shouted an order.

"Activate jumpengines! We are leaving."

In a universe we know, the jumpengines were activated too late, damaged as they were by the Earther nuclear bomb blast. However, in this universe, the damage was not too extensive.

EAS Lexington

Sheridan waited for the enemy ship to move close enough to the third bomb. It had moved too far from the second bomb. His eyes gleamed for the imminent hard-earned victory. His lips drew back in a gleeful sneer. This is for Captain Sterns and all the others you killed, bastards!

"See you in hell."

Just as Sheridan was pressing the button that would signal the third bomb, he saw the beginning of a jumppoint forming in front of the Minbari ship.

"Too late, my friends."

The bomb exploded. Sheridan could see the Minbari warcruiser briefly glow in the bomb's heat before shattering like glass as its fusion engines blew.

The quantum singularity within the Black Star was already feeding power into the jumpengines. When the bomb blew, the complex safety fields and supports containing the singularity collapsed. The singularity fluctuated, attempting to reach out of itself, and began to eat at the conduit already opening into hyperspace before imploding upon itself. The singularity drew on the energies of hyperspace and caused the conduit to drill much deeper and farther. The fire of the Minbari fusion engines added to the power of the singularity's implosion. The fabric between dimensions began to tear in the implosion.

The Minbari jumppoint just forming fluctuated in the bomb blast, the hellish glow of hyperspace drowned out by the nuclear light. Lightning bolts appeared to crack and lash out of the wobbling half-formed jumppoint, while the red gases of hyperspace appeared to pour out to disappear into a point at where the Minbari warcruiser once was, consumed by the quantum singularity whose light was now taken in by its high gravity.

Sheridan frowned. If the Lexington had functional engines, they would leave this area as fast as possible.

The jumppoint expanded. It should not be doing that, not without a ship's jumpengines supporting it.

Instead of the familiar vortex leading into hyperspace, the jumppoint formed a gaseous planet-like sphere with a side seemingly torn out. The torn maw revealed stars and the blackness of space within the moon-sized sphere with marble-like grains of blue of varying shades from royal blue to dark blue and black.

Sheridan leaned forward for a closer look at his scanner. What the hell?

Mars Defense Perimeter

A small ship, shaped like an arrowhead, detected the formation of the anomaly. The rear points of the arrowhead glowed blue and the ship moved at sublight speed to stop at 2,000 meters form the anomaly. The name Sarajevo could be seen emblazoned on its sides. The Sarajevo scanned the spherical anomaly and sent its telemetry to its masters on Mars and Earth.