Little White Feather

By: OtakuSailorV

Part Two

And then they were away, soaring high above the tiers of the houses, leaving the world far behind.

Chibiusa had gasped as he had scooped her up suddenly and translucent wings had suddenly appeared. A swift little flick of them and they were far above the buildings, the little black alley disappearing below.

Her eyes widened and she looked up at Helios in a mixture of astonishment and giddy happiness. She had never seen the town from this angle before and the feeling of the sun on her face as they gently cut through the air made her want to cry out with joy.

Her hair flew around her wildly in the sharp winds that hurried them forward, and for a brief time, she was lost in the moment, not entirely paying attention to how she had come to be in this wondrous new place. A smile crossed her features, seemingly lighting up everything around her as well.

Helios gave her another of his calm, enigmatic smiles, his gold horn flashing as it caught the sun again. It seemed to glow, as did the translucent wings that spread from between his shoulder blades. His silver hair seemed untouched and there was an ethereal look about him. Chibiusa was almost afraid to blink, thinking he might disappear, or that she might wake up and discover this was all nothing but a dream.

Daringly, she did blink.

He was still there, smiling at her cryptically. She smiled back, filled with joy, though she was a tad frightened by this.

Looking down, she spied her home – the castle. She pointed to it, a cry of joy escaping her the moment her lips parted. She didn't mind it though, and went on to tell Helios where she lived. "There! My home! It's the castle!" She exclaimed, looking over her shoulder at him.

The main castle where Chibiusa, her family, and the Guardians lived looked to be made of some fine, holy crystal. The more one gazed into it's prism depths,

There were other parts of the castle, though, that were regular houses for the servants and such that cleaned and cared for small things that the King and Queen couldn't handle every day in a castle of that magnitude. But even these were splendid and far outshone even the wealthiest of housing outside of the castle walls. It was a fact that the servants in the castle lived better than the nobles were in their own private mansions.

She had not noticed before, but they were very close, the only thing holding her up was his arms, and she now noticed that he was rather thin. He couldn't possibly hold her weight very long, even if he claimed that she was the lightest load he had ever carried.

He glided down toward the castle, low enough for her to peer through the windows of some of the taller parts. Turning at just the right angle, he managed to catch an updraft, and the pair was suddenly zooming in circles around the spires, an escapade that left Chibiusa dizzy.

The little trip came to a stop as Helios finally came toward a landing area. It was spacious enough for him, but still not enough that they were out in plain view of everyone. Chibiusa recognized it as a little alley between the stables and the small building where the caretakers of the stables lived.

The sun-warmed light-brown stones that cobbled the way looked inviting and quite pleasant. She was glad that the trip would not end in one of the darker and dingier parts of the castle. Though it was hard to believe that Silver Millenium's castle could ever possibly be dirty in a spot.

He back-winged lightly as he came toward the ground, and they floated softly down, almost as if they weighed nothing more than a feather. Their feet touched lightly on the stones, Helios coming down first and holding Chibiusa gently as she continued downward. When she touched down, she giggled, for it felt as if all her weight had suddenly come back to her, and it was a rather odd sensation.

Her red eyes glimmered with joy in the bright summer sun and she looked on at the transformed Pegasus with glee. "That was amazing!" She exclaimed.

He smiled at her, bending down so that they were eye to eye again. They looked to be the same age, but she was at least a good six inches shorter. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Small Lady. I cannot express my profound gratitude to you." He replied.

Chibiusa smiled at him, embarrassed slightly at the praise. "It was nothing. I couldn't leave you like that. You're wings are very beautiful." She complimented, trying to change the subject.

Leaning down, he picked a feather from her hair and held it in front of her face, again that cryptic look on his face. "There are some things in this world that are far more beautiful than a Pegasus' wings." He informed her.

Letting the feather go, she watched as it suddenly just disappeared. It had wafted up possibly two inches before disappearing altogether. She blinked and looked at him, that same gleam of innocence in her eyes.

"Follow me."

Chibiusa had pulled on his thin, pale hand, tugging him after her as she headed for the kitchens. The head cook there had been a pal of her since she was very tiny and had accidentally stumbled into the kitchen as a babe.

The rotund woman smiled widely at the sight of her favorite pink-haired princess and ordered for a pair of sweets to be brought to the door right away. She had said nothing about the young man that stood behind her, watching everything enigmatically, just nodded to him and grinned.

"You don't need to ask, yer Highness. You can just order us around, y'know." The cook winked at her before patting her on the shoulder and shooing her away.

Chibiusa had giggled again, used to this treatment around the grounds. When she had the two treats wrapped tightly in a napkin, she pulled Helios along after her again, to a pair of large cartons and seed packs that had been laid against the wall, neglected for the time being.

She plopped down on one and patted the seat next to her. Opening up the sweets, she handed one to her new friend and smiled when he sniffed at it delicately. "It's not poison." She joked before biting into her own.

Helios watched her for a moment, chewing encouragingly before biting in as well. He raised one eyebrow momentarily before both shot up and he looked down at the pastry in his hands, startled with the delightful taste he encountered. "It is very good." He complimented when he had swallowed and went to take another bite.

Chibiusa stifled a giggle, she hadn't known that he had never had a sweet pastry before.

When they had finished, she leaned back and looked over at him. The wings from before had disappeared, leaving his back bare. There weren't even any marks on his strange garbs to show that they had ever even existed.

"I didn't know Pegasus' could change shape." She mused, trying to make conversation.

Helios looked over at her, his expression unreadable for the time being. "I'm not a Pegasus." He finally replied.

The pink haired maiden was startled and stopped slightly at this. Then what was he? He read the look on her face and gave her a wry grin, almost another of his cryptic ones passed over. "I can take that form, but I really look like this." He gestured to his human body.

Chibiusa's eyebrows were raised in confusion and mild shock. "Where do you come from?" She questioned.

"I come from a place called Elysion. I had come to this place from there to give something very special to a maiden with a beautiful dream. That vendor captured me while I was sleeping with the help of that electric prod of his." He added when her mouth opened again. "Unfortunately, I had taken a Pegasus form for easier travel when he had come across me."

"Why didn't you change back then?" Chibiusa demanded.

Helios took some time in answering that, he seemed to be thinking something over. "I would have risked the chance of being discovered. A young man with a golden horn is not something seen every day here, correct?"

Chibiusa's eyes went up to look at the protruding horn as he spoke and she wondered briefly what the 'special something' was and who the 'maiden' was that was to receive it. Whoever it was, she was very lucky to have Helios give her something. "What is your horn, anyway?"

"Now that is a secret." He informed her with a little wink and with that he was on his feet.

The princess was slightly dismayed, thinking he was going to leave her now. "What are you going to do when you find the Maiden with a beautiful dream?" She asked, hoping he might at least come and visit her from Elysion every once in a while. Not that she expected him to, but she had grown rather fond of him, and he was very beautiful. She stopped herself before she blushed and tried to keep herself calm.

Helios looked over at her and smiled softly. "I will give her something that no one else could give in the same way. The maiden with the beautiful dream with receive my heart."

The young princess almost cried out in despair, for she knew she had no beautiful dream and thus was unworthy of such a prize. She managed to smile at him though, despite the crumbling of her heart.

"I'm sure she will be very pleased to receive it, Helios. You had better go then if you want to find her soon." The words slipped out before they could be clouded by her inner turmoil.

The smile spread, filling with a kind of glee that was infectious, and had her grinning back, despite the pain in her cheeks. Reaching up, he cupped one thin hand over the horn, which glowed suddenly and brilliantly, but for only a moment before the light receded again, leaving behind a golden crystal that hovered in his palm.

He offered it to Chibiusa, who stared at it in wonder, unsure of what he meant by giving it to her. "No need, for I believe I have already found her. Hello Small Lady, maiden of my beautiful dreams."


Heh, I hope I ended that on a sweet note. I've always been fond of ChibiusaHelios stories, but sadly it doesn't look as if there are many writers for it. le sigh

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