Tea turned around, her tears wetting her cheeks. Her tired blue eyes looked over her surroundings.

"Not like there's much here anyway," she thought.

She was miles away from any civilization, having walked away from the party she was attending. She hadn't really wanted to go in the first place, but her boyfriend had insisted.


"Come on Tea, it'll be fun!" her boyfriend said. He was waiting in the doorway of her apartment, looking annoyed.

"Umm, I really don't know." Tea replied. "I mean, I have a lot to do. My dance performance is coming up and I really need to practice…."

"No Tea," he said forcefully. "I insist." And with that, he grabbed her and pulled her out the door.

End Flashback

"Why did I listen to him? Why did I go? I should have seen that he was just using me! Everybody knew! Everyone except me!" Spinning around, she kicked a trashcan. It fell over, but also resulted in a pain in her foot.

Limping, she started to walk again. It had started to rain and the gentle water droplets mingled with her tears.

Tea had always been one to remember. She remembered everything that had happened to her, the good and the bad. She could remember Duelist Kingdom and Pegasus, Battle City and Marik. She remembered the good times she had spent with her friends and the relationships she had developed. But she also remembered the saddest moments of her life. The day her sister died, the day her parents abandoned her, and now, tonight.

"They all knew. Every single one of them knew that he was cheating on me. Joey knew. Tristan knew. Mai knew. But I just couldn't see it. I couldn't see it because I didn't want it to be true. I was a freakin' idiot!"

Turning down another street, Tea was still in thought. "What's left of my life anyway? My friends mock me, my parents exile me, and now my boyfriend cheats on me. I'm truly alone now. I have no one." Realizing this, Tea's thoughts jumped around to Seto Kaiba. She hadn't seen the CEO since high school, but even when she knew him, he had always been a solitary person.

"And I kept trying to help him. I told him over and over again to lighten up, I tried to teach him to realize that power wasn't everything. That he should get his own life. But he was never really alone," she realized with a shock. "He always had his little brother. He always had Mokuba. And I kept working at it, made it my goal to change him. I should have been worrying about my own life instead. Maybe if I had paid a little more attention to myself, I wouldn't be here right now."

The rain had started to increase, but Tea didn't care. She wandered aimlessly, not really paying attention to where she was going. Crossing the street, she didn't hear the car. She didn't here the loud honking of the horn. Too late, she looked back and saw the car, speeding towards her. Tea's eyes opened in shock. Was her life going to end now?

All the driver saw was a girl, a look of panic on her face. She was a deer, caught in the light. Frantically, he stepped on the brake, already knowing that he wouldn't be able to stop in time.