I don't own Rockstar or GTA or any of the characters mentioned except the ones I made up.

Making It The Hard Way (Perhaps Not Working Title)

It wasn't supposed to be this hard. I've played all the games, seen all the movies, hell, even watched it happen on the news. It starts with petty crime - vandalism, theft - small time stuff, just for the thrill of the adventure or some easy money. For some people that's enough, but for others it becomes an addiction. There's a spark, and it starts a fire. The fire begins to engulf them, and they develop a burning desire to commit serious crimes.

My initial plan was so simple. I pieced it together from a bunch of video games (looking back, maybe I shouldn't have played GTA when I was a kid instead of going to school...). Start small, working as a thug for some corrupt business owner. Just temporarily of course, maybe a couple of months. Then kill him and take over his business. Now all that's left to do is kill a crack dealer, take over his mansion, and develop branches of annoying gang members who constantly call me Mario. Then it's easy sailing...maybe direct some movies, print some counterfeit notes, develop my own little business. Granted there would probably be a few snags along the way (carjacking moving vehicles was the first little annoyance) but I figured I could do it.

I was wrong. I'm in way over my head. On one side I have this corrupt CIA officer with some sort of grudge against...well...everyone, and on the other I have a mafia crime lord trying to get the law enforcement agencies in the palm of his hand. One wrong move either way and I'm dead.