"Deanna what are you doing?" asked her brother Jay as he looked at her with a confused look on his face. "I'm trying to find my certain pair of pants for tonight." replied Deanna as she was throwing her clothes around the hotel room.

"Are these it?" asked Adam as he held up a pair of red leather pants. "Yeah where were they?" asked Deanna as she walked over to her older brother. Adam smiled at his sister. "You asshole, you had them all this time didn't you?" asked Deanna as she grabbed her pants from Adam and slapped his arm at the same time.

"They were in my bag of clothes." replied Adam as he laughed. "Okay Adam if you say so Adam." said Deanna as she laughed. "Adam and I are going to leave for a bit while you get ready." said Jay as he walked towards the door with Adam. "Okay guys I'll see you later." said Deanna as she grabbed a top from the mess of clothes that were throwen around the room.

Deanna got dressed and did her hair then she started cleaning up her clothes, folding them up and placing them back into her bag. Deanna looked at the clock on the night stand beside her bed it read 2:30pm. "I should go and meet up with my brothers before they have a shit fit." said Deanna to herself as she sat on the bed to put on her shoes.

Deanna grabbed her coat and her purse and walked towards the door, as she opened the door, she saw her brother Adam standing there with his hand in a semi fist form as if he was about to knock on the door. "Adam what are you doing here again?" asked Deanna. "I was just coming to see if you were coming yet, since you like taking your sweet time with getting ready, you would be probably be late for your own wedding too." replied Adam as he laughed and put his hand down beside him.

"Adam shut up, I wasn't that long." said Deanna as she stepped out into the hallway, closing the door behind her. "Well, well, well look who decides to get dress and come with us." said Jay as he laughed, walking towards his brother and sister. "I'm glad you two dumbass Canucks find this humorous." said Deanna as she slapped both of her brothers upside their heads.

"Hey watch it." yelled Jay as he tried fixing his hair. "Give me a fucking break William Jason Reso, your hair is short so there is no way your hair is going to be messy, unlike Adam and I who have long hair." said Deanna as she stood with her hands on her hips lookingat her brother Jay and shook her head. "Dumbass Canucks?" asked Adam as he looked at his sister with a questioning look on his face.

"Yeah what's up with that, you're a Canuck too." replied Jay as he looked at his sister too. "Yeah but at least I'm not a dumbass like you two." said Deanna as she laughed. "We beg the differ on that." said Adam and Jay both as they laughed. "Are we just going to keep throwing insults at one another or are we going?" asked Deanna. "We're going." replied Jay as he started to walk towards the elevators. "Come on Adam move your ass." said Deanna as she started to push her oldest brother towards the elevators.