Everyone got out of the SUV to stretch their legs for abit shortly after arriving to a hotel they were going to stay at for the night, which was only an hour or two away from the next city they were going to. Randy and Adam went to go and get some rooms for them while Amy, Deanna, Jay and Trish grabbed some bags out of the SUV. Randy and Adam came back to the SUV to help the others with the stuff that was needed for the night.

"Deanna let me trade you bags." said Adam as he handed over the smaller and much lighter bag to his sister. "I can handle it." said Deanna as she tried to lift the bag so she could carry it on her shoulder. "Holy shit, what the hell is in this bag?" asked Deanna as she quickly dropped the bag and took the bag that Adam offered her. "I told you I trade you bags." laughed Adam as he picked up the bag and placed it over his shoulder. "Adam is that your bag of stuff?" asked Deanna. "Yeah and it also has Amy's stuff in it too." replied Adam as he laughed again. Randy, Amy, Trish and Jay began to laugh also.

"Oh sure laugh it up why don't ya." said Deanna as she started to walk away from the group and headed towards the rooms that they were going to be staying in. "Dee wait up will ya?" asked Randy as he ran after her. "Why?" asked Deanna. Randy just looked at Deanna and shook his head. Randy and Deanna walked up to the door of one of the rooms and waited for the rest to catch up. Adam Jay, Trish and Amy finally made it to the rooms with their stuff in hand. Adam handed Amy the one key so Amy and the other two ladies could go into their room while the guys had the other room. Amy opened the door after she unlocked it and the girls walked into the room and placed their stuff on the floor.

There was a knock on the door and Amy answered it. There stood Adam in just his pants. "Adam what's wrong?" asked Amy curiously. "Nothing I just wanted to see you." replied Adam. Jay came over to see Trish shortly after Adam showed up. Deanna sat on the bed and waited for Randy to show next but he never did so Adam and Jay left to go back to their room to go to bed. Deanna got up off the bed and walked towards the bathroom to get ready for bed. Dee walked out of the bathroom shortly after she walked in. "Deanna you alright?" asked Trish as she noticed Deanna was looking down at the floor like she was lost. "Yeah." replied Deanna as she quickly grabbed her pillow and blanket and laid down on the floor with them.

Trish and Amy just looked at each other with a confused look on their faces. "I think she's upset because Randy didn't come over like Adam and Jay did." whispered Trish quietly so Deanna couldn't hear. "She really loves him." said Amy quietly as she felt sorry for Deanna. "Maybe we should go over and get Randy so she'll feel better." said Trish. "I'll go." said Amy as she got up and walked towards the door and opened it quietly. Amy knocked on the door to the guys' room and Adam opened the door. "Ames, what's up?" asked Adam. "Randy better be up that's what." replied Amy as she looked into Adam's eyes.

"Why?" asked Adam. "Your sister is really upset that Randy never came over to say goodnight like you and Jay did." replied Amy. "Oh shit, I feel really bad now because Jay and I never said anything to Deanna either." said Adam as he walked over to Jay and told him what they forgot to do. Jay looked over at Randy who was sleeping on the couch. "Randy, Randy." called Jay. "What?" asked Randy as he opened his eyes. "You better go next door now." said Jay as he got up off the bed and walked over to where Adam and Amy were standing. Randy finally got up and put on his sweat pants before going over next door.

When Amy opened the door she noticed Trish had been in the shower because it was steamy in the room. "I needed to take a shower to help me sleep." said Trish as she looked up at Amy as she walked into the room. "Adam, Jay and Randy are coming over in a second." said Amy as she sat down on the chair by the door. Adam, Jay and Randy came over shortly after Amy left their room. "Where's Deanna?" asked Adam curiously as he looked over at the couch and noticed she wasn't there. "She's on the floor beside my bed." replied Amy as she pointed towards her bed. Adam walked over to check on her to see if she's okay and asleep. Adam noticed that her eyes were closed so he quietly told his sister that he loved her and kissed her goodnight on the top of her head.

Jay then did the same thing as Adam and left to go back to his room. Randy felt bad that he never came over so he went over to where Deanna was laying on the floor and whispered in her ear that he was sorry and that he loved her. Randy then picked Deanna up in his arms while Amy grabbed Dee's blanket and pillow and carried them to the couch. Randy placed Dee on the couch carefully and covered her up again before kissing her on the cheek. "Make sure to tell her that I was here." said Randy. "We will, goodnight Randy." said Trish. "Goodnight." said Randy as he walked out of the room closing the door behind him.