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Rosette shifted in her bed and stared out her window. Everything was going like usual; everyone was going about his or her business as usual also…everyone except her. Thankfully, Father Remington had bribed Sister Kate into letting her take the day off to relax from past events…

Rosette sighed and hugged her soft pillow, closing her eyes.


There she was, lip to lip with the white haired demon who took her brother away from her and hurt Chrono so bad. Tears were streaming down her face, her eyes black from shock and seeing truth in his words…

"No!" Rosette shouted, rubbing her eyes hard. That was a part of the past now, she had to get over it. Rosette opened her eyes, but instantly closed them, screaming.

Very unlike Chrono, he burst open Rosette's door and went into a defensive position, not even thinking about knocking.

Chrono's crimson gaze circled around the room, before finally landing onto Rosette. He dropped his arms to his sides after seeing no threat and made his way to Rosette, sitting down at the edge of her bed, wiping away her tears that just started to fall.

Rosette breathed in deeply and let it out, looking into the mirror, seeing nothing in it that looked like the white haired demon named Aion.

Chrono, getting worried about Rosette and the fact that she never, and he met never, cried. He waited a few minuets before asking Rosette a question. "Why did you scream Rosette?"

Rosette tore her eyes away from her mirror and looked into Chrono's blood red ones, should she tell him? What if he made fun of her? No. Chrono was the type of person…err…demon that would listen and not make fun of you. Unless he was feeling extremely cocky.

"I thought…I thought I saw him in my mirror." Rosette continued to look into his eyes, afraid of his answer.

Chrono thought for a moment. "Why would you say that?"

Rosette looked at the mirror again.

Chrono then realized what she was talking about. "That kiss he gave you, it means nothing. In fact, I'd be seeing things too if he had kissed me, just I don't think he would kiss a boy." Chrono smiled warmly to Rosette as she laughed at the joke he had just thought up.

"Oh, Chrono! I don't know what I'd do without you!" Rosette stopped laughing and hugged Chrono, glad that he was here.

Chrono squeezed Rosette tightly, leaning into the crook of her neck. Curse him! Darn you Aion! I know all about your mind games. You may try to fool Rosette with Joshua, but you won't be able to fool me!

Just then, Father Remington walked into the room.

Yuan put a hand behind his head, laughing slightly. "So sorry, am I interrupting something?" He smiled as he saw both Rosette and Chrono pull away from each other, blushing furiously.

"N-no!" Rosette stammered, Chrono dove his hands into his pockets and smiled sheepishly.

Yuan gave Rosette a kind smile, slightly filled with worry. "Rosette, you missed breakfast. You never miss breakfast! Aren't you hungry?" Yuan saw Rosette blush again.

"Umm…not really…" She tapped the top of her boot on the ground lightly.

"What? You aren't hungry? No way! Rosette's always hungry!" Yuan grasped Rosette's shoulders and opened her mouth. "Come out demon that is possessing my Rosette! I caught you red handed! You made a mistake when you took over Rosette's body! Rosette is always hungry!"

Rosette started laughing as Father Remington let go of her mouth and smiled again. "I guess I'm a little hungry…"

"Good! I was starting to really believe that you were possessed!" Yuan grabbed Chrono's mini cape around his shoulders and started pulling him out with him. "Chrono and I will go grab you something to eat!"

"What? Let go! Hey!" Chrono put on a look of fake fear on his face as Remington dragged him out.

Rosette continued laughing. Those two! They'll do anything to get somebody to smile! She turned her head to look out her window, her eyes widening.

There was Aion, walking down the marbled stone path. He looked up to her and smiled.

She blinked and rubbed her eyes again, but all she saw of "Aion" was a white haired girl wearing a ponytail heading towards the praying part of the temple.

Stupid brain! Pulling stupid tricks on me! She sighed as she went into her bathroom to get ready.

Father Remington pulled Chrono all the way to the cafeteria before leaving, saying he had classes to teach.

"Feh. Classes, he's probably just too lazy to get Rosette's breakfast himself!" Chrono grabbed what was left from breakfast and placed it on a green tray, thanking the cooks before leaving.

Chrono walked out of the kitchen into the cafeteria, heading towards Rosette's room again. He had to find a way to reassure that kiss Aion gave her was nothing to worry about.

He sighed as he knocked on her door.

Rosette just got out of the shower and had gotten dress, when she heard a soft knock on her door. She smiled seeing Chrono's depressed face. "I see you did get my breakfast after all. Where's Father Remington?"

Chrono sidestepped around Rosette, moving to set the tray down onto the table next to the window. "He had "classes" to teach."

Rosette sat down in one of the table's chairs. "Classes? First period? I don't think so. Father Remington is more of an afternoon type of guy."

"Horse feathers! I knew it!" Chrono sat down on a different chair at the same table, watching as she put the spoon of oatmeal to her mouth. Rosette swallowed and made a look of disgust on her face as Chrono laughed.

A flap of wings could be heard from outside of Rosette's window as they both turned towards the source of the noise.

A crow flew twice around a tree and then flapped it's graceful wings off towards wherever it was destined to go.

Rosette and Chrono let out a sigh of relief, both expecting to see Aion's eagle.

"Hehe…Silly us…we shouldn't get so worked up like that!" Chrono tried his best to smile at Rosette. He couldn't believe it! He had actually believed that he would see Aion's cursed eagle!

Rosette, stiff as a doorknob, also attempted to smile.

"Yeah…not get so worked up…" She sighed as she stood up from the table and sat down on her bed, Chrono sitting next to her.

They sat in an unnerving silence.

Chrono turned his head to look at Rosette, but whimpered slightly when he saw Rosette with tears in her eyes.

"Rosette! You're crying again!" He raised his hand to wipe away the tears, but only to have his hand slapped away from Rosette.

"I know that, Chrono! I know!" Rosette turned her head away, clenching her teeth.

Chrono stared at her. "Why? What's wrong?"


"I know when you're lying Rosette! And you're lying right now! What's wrong? You know that you can tell me!"

Rosette, hearing the truth in his words, turned to face him. "It's…Joshua…"

Chrono bit his lower lip. Joshua. It was always about Joshua. "We'll find him real soon, Rosette. We're doing everything we can."

"I know we are! But that's not it! I wonder…if Joshua…actually likes being with Aion. That picture…that the Puppet Master gave me on the train…Joshua looked so happy in it. I wonder, if I would be as happy as him, with him, if I had gone with Rizel…"

Chrono only stared at her in disbelief, then he rose and stood in front of Rosette, leaning down and putting his hands into hers, giving her a reassuring squeeze.

"I doubt that he is or if he was, Aion somehow tricked him! Why, would you want to go with Rizel? Why? You said so yourself, that we could find him on our own. If you had gone with her, what if it was a trap? What if it was only a ploy to get rid of you? You would be signing your own death sentence…"

Rosette stared into at his crimson irises and then softly whispered, "I already signed my own death sentence…"

Her words hit him hard and he knew what she had meant, she was meaning him. The watch. Her soul. "Rosette, going with Rizel wouldn't have made anything better! You know that you cannot trust Aion! His words are only meant to deceive you! Their only purpose is to trick you! Remember his words to you before he…" Chrono swallowed with disgust. "…kissed you?"


"Rosette, you are aiming your weapon at the wrong person. He is your target." Aion raised his hand towards the sky. "He is your enemy. Not I."

"Rosette! You mustn't listen!" Chrono screamed, shakily trying to stand up.

Aion raised his hand, sending Chrono flying towards him, holding a tight grip on his neck.

"Listen, Jewel Witch, listen, my little Apostle girl." Chrono gasped in his desperate attempt for air, the hold on his neck too tight, struggling to breath. "When has he given you peace? Jewel Witch, has he helped you in your search for the demon who murdered your family? Apostle, searching for peace that you had finally found, only to have it taken all away from you."

Chrono struggled to break out of his grasp. "You should be his enemy. He is the one that you should be fighting, but mortals like you cannot kill him. Right, Chrono? Isn't that why we became branded as Sinners?" And with an end to his words, Aion slashed out his claws, cutting Chrono's throat and sending him to the ground.

"Chrono!" Rosette screamed, running over to her fallen comrade.


Satella clenched her fist and bit hard on her teeth.

"…should work together…" Aion stood up, walking over to the rock that hid Azmaria. "See the disasters that have occurred today as a welcoming to the fold, little Apostle."

Rosette's eyes were wide with fear, shock, and anger. Looking down at Chrono, she actually believed that he might just be…dead…Then she snapped, she couldn't let Aion take Azmaria away from them!

She ran past Aion, stopping in front of him and cocking her gun. Aion only continued to walk towards her, a grin playing on his lips.

"You won't pull the trigger and you know it." Aion stopped inches away from her.

Rosette breathed heavily, then screamed, pulling the trigger along with her. Feathers exploded out from Aion, but other than that nothing happened. He stood his ground, smirking, as if taunting her to try again.

"I won't let you take Azmaria!" She screamed.

"But…you gave me your brother…"

Rosette froze. It was true! It was all true! She did! She could have prevented him from taking Joshua! If only she had been there sooner!

"Ah, poor Rosette Christopher. What I did, saved Joshua!" He clenched his hand around her neck.

Rosette gasped as the lack of air started to affect her, dropping her gun.

"Ro…sette..." Chrono gasped, struggling to rise.

Aion let go of her neck and swirled his finger up to her cheek, caressing her softly. His fingers left her face and down to her shoulders, holding her tightly. His face moved in closer to hers.

"Don't do it, Rosette!" Satella screamed.

He leaned over and pushed his lips roughly over Rosette's lips.

A burst of wind broke out, pushing Aion's and Rosette's hair past their faces, Aion still holding his kiss.

"Get away from her!" Chrono screamed, standing up with slight strain. His eyes glowed a soft red and his fangs were bared. He then started to absorb the miasma around them.

"The miasma…" Satella whispered.

Aion broke the kiss and turned to Chrono. "Yes, Chrono! Spread those Sinner's wings once more!" Aion released his hold on Rosette, sending her falling to the ground.

"Rosette!" Azmaria screamed, running out from her hiding place. "Please, stop! I'll go with you as long as you don't hurt my friends!" Chrono stopped transforming to look at Azmaria with shock.

"Ah, just to be expected from a servant of God. Very well." Aion said with a slight tone of disappointment.

Aion walked towards Azmaria and raised a hand on her shoulder, but as soon as he touched her, he let out a shriek and disappeared in a blinding light.

Azmaria almost fell to the ground, but Satella caught her.

Chrono walked wearily towards Rosette and helped her up. "Do…do you think…that we'll see him again?"

"Yes…that thing…wasn't the real Aion…"


"Yeah…I remember…" Rosette stood up, moving away from Chrono. "But, I found truth in Aion's words! It was all my fault that Joshua was in pain! I let Aion take him away from me! It's all my fault!" Rosette shook, trying not to start crying again.

Chrono rose from his kneeling position and moved towards Rosette. "No, it's not! Aion did this! We did all we could and it didn't work! It's not your fault!"

"You don't understand! You don't understand at all! First, Joshua and I lost our parents, and then I lose Joshua! Now I'm all alone!"

"You aren't alone, Rosette, I'm here. You have me." Chrono smiled, but even he didn't find his words comforting. Who would want to be with after what he had done?

"I know I have you! But I need Joshua! I need him here so that I can hold him, take care of him! That has been my duty all of my life! And if Rizel's words were true, if Joshua really is in pain, then I need to be there for him!" Rosette screamed the last part out, running past Chrono and out of her room.

Chrono raised his hand, but didn't go after her. Maybe she did need Joshua. She had been with him before she and he had even met. He could slightly understand the emotional pain the two siblings were feeling.

Chrono sighed and realized that he should go and try to comfort her. He stepped out of her room, retracing the steps that Rosette took.

Rosette ran long and hard, not knowing where she could or should go. When she finally ran out of breath and stopped, she found herself in the Covenant's courtyard. She looked around and made her way to Chrono's favorite bench that she saw him in ever so often.

She sighed and leaned her head on the cold brick behind her. He didn't understand. She had protected him and taken care of him all her life and if he was in pain, she needed to be there for him! She couldn't live with herself if he were to die.

She closed her eyes for the briefest of moments, only to hear the smoothing voice of Aion.

"Ah, Rosette, Rosette, Rosette…"

She instantly opened her eyes to see the white haired demon in front of her.

"H-how…did you…find me?" She recalled hearing Sister Kate saying that the Magdalene Order was completely demon proof, meaning, demons couldn't come into the boundaries of the Order. But she also remembered that when she had lost her gun to a demon, it had entered the boundaries of the Covenant and had almost killed Rosette.

"Simple. Let's say that I had a friend follow you." He gestured to his eagle circling above him. Suddenly, loud alarms were blaring out into the distance, startling Rosette.

"Ah, there are the alarms." Aion grinned down at Rosette.

"What do you want? You haven't come to get Azmaria again, have you?" Rosette stood up and gained a defensive position, ready to defend the Apostle.

"No. I'll get her later, but for now, I have come for you." He pointed at Rosette.

"M-me? Why? What do you want with me?" Rosette glared at the now laughing demon.

He stopped laughing. "Not me, my dear, Joshua. Joshua, you see has been missing you. And I recall him telling me to retrieve you for him." Rosette went stiff, wide eyed. "He is in pain, from missing you. You don't want him to be in pain, do you?" Rosette shook her head.

This was exactly her problem, she couldn't stand for Joshua to be in pain.

"What…can I do?" She whispered softly.

Aion leaned down till he was about Rosette's height. "Come with me…and you can stop his pain. Come with me, and I will also take away your pain…" Aion stretched out his hand. "Take my hand and you and I shall go to the place where Joshua is…"

Rosette stared intensely at his hand.

Chrono had looked in the cafeteria, Rosette's room again, the other girl's rooms, and even the public bathrooms…used for girls only. Which resulted for him to be hit on the head with various sorts of items and being accused of a pervert.

"Where could she be—" Chrono stopped and held onto his ears tightly when alarms flared next to where he stood. Gasping, he ran away from them until it was safe to uncover his ears.

He tensed and turned around quickly, where was the demon? He made his way past Elder's over grown hut and looked around, spotting his favorite bench.

He gasped, turning his head and opened his mouth in shock.

Aion was standing next to his bench with an outstretched hand, beckoning for Rosette to come forward. And what shocked him even more was that Rosette was walking forward, ready to take his hand.

"Ro…Ro…" Chrono tried to say her name, but couldn't. The fear of losing her made his throat tighten until finally, "Rosette!"

Rosette raised her hand, ready to take Aion's when she heard her name being called. She turned around and see Chrono running at them.

Aion frowned. "Rosette, this is the only way to go to Joshua, and this is your last chance. I can assure you, you will not be able to find him. I will not ask you again. This is the last time I will offer you to come with me."

Rosette turned away from Chrono sadly to face Aion and nodded. Taking his hand.

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