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Satella's eyes didn't leave the road ahead of them. Her gloved hands groped the wheel to the car tightly as she'd tilt it every now and then to keep going in her original straight line. Behind the Jewel Witch's seat, Rosette sat with Chrono; the both of them were out of breath from their narrow escape from the cops.

"You know…I would've said…YOU'LL NEVER CATCH US, COPPERS! But I didn't…" Rosette sighed and leaned back, "Man, I can't believe it! I'm now a wanted person!"

Chrono grinned and leaned back also, "Now you know how I feel…."

"You're pushing your luck, Chrono…" Rosette mumbled, "Satella! Where are we going?"

"Going to my villa here in San Francisco, it'll do us good to find a place to stay anyways." Satella mumbled, her eyes glued to the road ahead.

"Hmm…" Rosette rubbed her temples with her fingers and closed her eyes.

After a minuted or two, Chrono kindly asked, "What are you thinking about, Rosette?"

"Just…how could Joshua attack you like that? And how come he didn't recognize me? It's just so confusing…" Rosette groaned and rubbed a hand through her dirty hair.

Chrono frowned deeply, "That, I do not know. But what I do know is that, your brother loves you deeply and he would never purposely try to hurt you."

Rosette sighed, "I guess…"

Chrono nodded and wrapped an arm around Rosette's neck, "Hey, relax…we'll find out soon…"

Rosette's eyes widened for a brief moment and she gasped out loud.

"What's wrong?"

"Remington! Oh, God! Don't tell me we forgot him!" Rosette looked around frantically, seeing no sign of the Minister.

"Rosette…we haven't seen Remington since we left the area where Joshua was…" Chrono mumbled with a slight tone of sadness.

Rosette frowned deeply as she looked down at her lap, "I hope…I hope Joshua didn't—"

"Joshua would never do a thing such as that, Rosette, and you know it!" Chrono snapped irritably, his eyes softening a bit when Rosette sniffed and looked as if she were to start crying. "Rosette…please don't cry, I hate it when you cry…"

"Your right, Chrono…what vile thing could ever make me think that Joshua would do such horrid thing?" She wiped hastily at her eyes. "Hopefully will find him soon, then we'll be together again!"

Satella frowned and for the first time, took her eyes off the road. She slowed the car speed down and pulled off to the side of the road, parking it there.

"What's wrong Satella?" Chrono asked.

Satella turned around so that she was now facing the small, purple haired demon and the blonde nun, "I don't think so…that boy seemed possessed for an odd reason. Chrono, Rosette, I don't think we should be looking for him if he wants to kill us."

"Joshua does not want to kill us!" Rosette snapped, glaring at the red head in front of her.

Satella glared back at her, "What do you think he almost did to Chrono? He broke his arm and was going to kill him if you and that Minister didn't come along! Rosette, face it! Your brother's a demon!"

Rosette's fist shifted as she resisted the strong urge to not punch Satella. Chrono looked down and saw her hand tremble.

"Satella, I don't think that Joshua would do that…he did break my arm, but that's all, I don't think he would go so far as to kill me." Chrono mumbled, resting his hand atop of Rosette's.

"I don't know Joshua or what his personality was like back then, but I do know that if a human child were to possess extraordinary powers such as the demonic horns he holds, he could lose his mind!" Satella looked as if she wanted to say more, but she stopped there.

Rosette couldn't hold it in any more, "My brother is not some murderous demon, so stop talking about him as if he were one! I know my brother would never, never, kill a person!" She opened her door to the car and got out, slamming it in the progress.

Chrono glanced wearily at Satella and got out of the car, following after Rosette, "Rosette! Where are you going?"

"I'm going to find my brother!" She shouted, walking at a swift pace.

"We don't know where he is! Rosette, please, don't be hasty!" Chrono grabbed onto Rosette's arm, stopping her for the moment.

"Chrono, let go! I need…I need to find him!" Rosette tugged at her arm, but found that no one was holding onto her. Turning around, she saw Chrono staring at the tall form of her brother…

"Are you looking for me…?" Joshua asked, tilting his head slightly.

Rosette nodded slowly, her shock froze her entire body.

Chrono frowned and pulled back to be by Rosette's side, incasing his hand within Rosette's.

Joshua watched Chrono's actions with a dull interest, taking his eyes off the purple haired demon, he grinned slightly at the blonde nun before him. "It's you…I dream about you all the time, you know…"

Rosette stayed silent. She felt her heart reach up to her throat, making her feel suddenly very dehydrated.

"But somehow…I don't have a clue who you are…" Joshua stepped forward and held a hand lightly on her cheek, rubbing it soothingly.

Chrono issued a small growl as he squeezed Rosette's hand tighter, but with shock, Rosette let go of his hand and fell upon Joshua's chest.

It was an odd sight to be seen. The older sister, Rosette, was shorter than the younger brother, Joshua. It looked as if Joshua should have been the older sibling. Joshua smiled warmly as he rubbed Rosette's back calmingly as the nun cried into his chest.

She sniffed as her tears slowed down, "Joshua…do you…do you know where Remington is? Please tell me that you do! Please tell me that you didn't kill him!"

Joshua cocked an eyebrow up, "Remington? Who's he?"

"That…Minister you were fighting with two days ago…his name was Father Remington. And now he's missing, do you know where he is?" Rosette frowned when Joshua shook his head.

"You know…I find it odd to see myself talking to a girl I don't even know and already feel that I have deep feelings for you…" Joshua muttered. His face slid up against Rosette's cheek, rubbing her softly with his own face.

Rosette shivered slightly, "Joshua…?"

Joshua didn't answer as he breathed in heavily, "Your aroma…it's so beautiful…I can get most easily lost in it…"

"Joshua….do you even know who I am…?" Rosette didn't push back away from Joshua when he leaned down closer.

"Yeah…you're the beautiful girl from my dreams…you haunt them every night with your overwhelming precense…" Joshua slumped even farther against Rosette, until his knees buckled in.

Rosette gasped and caught him, sinking slowly to the ground with him. Raising his head into her lap, Rosette gently pushed the bangs out of his eyes and felt his forehead, "Chrono…Joshua has a fever…"

Chrono nodded and sat down next to Rosette, "Rosette…I don't like the way he was looking at you…it seemed as if he wanted to…" Chrono didn't finish his sentence for Joshua started mumbling some words.

"Rosette…help…I can't…find my way back…where…are you…? Horns…I can't remember…please help me remember…" Joshua's face was overly flushed with a warm heat as his cheeks were colored lightly pink.

"Joshua needs to lay down, lets take him somewhere where he can get some rest." Rosette pushed the boy up to his feet and hung his arm loosely around her neck.

Satella stepped out of her car from watching the previous scene and gestured in. "Put him in…he can stay the night at my villa…"

"Satella? Are you sure?" Rosette pushed Joshua gently into his seat and buckled his seat belt for him.

"Yes, Joshua posses the horns of a demon, but that doesn't mean that he isn't human. I think you only need him to remember you, that's all. I'm sorry, Rosette…for ever judging your brother…" Satella hung her head low.

Rosette smiled, "It's okay, Satella, I'd be thinking the same thing if I were in your position…"

Chrono got into the back seat with Joshua as Rosette and Satella took up the front. The red haired Jewel Witch restarted the car and drove off towards her villa.

The Minister's hazy eyes slowly opened as he found himself once more plunged into darkness. "H-hello?" He called out in a hoarse voice, but there was no respond.

Father Remington flexed a hand held high above him, finding even that too painful to do. Sighing slightly, the Father shivered from the cold of the damp room.

Sometime later, the door opened and a tall man wearing all white entered the room. Grinning slightly, he kneeled down to the half awake Minister, placing a hand on Remington's chin; he turned it around slightly, as if examining him.

"Who…are you?" Remington gasped out, shivering again from something besides the cold.

The man let out a satisfied snort and stood up, clapping lightly, a light switched on. "I am the Beginning and the End, my friend. And soon to be ruler of Earth and Heaven together."

"Aion…" Remington finished off.

The Sinner called Aion nodded and took a seat in a nearby chair, "Correct. Tell me, do you know where our little friend Joshua went?" He tapped his slightly clawed fingernails on his leg, patiently waiting for Remington's response.

"I have no idea…" Remington muttered, his eyes slowly closing.

Aion nodded and stopped his tapping, "Looks as if Joshua had fun tormenting you…" The demon stated, nodding slightly as he pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

"I guess you should know that better than I, since I cannot see my own self…" Remington mumbled weakly, nodding his own head.

Shifting from his seat, Aion stood up and cut Remington loose from his chains. "Go."

Remington fell to the ground, his hands searing with cut markings and old blood. "You're…letting me go this easy?"

"I have no need for you and nor does Joshua. But let me warn you, try to get in my way like last time, and I will kill you." Aion stalked fiercely out of the room, his aura demanding attention in his swift like manner as he slammed the door shut tightly.

Remington watched him leave as in mere seconds, he was gone.

Chrono eyed his broken arm. The damn thing refused to heal as fast as it would when he was in his full form. He'd give or take another day before he could count on it being useable again. He'd need it too…

The demon glanced at the sleeping boy next to him. Joshua…he looked so much older than Rosette. It would be hard to tell any stranger that Rosette was the eldest of the two.

Joshua gasped quickly, his eyes snapping open and shuddered. Chrono tensed up, but the sudden movement passed and the boy was peacefully asleep again.

Rosette worriedly looked behind her, "What happened?'

"Joshua just woke up…but I think he's asleep again…" Chrono nodded and closed his own eyes, grasping onto his broken arm tightly.

"Does it hurt?"

Chrono opened one eye, "Nah…it just tingles in a funny way, that's all…"

Rosette laughed, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"That's exactly what I mean." Chrono smiled at the sight of Rosette laughing, it always cheered him up when he saw the blonde nun laughing.

But her laughter ended when Satella slammed on the breaks, sending the car into a spin and slowly tilting it onto two wheels on it's left side, flipping the whole thing over.

Rosette let out a small cry of pain and Satella whimpered slightly from the impact of the flipped over car.

Joshua was still sleeping, causing Chrono to enter a world of panic. "Rosette!" He looked nervously at Rosette and then back to her brother. Satella kicked her door open and scrambled out quickly.

Chrono clambered out of the car also, heading towards Rosette's door and trying to open it, only to find it sealed shut. "ROSETTE!"

Running around the car, Chrono crawled through Satella's side and saw Rosette slightly crushed in by the car's collusion with the ground. The blonde had a small trail of blood running down her face and had one arm a complete and utter bloody mess.

Chrono growled slightly and pushed up at the car's door, ignoring the pain in his broken arm. Kicking out swiftly, he managed to break open the nun's door and push her out with his good arm.

Rosette opened her eyes slowly and gasped slightly. Her hazy vision soon cleared and saw the car suddenly catch on fire. Near her, she saw Chrono climb out of the car and run over to her slowly, Satella besides him.

"Rosette…blah…blah, blah…" Chrono's words faded out from her hearing as her eyes slowly narrowed.

Joshua was still in the car.

Screaming loudly, Rosette pushed past Chrono and grabbed onto Joshua's door handle, pain shacking through her body as it screeched open with an agonizing slowness. Rosette buried her hands inside of the car and wrapped them around Joshua.

The sandy blonde teenager's eyes opened slightly, the whites only showing of his normally blue irises.

Rosette cried out as she struggled to pull the boy out. Suddenly realizing her fault, Rosette rested her hand on Joshua's lap and fumbled with his seat belt. The flames of the car licked at her crumbling form as she unleashed Joshua and pulled him out as fast as she could with her wounded arm.

The blonde nun managed to tug him all the way out, but couldn't move any farther than that.

Chrono was about to say something, but Satella interrupted him. The small demon nodded, as if understanding Satella with a simple glance into her eyes, and picked up Rosette and ran opposite of the flaming car. Satella pulled Joshua with her as she followed him.

Just when they got far enough, the car exploded.

Chrono heaved a big sigh as he set Rosette down slowly, "Rosette, are you alright—"

Rosette only hissed slightly and slapped him. Chrono's eyes widened as he stared down at Rosette in confusion.

"What was that for?"

"Did you not even think about Joshua? He could have died, Chrono! You should have gotten him first!" Rosette pushed away from Chrono and watched as Satella set Joshua slowly down.

The boy had his own wound on his cheek and part of his arm had been scraped off, his blonde hair ruffled slightly. Rosette swooped down to his side, "Joshua! Please wake up…"

She touched his face gently and smiled when Joshua did wake up. "…Why are you crying?" He asked softly.

"Bec-because I thought you died stupid!" Rosette cried out, sniffing slightly as she rubbed hastily with her worn out sleeve at her eyes.

"Why do you care…so much for me when I can't even remember who you are?" Joshua frowned slightly as he touched Rosette's face.

Rosette sniffed again before answering, "Joshua, I'm your older sister! It's my job to care about you more than anything else in the world…"

Rosette's words seemingly hung in the air as Chrono felt a strong twinge in his heart. His crimson gaze lowered down to his chest as he grasped tightly at the cloth that hung around it. Why did her words hurt him so much? It shouldn't. No. Chrono knew that Rosette loved Joshua more than anything else on Earth, and he would always come first to her, so why did it hurt so much when he heard it come from her own mouth?

"You're my…sister?" Joshua laughed slightly, "Small world after all?" He grinned slightly as his eyes drooped.

"Joshua…are you…hurt?" Rosette asked in a panicked voice.

"Nah…just…really…tired…" Joshua shut his eyes as his soft breath tickled gently at Rosette's neck.

"Oh…okay…then…" Rosette sat back, calming herself from her worked up form and sat cross legged on the grass, "Satella…what made you go and do that?" She asked softly.

"There was…there was someone in the road…" At this, Satella was alert again and looking wildly around.

Chrono joined in too, "I don't see anybody…"

"But…I saw a man standing right in the middle of the road—" Satella was cut off when she was suddenly flung back a few feet and hit a street sign, falling limply to the ground.

"SATELLA!" Chrono cried out, turning around to see a pair of violet eyes staring straight at him. Chrono gave out a swift cry and jumped back a few feet, looking down to see Rosette gone along with Joshua.

"My, Chrono…jumpy today, aren't you?" Aion laughed out as two floating figures formed behind him; Joshua and Rosette.

"Let them go, Aion, or you will pay dearly!" Chrono hissed out angrily, eyeing the two floating forms of his friends.

"But, they want to come with me, don't you?" Aion gestured to the two siblings behind him.

Joshua awoke again and grinned with his tired eyes, "Aion! You're back! I thought you'd never come and find me." He happily stared at Rosette's limp form beside him, "Rosette, this is Aion! He's here to help us!"

Rosette looked up from her pained expression and nodded, her head returning to look limp.

"Rosette!" Chrono cried out, running towards the glowing light surrounding her, but only got shocked in the process, "Aion! Let her go!"

"I'm sorry, but Rosette wishes to be with her brother." Aion snapped his fingers and the two siblings were gone, "But I'll stay with you…"

Aion stepped forward, only resulting to Chrono backing away wearily.

"Chrono…you've grown quiet bothersome…it's time you've been eliminated from my threat list." Aion cracked his knuckles and grinned eerily.

"I don't think so, Aion." Chrono growled out, picking up a stick besides him.

Aion threw back his head and laughed, "Do you think you can harm me in that pitiful human state your in now?" The white haired demon slowly adjusted his glasses and lowered his hand to point at Chrono.

Chrono gasped in surprise when the stick he wielded snapped in two.

"You can't beat me Chrono…no. The only way you could is to take your precious little contractor's life away." Aion stepped forward ominously, "But you wouldn't do that to dear Rosette Christopher…would you?"

The small purple haired demon grimaced as he backed away nervously. "Wh-what are you going to do to her?"

Aion stopped, mere inches away from Chrono. "She…will…become…mine…" Aion laughed out when Chrono's crimson eyes widened in shock and anger.

"I won't let you have her, Aion! You have taken everything away from me before, but not now! I will never let you touch her and get away with it!" Chrono threw a punch at Aion, but was astounded by the force of the barrier set up around the tall demon, blocking Chrono from touching him.

The arrogant demon before Chrono stood up straight and snorted, "I'll let you in on a little secret, my dear brother. I'm not going to kill you in a way you might think. No…" Aion grinned as he held out his hand in front of Chrono's chest. "…You, as well as Rosette, will both be mine."

Chrono fell to the ground in a sudden thunder in his chest as he coughed out blood. "Don't…you…dare tou…ch…her…A…i….o…n…." Chrono's eyesight fell dim as the last thing he saw was Aion's taunting grin.


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