Okay, this is a silly idea I came up with. Seeing as we'll basically NEVER see Harm and Mac DATE on the show, It would be fun to see what would happen if they did date. Some of these will be cheesy, humorous. Let's face it, Harm and Mac can't do anything the easy way, why would dating be any easier?

For fun, I am starting with Harm's POV, chapter 2 will be Mac's POV and on ward with that order. I don't know how many I am going to write, thus far I have three chapters. This is a bit of a muse for me, ideas that would be lost in big stories, but give me better ideas for other stories. I hope that makes sense. ;)

Enjoy! And have a good weekend!


Title: The Fine Art Of Dating
Author: Jackie
Summary: Takes place during Season 10. If Harm and Mac can't do anything the easy way, imagine what their dates must be like – Harm and Mac Romance/Humor

Part 1 – Hey Beautiful!

"Hey beautiful!" The moment those two words come out of my mouth I feel like grabbing the envelope opener off of my desk and stabbing myself. Mac's just walked into my office and has this look of, what has to be, confusion on her face. It's not like I've never complemented Mac on how good she looks, but a) this is the office, b) I'm still giving her that 'space' thing and c) only once have I said it with such. .umph! Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't mean it, but in the delicate stage of our relationship, I am not sure she could handle it. "I ah. . .well. . .uh." Duh, yep, good move Hammer! Fluster your way out of this, Mac's already looking at me like she's about to grab my stapler and staple me to death. "Uh, well what I meant. . .I didn't mean. . I didn't mean for it to come out." I try a charming smile slash chuckle, but it really comes out like a snort. God help me.

Mac's eyebrow does that. . .that. . .well, it does that Mac eyebrow thing. You know? When she raises her left eyebrow up in question. It's cute, really it is, though, right now, I am not so sure if I should start thinking about Mac's cuteness. Well, yea, okay, I can think about Mac's cuteness because, I admit it, I am smitten. "I kinda liked it." She says and my whirlwind of pointless thoughts stops abruptly. She liked it? Wow, we'll I'll be a monkey's uncle. "I liked it a lot." She adds with emphasis as her eyebrow comes down and this stunning smile takes place. I find myself catching my breath. Have I mentioned yet that I am smitten? Yep, that is me, Harmon Smitten Rabb Junior.

Making a wondrous transition from my stumbling, bumbling, thinking to my more cockier self, I offer her, what I know is a smile she can't resist. Well, I hope she can't resist because, to be honest, I am not too sure that smile does anything to Mac. Still, I have to give it a try, she can't be totally immune! "If you liked it so much, maybe I should use it more often?"

Did I say smitten? Scratch that, when Sarah MacKenzie looks at me that way, it reminds

me that I am in love. Totally, completely, insanely, in love. Now what to do about that?

Is she going to jump into the challenge or back away like we usually do? The ball is and has been in her court. "Maybe you should. . .So what are you up to this weekend?" That question would have normally been out of left field, the type that would take you out of the game, but there is something in the timbre of her voice that's calling me like a moth to a flame.

"I was going to head to Blacksburg, teach Mattie how to fly 'Sarah', but she has plans with Tom." It's a bit sad to see that, after I spent so much time with the girl, I had to go back to status quo. But, I learned a lot from Mattie. Well, maybe not learned, but it showed me that there was nothing wrong with telling people how you feel. Now, the problem is that I feel so much for the woman across from me and I am not entirely sure how to tell her without making her run off.

Though I knew she was busy, Mac still took the time and interest in the aspects of my life. She sat down in one of the guest chairs and teased. "With our without poachers?"

"Hah. . . without, thank you. I am getting too old for harrowing experiences, besides I need a Marine not a teen to survive them." I waggle my eyebrows at her and decide to clarify that whole 'Marine' thing. "By that, I mean this beautiful, female Marine I just so happen to be partnered up with for nine years." Her eyes are locked onto mine, and I swear, we don't need words, the way we're looking at each other is enough to melt the polar icecaps. Her eyes dance alive when I suggest, "You know, this is a long weekend, I'm still planning on heading on up, taking 'Sarah' for a spin. . . wanna come?"

Mac holds this charming smile for a total of. . .of, well seconds, I guess, (She'd be able to tell you exactly how long) before those gorgeous brown eyes of hers settle down to the floor. Uh-oh. "Uh. . .I'm not too sure about that."

"You have my word as and an officer and a gentleman that I will check the whole plane. Scrutinize every inch of it. And when we do get in the air, I will not do a single aerobatic move unless you order me to." I grin at her and notice the wheels in her head are spinning, could I actually be winning Ms. MacKenzie over? Really, I am dying to fly with her again, it's been years, but I can still hear her laughter over the headset. If anything, I just want to see her smile more often, laugh again like she used to. I miss it, terribly so.

"Can I get that in writing?" She gives me a smile, a full bright, Sarah MacKenzie smile and suddenly my heart soars.

Pointing at my computer I nod. "Yep, give me a few minutes and I'll type up a contract with legal jargon and all. . . So is that a yes?" Please let it be a yes. Please let her say yes!

But, something falters, I am not getting the yes I am looking for. "I don't know Harm. . ."

Okay, so, she shot me down, but I am still leaving an opening for her. "Okay, but if you ever get tempted, let me know. . .The offer doesn't come with an expiration."

"Okay. ." She says, the stands and starts to head towards the door. "I better get back to work before they send out a search party." Mac makes it out the door and split second later, I see her turn on her heel, walk back into the office and close the door behind her. She has this look of determination, a new fire that's been fueled and I am suddenly wondering if I did anything wrong. "Why don't you fight me?"

"Excuse me?" Out of the many possible things I expected her to say to me, that really wasn't it. Talk about coming out of left field.

"This whole. . ." She raises her hands to make a point then the words falter completely. Okay, somehow I've managed to make her flustered? Must be my lucky day! "This. .PASSIVE version of you is. . .is. . .well it's pissing me off." She says in a tone that could be considering yelling.

I know I have this completely blank look on my face and honestly, I think it's pissing her off even more. But, the woman has literally left me floating out at sea without a raft. I have, nothing to say.

"SEE what I mean! Since when the hell are you so damned compliant?" She yells, exasperated and then starts pacing my office like a caged animal. A cute, caged animal. Cute? Keep on track here, Harm.

"I'm sorry?" The words escape timidly from my lips. I am not entirely sure what the hell I did wrong, if I did anything wrong.

Luckily for me, Mac's intent on spelling it out. Well, yelling it out. "I tell you it's too soon and. . . you backed off."

Okaaaaay? Did she not say it was "too early" that she'd come to me? "I thought you wanted me to back away?"

"I didn't. . . well I did but. . ." She stops abruptly, then slides into the seat across from my desk as if she hadn't just gone wild a second ago. Mac doesn't look at me, merely settles her gaze to her fingers which are playing with her nails. I am wondering what happened from the moment she walked in 'til now. "Funny, when I told you that it was too soon, it was kinda like you not being able to let go that night in Sydney Harbor."

"Mac. . .I"

"I guess I pushed you to them."

Them? Okay, confused again thanks! I am not too sure I want to know what she's referring to but, okay, I'll bite. "Them who?"

"Professor Montes. . .Dr. Elgin. . .Whoever has come and gone since I had you back off." There is something in her eyes, a pain put there by misinformation. Well, in this case it's no information.

There are a few points I need to clarify. "Professor Montes and I never went out Mac. . .I mean, we went to dinner but with one of her students. . .That dinner, at my place, was also about work."

Suddenly she has this look of disgust and I am not sure if it's at herself or at me. "Just work?"

I nod. "Yes. . . And Dr. Elgin. . ."See, I was very much pleased to see Mac showing some interest in Inez's attempt at flirtation. I know I was smiling smugly at that little hint of jealousy. So sue me? At least I knew that she still was interested. But, during dinner, as Inez and I discussed some aspects of our life, we fell on the topic of Jordan. Apparently, she and Inez talked a lot about me. And by a lot, Jordan had mentioned a very attractive friend of hers who had a crush on me. At first, I thought Inez was referring to herself until she mentioned that said friend was a woman that worked with me at the time, a Marine Major. I choked on the wine I was sipping, some of it even came out of my nose when Inez grinned up at me and simply said. 'How long have you been in love with Colonel MacKenzie?' I wanted to bolt at that moment, from the embarrassment of it all. I tried to non-chalantly shrug it off, but Inez was intent on calling me out on it. There was one thing though, a miniscule thought that had me worried from the time our main course arrived and even until this day. What if Mac had plans with someone else? Worse yet, a male someone else? " . . .when we sat through dinner all I could think was what you were doing. . .Better put, who you were doing it with."

Mac's mouth opens and closes a few times and a rather lovely shade of pink appears on her cheeks. I figure she's going to attack me for that last comment, but she, instead tries to make a hasty retreat. "Oh. . okay then. . ."

She's got the door half open, when I decide to make some sort of stand. "Do you want me to fight?" Direct hit! Mac's now closed the door again and spun around so fast she must have whiplash. She is staring at me with a look of confusion. I move around my desk, slowly, hoping I won't scare her away. "You once told me that my interest in you fades and that is not true. . .I've always been interested in you, Mac. . . Always." Her eyes are looking at me with a vulnerability I've never ever seen in her before. The walls around her are crumbling slightly, while it might be a good thing for other people, I am afraid that being so defenseless would make her run. God knows we can't let our relationship take another hit. "Mac, I'll wait. . . as long as you want me to, I'll wait. . .but I need to know what I am waiting for. . . that you aren't suddenly going to run off somewhere. . .or worse. . .to someone else."

Her look softens and all that apprehension is replaced by a smile that lights up my whole office. "Maybe you don't have to wait anymore?" Her voice is so low and wispy that my brain can't help but believe this is what she would sound like in bed. Woah! Get that mind out of the gutter.

"Go out with me tonight." I cringe slightly realizing that it was more of a demand than a suggestion or even a question. Not good.

Mac raises her cute little brow in a challenge. She's going to let me have it and I am actually looking forward to it. "You caveman, me cavewoman?" She says in this deep voice that has me holding my laughter in so much that it comes out in machine gun burst of snorts.

This, of course, makes her start laughing at me and I suddenly want to crawl under my desk and shoot myself. "Yea, make fun of the sailor, whydontcha?"

"You're so cute when you get all red and flustered." Hmmm, she defiantly didn't mean to say that, because, by the look of shock on her face, she's gonna try to back peddle. I heard that MacKenzie! Loud and clear.

My ego goes up a few notches (difficult, I know, considering my pilot ego is already sky high, haha!) and I grin unabashed at her. "So I am cute?"

"Oh you know you are." She doesn't even force that out, instead she teases me. "Just don't let that go to your head, Commander. If your ego inflates anymore, the two of you won't fit in this office."

We laugh again and just as quickly things are weird. "Let's try this again. . ." I rock on my heels and decide to try again. "Mac, will you go to dinner with me tonight?"

"Business dinner, friendly dinner or date dinner?" Oooh, I knew she wouldn't make this easy.

"Date. . ." I toss casually as I make my way over to my desk and slide into my chair. "By the way, dress nice."

"How nice? Formal nice? Casual nice? Some people consider my cowboy pajamas to be nice." There is a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

And although those cowboy jammies are nice. . .well, cute actually, "Casual nice, maybe a simple dress, or skirt and a nice top." I offer, as my mind takes a trip down all of the different outfits I've seen my partner in. I am tempted to suggest that afterwards I would like to see her in those cowboy jammies, but I bite my tongue, it's a little too soon to be thinking about spending the night.

"Pick me up at eight?"

"Sounds good to me." Mac has this dazzling grin as she, for the millionth time today, reaches for my door. Before she has a chance to make it out I call out. "And don't forget those comfortable shoes."

"You better believe I won't, flyboy." Mac nearly careens into Sturgis as she walks out of my office. Apparently I am not the only cute thing that is flustered around here.

For the rest of my day I literally get nothing done as I sift through the phone book trying to select a casually nice place to take Mac. I sit back in my chair, propping my feet up on my desk as my hands settle behind my head. "Ah, dinner with Mac tonight." And in a second flat, I launch myself out of the chair. In my daydreaming, I've totally not caught on that it's five past quitting time. As I shove papers into my briefcase, a thought trails through my mind. "Dinner with Mac! What am I going to wear?"