The Smash Wars: Quest for the 12!

Author note: this is a SSB fic!

Disclaimer: I will only say this here: I DO NOT OWN ANY NINTENDO CHARACTERS!


In the grim darkness a hero has always stepped forward to defeat a great evil. Peace and prosperity has spread throughout the land. And only a few have chosen to do evil. But it is there purpose. There purpose cannot be denied for it was that purpose alone that built them to what they are now. A computer had decided their purpose. That computer created them as bits of data. When they would "die" the computer would just run the back up data. There the computer would decide what features the bit of data would keep. Would he/she/it remember their agonizing defeat? Would that defeat make them more powerful? And so they would be reincarnated as another program.

One of the least known bits of data was from the Great War. A war that slowly began to decapitate the bits of data that they were, filling them with artificial malice. None knew how it began, and only knew of how it ended. Some say that the Great War started at the beginning of time, some spent their whole lives searching for how it began. But everyone knew that it ended with twelve warriors rising up above others and ending the fighting.

After the war the computer saw that they were fighting machines and in one desperate attempt to rebuild paradise the computer fragmented each of their data and took out the fighting programs that was programmed in to them. From that she created a weapon known as the N-Sword. She (the computer) then split it up in to 4 different parts. The NES Sword, The SNES Shield, The N-Blaster and the Cube Cannon. Each item contained the power to destroy planets, and rivaling the previous weapon's power, if not surpassing it.

Purity was restored and nothing was able to bring back the data on the first of the Great Wars. The computer guided the data on to the path of good but soon faced the fingertips of programmers that also made evil creatures. But they could be contained, and paradise continued to grow.

But unknown to most: there was a fifth item created. One with the power to destroy the four other items. The 12 great warriors, the highest of the generals in the Great War, set out to find and destroy the new item. And through the combined strength of everyone they were able to overpower the fifth item. But at a cost, in order for them to succeed they had to make a new weapon. Harnessing the power of the new weapon they sealed both themselves and the fifth item inside a different realm.

The computer was saddened by this and tried to find the great warriors data, but to no avail. Soon she fell into despair and found the weapon that the 12 had made. Harnessing the power of the weapon she entered the dimension, and found the 12's lifeless bodies. Her heart was filled with despair, and the dimension's darkness corrupted her, and the weapon was then corrupted.

Exiting from the dimension with the 4 original weapons, she used what was left of her hope, love, and other light attributes to fuse the weapons into the N-Sword once again. Leaving the N-Sword sealed away she left the world to evolve, and nurture by itself. Little did she know what would happen next.

Slowly the N-Sword became legend and legend became myth. The N-Sword was doomed to be forgotten.

Years later a small boy who was climbing in the mountains found the N-Sword and was decimated by the energy that the N-Sword released. Once again the N-Sword became known to the virtual world. But among the virtual populace was an evil. He raced on to acquire it. But when he got to the chamber where it was held there was a barrier where only those who don't want to wield it for evil desires, could enter. This severely hampered his plans.

The evil decided to wait so that maybe a hero pure of heart could enter, but he became old and decrepit. He put aside the quest for the N-Sword and quickly looked for a way to gain his former youth and then one day the answer came to him, in the form of an old man.

"So you want to be young again?"


"Well I know of a way to revive you from the dead so that you are eternally young… it's just a little... well... complicated!"

"I don't care!" the evil said. His goal was clear to him. He wanted the N-Sword, and not even death would get in his way.

"Fine… once you die you must bathe your soul in the darkest corners of hell and from their you will need to gain energy from the shadows. From that point on you will be immortal, and then you must break out of the spiritual realm!"

The evil died about a month later and he followed the old mans advice. He bathed in the darkest corners of hell. There he was scorched, burned, and branded by evil, it made him stronger, and wiser. But when he returned to the planet where he once thrived on he found that 7000 years had passed and that his form which he now possessed was only a mere right hand. His power was great and there he made a vow.

"I will obtain the N-Sword if it is the last thing I do!"

He began to research all he could about the origin of the Great War, and soon he found out about the final battle. How two other items were made. The first weapon was codenamed "The Revolution", and the second weapon was known as the Seal of Smash. Deep inside the seal was the key to the revolution, and so the hand set out to find the Seal of Smash… And it was on that day that the next Great War had truly begun once again.