Epilogue: Crimson skies

Link was lying back on the grass, looking at the sunset on Lake Hylia. There the sky was crimson. Off in the distance was the sound of a horse galloping towards the lake. It slowly became louder and louder until it was right behind him. Link looked behind him and saw Mario on top of the horse and he jumped off.

"So here you are!" Mario said. "We have talked with Princess Zelda, and you are to come to the Mushroom Kingdom to see if we can get back your memories."

"I see," Link said happily smiling. "It's been quite a while since I've had an adventure."


The darkness continued to swirl. Around it 3 figures came, each varying in size, and concealed mostly in the darkness. "The first Master has failed!" A shaky voice laughed, his voice going from soft to loud almost uncontrollably. Slowly the darkness was reconstructing itself into Master Hand.

"You failed!" A second voice said, this one scratchy and deep. "The twelve defeated you and the first Smash war is over!"

"Forgive me" Master Hand's voice pleaded. "Give me another chance, and I know I will defeat them."

"No!" The second voice shouted out. "We will now have to wait 3 years to regain our former strength, because of your stupid actions! And without the Seal of Smash at our side things can only get much harder!"

"And we must take into consideration that they know of us now!" the first voice laughed. "They will be on the look out! Our moves will have to be more cautious! You will be punished severely for this brother!"

Master Hand just laughed. "There is still one shard from the smash crystal out there! If you give me the resources I can locate it!"

"What good will one shard do?" The fourth voice said. "Besides we saw what you did with our previous resources!"

"There is still some good that can come out of it…" Master Hand quivered. "You see the seeds have been sowed for the next Smash War!" He regained his composure and faced his superiors, "all ready everything is changing, Link has reverted to his younger self, and other beings that were inside me have begun to change as well. Ash is now the young trainer Red, and May is the ruthless battler Sapphire!"

The leader curled his lip, not knowing what to say. "I'll let you live for now!" He said. "We will meet again in 3 weeks so we can discuss how bad the damage is! If you avoid this meeting I will personally hunt you down and kill you!" With that the other three disappeared while Master Hand was left alone pondering.

"How did I survive?" He asked himself. "Even the regeneration ability was gone after the Master Sword separated us that can only mean… No!"

In the darkest corner of the Shadow Temple, there lied a person not wanting to be found, in his hands was a dagger that he had stabbed him self with several times all ready only to his dismay to be unharmed. "Where am I?" He muttered. A glowing sword was placed against his shoulder.

"Who are you?" the person who held the sword asked.

"Me? My name is The Melee Master the guardian of the N-Sword, and yours?"

"My name is Link!"

The End…

FINALLY DONE!!!1111!!111! Ok… now onto the next story, which I began writing a bit during this story so hopefully, I don't have those long breaks like I did in here… Sigh… I thought this day would never come! Cries Hopefully I'll start the next story in the New Year.