Bubbles Meets the Purple Dragon

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rating: PG for um… cruel humor.

Summery: Bubbles meets a purple dragon. Um… that's it…

Disclaimer: I don't own the Powerpuff Girls. I do own the purple dragon however.

LES: Oh My God! I've branched out! To all my Jak and Daxter fans: This is a one time deal that I wanted to post. To everyone else: I found this little story about a week ago in my black hole of a closet. I think this was written four years ago, back when I watched 'The Powerpuff Girls.' I don't watch it anymore, but I'm like, 'What the heck.' I looked at it and said, 'Oh, how cute.' Then I thought of and I thought, 'What the heck!' So, here it is! Warning: Very short!

The City of Townsville! It was a beautiful spring day! The flowers were blooming, the birds were singing, and Buttercup was making fun of Bubbles again.

"Sissy! Sissy! Sissy!" Buttercup yelled as Bubbles tried to play with Octy. Finally, Bubbles got upset.

"I'm going!" She yelled as she took out the window towards the park. Buttercup didn't follow her and Blossom was too busy reading.

Bubbles landed in the park and sat crying for hours. But, soon, she recovered and she began to walk around the park. Soon, she heard the sound of crying coming from a very large bush. And Bubbles, being addicted to helping people, went to see what was wrong. Inside the bush was a huge, very, very, very, very fat purple dragon.

(A/N: My faithful Jak fans, think Krew times five or six. Everyone else: Think as fat as humanely possible!)

"What's wrong, purple dragon?" Bubbles asked. "Why are you crying?"

The dragon sniffed and looked down on Bubbles. Then he began to cry. "I'm a dragon, and I'm suppose to be able to fly. But I'm so fat, I can't get more that a foot off the ground." He flapped his little itty-bitty wings for good measure. "I'll never know what it's like to fly though the sky with my dragon brothers and sisters!" The dragon went back to crying.

Bubbles thought about the poor dragon's predicament. She knew that it was wonderful to fly, and she felt sorry for the dragon. A creature meant to fly though the air, but not able to because it was too fat. She suddenly thought of an idea. "I'll help you fly!" Bubbles exclaimed.

"Really?" The dragon asked, hardly able to believe.

"Yes, mister dragon, just hold still." Bubbles went up to the dragon. She somehow managed to grab onto him without fingers, and shoved with all her might, throwing the dragon into the air.

The dragon rose into the sky. Several townies shrieked at the sight of the insanely fat dragon rising above the town. The dragon nearly hit several passing birds. A couple of birds suffered from massive heart attacks and died in mid-flight.

And still, the dragon rose. He felt the wind fly over his body; he flapped his tiny wings to make the experience more real. He had never been so happy in his life. He let out a whoop as he passed other dragons that were amazed to see the fat purple dragon so high in the sky.

Bubbles watched the tiny dot in the sky that was the dragon. "Fly, Mister Dragon!" She yelled. Then, she flew away, happy that she had helped the poor fat dragon.

However… Bubbles hadn't learned much about gravity… (A/N: Yep.) What goes up… must come down. The dragon stopped in the upper stratosphere, then he began his earthward descent. The dragon realized that he was screwed. He flapped his wings harder, to try to ease his landing. But, if those wings couldn't get him a foot off the ground, than they couldn't possible slow him down enough.

And so… screaming all the way, the dragon fell to the Earth and died.

The End!

LES: Sigh, I just love happy endings. :tear: Now, back to my loyal Jak and Daxter fans!