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20. The Final Decisions

Ali looked from Jeremy to Sam in complete horror. What could she do to stop one of them being hurt?

'How about neither of you?' she asked timidly.

Jeremy responded by pushing Sam's head underwater again.

'Not good enough Ali,' Jeremy said. 'Try again.'

Ali's heart gave a terrible lurch when Sam stopped moving.

'Let him up!' she screamed at Jeremy. 'He's drowning!'

'Choose!' Jeremy bellowed back.

Ali suddenly felt a surge of anger rush through her. She ran up to Jeremy and hit him across the head. She tried to pull him off Sam but Jeremy would not have any of it. Jeremy got a bit of a shock but he released Sam's head from underwater, pinning him down with his knee while he pulled Ali to the ground. She lay on her back while his fingers encircled her neck. He sat on Sam, causing him to groan and kept Ali under his control by pressing his knee into her stomach.

'How could you do this?' Ali sobbed looking up at Jeremy's angry face. 'Why?'

'How could you do this? You knew how much I loved you,' he replied

'You love me? You've got a strange way of showing it.'

Jeremy's fingers uncurled from around Ali's neck and he released his hold on her. She crawled away from him quickly looking utterly defeated. What could she do? She had tried reasoning, crying, even attacking him but it was all to no avail. Ali looked at Jeremy's face. He almost looked contorted with emotional pain at what he was doing. He was devoted to her, there was no mistaking that. Maybe she could grow to love him, she loved is voice undoubtedly.

Ali got to her feet shakily and walked slowly to Jeremy. He looked at her expectantly, his fingers twisting around Sam's collar.

'Jeremy. I can' t let you do this,' Ali said

'Ali! No!' Sam cried.

'Maybe in time, I could love you. With your help.'

Jeremy stared at her, his mouth open in disbelief. Ali crouched down in front of him.

'I choose you Jeremy,' Ali whispered before leaning forward to press her lips to his. Jeremy did not pull away. He released his grip on Sam and put his arms around Ali, pulling her gently to a standing position.

Sam rolled onto his back watching the pair. He could not move, rooted to the spot watching his girlfriend slip out of his reach. Jeremy smiled again at Ali. It was not just a smile but a full beam, his face lighting up with delight.

'Go,' he said to Sam dismissively, not taking his eyes off Ali.

'Ali!' Sam cried. 'What have you done?'

Ali turned her face to Sam, tears welling up in her eyes.

'I had to. It's better this way.'

Sam said nothing but stared at her is disbelief. Ali pulled away from Jeremy and walked up to Sam. Jeremy reluctantly let her go, ever watching in case the two were about to run off into the night. Sam's eyes were starting to well up too although he was fighting hard to keep them back. Ali hugged him tightly.

'I would never let him hurt you,' Ali whispered to him. 'I did it all for you.'

'And all for nothing!' Sam cried back. 'I love you Ali.'

'There will be someone else. You'll find someone else.'

Sam shook his head.

'I don't want someone else.'

'Promise me that you'll find them. Promise!'

Sam nodded. Ali smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips. She sensed Jeremy tense up behind her and she pulled away quickly.

'Come on Ali,' Jeremy said taking her hand and leading her into the woods, Ali looking back at Sam sadly, Sam not moving from his spot.

Jeremy drove Ali back to the bed and breakfast where he lived. Ali called her mum quickly and told her that she was staying at Jeremy's and that she'd be home in the morning. As she put the receiver down and turned around, she jumped slightly at the sight of Jeremy watching her from a chair on the over side of the room. Jeremy most certainly had not been lying when he insisted that the place was run down. There were patches of damp on the walls and a large crack down the middle of the ceiling.

'I can't believe that you're here,' Jeremy said, smiling gently.

It was not one of the arrogant smiles that Ali was so used to seeing. It was a smile of complete happiness. Ali sat down on the bed and viewed Jeremy.

'I want you to get some help,' she said carefully, worried about how Jeremy would take it. 'I can't be in relationship with someone who is willing to drown people that are important to me.'

'Of course,' Jeremy said. 'Ali, I- I need you to understand how much I love you. I didn't want to hurt you. I didn't want to hurt him. It seemed like the only way that I could get through to you.'

Ali opened her mouth but shut it hastily again. She did not want to make Jeremy angry again. She massaged her neck gently where Jeremy had held it before.

'I hurt you!' Jeremy cried leaping to his feet and running to her. 'My God, what was I thinking! No wonder that you hate me!'

I'm fine,' Ali said, drawing away from him quickly. 'I- I want to go to sleep now.'

Jeremy nodded and Ali slid between his blankets, fully clothed. Ali looked at Jeremy expectantly, wondering if he was planning on getting in beside her. Instead he retreated once again to his chair and sat and watched her. Ali turned away from him as he switched off the light. She was sure that a good night's sleep would help her get over the ordeal. In fact she found it hard to drift off. Every time that she closed her eyes, she could see Sam's face in front of her. Quietly, tears poured down her face as she thought of that look of horror that was on his face when she kissed Jeremy. Jeremy sensed that Ali was not asleep and gently began to sing in his soft melodic voice.

Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime
Let me lead you from your solitude
Say you need me with you here, beside you
Anywhere you go, let me go too -
Ali, that's all I ask of you.

The song had the desired effect. It filled Ali with the passion that she felt every time that she had heard Jeremy sing and she was soon asleep. Jeremy walked up to her, lay beside her sleeping figure and placed his arm round her as he drifted off. For the first time that he could remember, he did not have any nightmares.

When Ali awoke the next morning, the sun was streaming through the windows and Jeremy was walking around the room.

'Tea?' he asked.

'Ur- yes please,' Ali murmured not quite awake.

After they drank, Jeremy told her some news.

'I spoke to a councillor on the phone this morning. I'm going to see her this afternoon. You know, going to get some help.'

Ali smiled at him.

'Well done,' she said.

Jeremy dropped Ali at home on the way to the councillor's office.

'She was fantastic!' Jeremy told Ali when he saw her the next day. 'She seemed to really understand.'

'That's great!' Ali said enthusiastically.

Ali saw Jeremy frequently for the next few months. She avoided Sam's house and managed to avoid meeting him again. Yet still he was always there at the back of her mind. But as time passed, he was pushed further and further away and Ali began to develop feelings for Jeremy that she had never felt before. She still loved his voice and the way she could succumb to him, but eventually, she stopped seeing him as a person that she was bound to as a result of a deal but as someone that she actually wanted to spend time with. Yet, Jeremy never kissed her, he hardly touched her. Not out of choice but because he still knew Ali thought of Sam. The thought made him slightly jealous but his counselling was helping him to understand her feelings. This however all changed one day. Ali was in town when she saw Sam in the park. Sam with another girl. And he was kissing her and she was kissing him back. Ali felt like her guts had just been ripped out and ran straight to Jeremy's room.

She burst into the room and flung herself into Jeremy's arms. Jeremy was deeply shocked but in his normal reserved way, he remained silent, curling his arms around her and holding her tight as she buried her face into his shoulder.

'I saw Sam,' Ali said after a while.

Jeremy's heart gave a nasty pang of guilt. Was she about to leave him? She couldn't leave him! His life had been so much better.

'He was with another girl. I know I told him to move on and to find someone else but, god it's hard to watch it!'

Jeremy's breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that she was not about to desert him.

'Do you still love him?' Jeremy asked.

Ali looked into Jeremy's green eyes but stayed silent. Did she still love Sam? Was it that bad that he had moved on?'

'I- I don't know.'

Jeremy leaned towards her to whisper in her ear.


Ali stared at him in disbelief.


'If you love him, go to him,' Jeremy said.

Ali looked towards the door and back to Jeremy. Suddenly she leaned up on kissed Jeremy. He pulled away in shock. She had not kissed him since that night.

'I've decided where I want to be.'

'Past the point of no return?' Jeremy asked

'Past the point of no return,' she agreed.

As Ali leaned in to kiss him again, Jeremy knew that everything would be alright.


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