Die a Man

Disclaimer: I do not own Vincent, Lucrecia, or any of the characters portrayed in this story

Told from Vincent Valentine's Point of View

I've always been a beast. I'm a Galian Beast, or Death Gigas, or the Hellmasker, or Chaos itself. But tell me, what right does a beast have to live?

My sin is letting Lucrecia down. I let Sephiroth, a potential savior, and a potential Satan, exist. It was my fault that that baby was born. It was my fault Meteor ever came about. And worst of all, I let Aeris die.

My sin makes me these monsters. I keep my rage bottled up, and then I let it out. You can't imagine what I feel. I feel the ease of the transformation reliving me of consciousness. I don't want it. It is a plague to my mind. This body is a punishment. There is nothing worse than living a life that isn't wanted.

I think I have the courage to stop this pain. Death Penalty will give me sweet relief. I don't want to live this damned life anymore. Lucrecia. It's my fault. I'm sorry. I can't live hell anymore.

Life is a curse. It's a curse I can't live through anymore. I pressed the Peacemaker to my temple. Peacemaker would now make peace. With a feint smile I began to pull back the hammer.

"I am no longer bound by mortal bounds! Sweet Unholy Death come on thy wings to save my soul of Hell! Save Me, that I may be forgiven! I'm coming Lucrecia! You won't be alone much longer!"

I can finally be free of these mortal bonds. I will never be a slave again. Oblivion is coming. Soon all I will see is an ocean of green. Goodbye world. Goodbye.

I pull the trigger and the bullet flies down the barrel.

"I'm sorry Lucrecia. Please forgive me."

And one half-second later, I saw her face.