All hail He who conquers

A/N: Alright everybody. This is going to be a sequel for Sephiroth: Lord of the Lifestream. If you have not read that story, you will not understand any of this story. I recommend reading the previous one first. This will be dedicated to Lady Kadaj who recommended. I write this. My thanks are unto her. Well, now to the story…

Here I am at the Lifestream break. Mideel. I shot up through the water. My clothes were soaked with green water. The flower girl Cetra, Aeris, was at my side. Around me was about three people. They of course knew about Sephiroth, the noble General who died Five short years ago. Their chatter was very loud. Gasps of surprise were all over. With my drenched hair hanging over my eyes, I said,

"Mideel, I, Sephiroth, The One Winged Angel, have come to bring you religion. I have died, and come again. My preaching is the true word. I have been a god of Death, a position I still hold. The Keeper of Souls has sent me to preach."

"What are you talking about? Sephiroth died Fifteen years ago. You mean to tell me, that after all of this time you're back?" shouted a man.

"Should you need proof, ask the Cetra. Ask Aeris."

"You mean that girl President Cloud always rants about?"

"I am Aeris, the last Cetra. I have been at the right hand of our Lord Sephiroth. He is the true god. All shall give knee to our Lord." she said.

After some chattering in the crowd, people started to see the way.

"You have both come back from the Lifestream?" asked an old woman.

"Yes. We have come to preach. We want to help all that live." I shouted to the crowd.

"Tell us, what is this religion called?" asked a younger man.

"We shall be called…" I said.

"We are Binah, which in Cetra is Understanding." finished Aeris.

"Hear all, this is the Holy ground. This shall be our holiest place. So proclaims your god." I proclaimed.

The crowd fell to their knees. They had heads down, and asked for mercy.

"I shall be a graceful god. I live to preach to all!" I shouted.

"Sephiroth, we need to find transportation. Any ideas?"

"Flight." I responded.

"Hear all Binah, spread my word to all not present. Aeris and I shall travel to Midgar. Farewell." I shouted out.

I picked up Aeris, and began to fly. My black wing was very powerful. Even just one was sufficient to carry me into the sky. Aeris was in my arms. I was drying off of the Lifestream's water. I quickly advanced North. From the air, I could see Midgar. It was a paradise. Everything was green. The plate was gone. I would have to convert many.

Midgar was in a paradise state. I descended to the location of the old slums. Instead of shanties and shacks, little jungle houses were around. There was only one building that exceeded three stories. I guessed it was the government building. I decided to investigate. I set Aeris down, and we walked forth. Suddenly, a young girl stopped us.

She carried a giant shuriken I recognized as the Conformer. She wore a green top, and short brown shorts. She carried a little sack, that was loaded at the moment.

"Stop Sephiroth. Nobody will stop the new regime!" shouted the girl. "Let Aeris go now!"

"Yuffie, I am with him by free will. We come to preach." Aeris responded.

"How did you brainwash her Sephiroth?" Yuffie asked.

"Yuffie, I did not. We come as priests of religion. We have already converted Mideel to Binah. I am now the god of Death. I am no longer the fool you once knew. Let me pass." I stated to her.

She did not respond. Instead, she full on attacked me. In instinct, I drew the Holy Masamune. I parried the shuriken she threw at me. She grabbed a materia out of the bag. It was a green magic materia. She casted a low level bolt at me. Aeris hit her in the kneecaps with the Princess Guard. Yuffie was knocked into unconscious. We tied her up, and advanced. We found a familiar face awaiting us.

"Vincent, Keeper of Souls, what has transpired?"

"Cloud has started his own empire. He has recreated something more evil than Shinra. Former AVALANCHE now serve him to enslave the people. I will help you." Vincent replied.

"It is good to see your earthly body exists." I replied.

"For you, for you."

We ran forth onto the next floor. An arsenal of guards attacked us. I sliced them, adding to my true realm. Barret stood as a commander. He loaded his gun for a barrage. Vincent silenced him with a short shot from the Death penalty.

The next floor had only one room. On it was a gold plaque that said, "President and First Lady." Vincent kicked the door down. Cloud Strife was seated in a gold throne. Tifa Lockhart was in a smaller throne next to him.

"How the hell did you get back Sephiroth?" he asked coolly.

"You enslaved Midgar? The God of Death commands you to relinquish command of your neo-AVALANCHE." I shouted forth.

"What was taken by arms must be held with arms, and I shall hold it true." he said.

This human was over confident. Aeris stepped into the room.

"Cloud, stop this. Sephiroth is right." she stated.

"You side with him slut? Fine then, your die too. Tifa, let us fight them!"

Cloud ran at me. I easily parried his blows with my Masamune. Aeris and Tifa fought, yet I doubted Aeris could win. We couldn't use magic here, as the place would be destroyed. The Ultima Weapon was swung at me many times. Strife was still my inferior.

"Enough!" I shouted.

I cut off Lockhart's head. Cloud saw this, and jumped out the window. I saw the Highwind was right there. Neo-AVALANCHE soldiers fired at me from the deck. Aeris and I took cover. Lockhart's head rolled around on the ground. Cloud had made a successful escape.

We walk outside to see masses of people before us. Hundreds were assembled.

"Hear all citizens, Midgar is free. Join the ways of Binah. Cloud Strife will never rule you again. I and my priest, Vincent, and my priestess, Aeris, shall kill him. Fear nothing any longer!" I proclaimed.

"Hear now, the prayer of our Lord!" shouted Vincent. "All hail our Holy one, that he may show us the way. He conquers evil, and spreads good. It is he who has died, and come again. He turns the dark into light. None is more powerful. All praise Sephiroth, Lord of the Lifestream. Amen."

The masses fell unto there knees. Two towns had been converted. I decided to adopt Vincent's prayer as the official prayer of Binah. I was sure my new journey would convert all to Binah in the quest to kill Cloud Strife. Binah is the correct religion. Let its ways always be taught. Amen.