"My Lord Rufus, more souls have flocked unto us. We have enough to assault. We can take the afterlife!" spoke forth a man as he kneeled down.

"No No," spoke a man in a bright white labcoat, "we must wait. Patience is a virtue Elena."

"Sir, your visions have told you of triplets! You cannot wait until they matue! They have Jenova and…"

"That means they will grow faster. I know Elena. His sons Loz, Yazoo, and Kadaj won't be able to help him. The will attack him. When I last tapped into Vincent's power, I saw one of them betray their Father. I do not know which, or if Sephiroth will live. We can only wait. How many souls have been gathered?"

"One fourth of all. A large nation's worth Lord."

"Very good." spoke Rufus tossing back his orange hair. "Now Elena, leave me be. On the surface, Vincent is sleeping. I'm tapping back in."

Elena walked away from Rufus. She knew not to incur his wrath. His imprisonment in Sephiroth's 'Afterriver' hell ruined him. He was angrier than ever. His bitterness fueled his every thought, every idea, every dream.

Rufus rose from his marble throne. As always, he stripped. Donning a white robecloak after that, he sat down. Rotating his neck a few times, he lied down. He closed his eyes tightly, and allowed the rest to perform on its own.

He was in visible pain as his body began to disrupt the power of Vincent Valentine, the Grim Reaper. He began shaking violently, almost like in a seizure. Suddenly, he stopped. He was in.

His body in this state looked dead. However, he was seeing. Rufus had a vision of sons. He had seen this before. Three babies would be born to Sephiroth. The oldest would be Loz, the middle, Yazoo, the youngest, Kadaj. Their Jenova cells would speed their growth. By the time they were one year old they would have the appearance and maturity of a sixteen year old.

Loz used an odd shaped gun. It had a sword blade for a barrel and was called a gunblade. Yazoo used an arm crossbow that fired very rapidly. Kadaj used a sword called Murasame. In legend, Murasame was as powerful as the Masamune.

Rufus calmly watched and waited for the vision to end. He felt unnerved today, almost like he was being watched. Sure, this was weird but he always felt calm in this process. Unless….. No. Vincent couldn't know.

"Oh no, Mortal but I do!" shouted Vincent.

His figure appeared before Rufus.

"I have come to kill you! You have manipulated my power and shall pay!"

Vincent's hands began to glow with lightning. Sparks jumped off his hands.

"No! Get away from me!" shouted Rufus at him.

"You came here and now you shall pay." bellowed Vincent as he discharged lightning.

Rufus' body completely fried. His nerves were electrocuted and broke down by the sheer force of the electricity. The leader of the Rebellion was dead. But who would take over. That was the question. Only Vincent knew that. Her name was Tifa Lockhart and she went from bartender to queen.