Summary: Blade and her older brother, Matt move from New York next door to the Curtises. Their gang back in New York was the gang Dally was in when he lived there. Blade was Dally's best friend. They were so close, that they were just like brother and sister. Blade doesn't know that she is moving into her best friend's neighborhood and doesn't know that she is going to see Dally again. Rating for language.

Chapter one - Why Tulsa!

"Holy Hell!" Blade cursed getting out of her brother, Matt's car. "Why did we have to come to Tulsa!" She asked Matt.

"'Cause of that little stunt you pulled back in New York, that's why." Matt answered giving her a sort of annoyed but amused look. Blade smiled.

"He pulled the heater…he had it coming…at least I didn't kill him."

"No," Matt agreed. "But you get his whole gang on our asses."

"All right," said Blade. "But why Tulsa!" She said 'Tulsa' with disgust.

"Because Riff's cousin just died and this was his house and it was the only place we could get free." Blade smiled at the mention of Riff, her gang leader.

"Whatever." She said.

"Come on. Let's just go inside. We'll unpack later. Just get the sleeping bags." Matt told her. They would be sleeping in sleeping bags until they were able to afford furniture. They went inside and began to look around.

"What do you think?" Matt called out.

"It has a loft!" Blade answered happily. She loved lofts. Matt knew that.

"That's good. I call it!" He said messing around.

"Ha. Ha." Blade answered dryly.

"Let's go get some food." Matt offered.

"Yeah." Blade answered. "I'm starved." The two decided to just walk around until they found somewhere. As they were walking, they decided to ask the next random person they saw where a good place to eat was. They saw four boys walking and they stopped them.

"Hey!" Matt called to them. All four turned around holding a tough stance. Matt and Blade were used to this. It was the same technique they used when they met new people.

"Yeah?" One with rusty side burns asked.

"Where's a good place to eat around here?"

"The Dingo." The shortest one answered.

"We're heading there now…" Said one with a happy-go-lucky, care-free way about him. "We'll show you." Matt and Blade looked at each other, and then decided wordlessly to go.

"All right." Blade answered.

"Cool." The happy-go-lucky one said. "I'm Sodapop." He waited for the weird reaction. When none came, he continued. "This is my brother Ponyboy," he pointed to the shortest one again he stopped and waited. Nothing. He continued. "This is Steve," he pointed to one with black hair. "And Two-bit." He pointed to the one with the rusty side burns. Matt and Blade nodded, shaking each hand. Then Matt spoke up.

"I'm Matt and this is my sister, Blade."

"You new?" Steve asked.

"Yeah." Matt answered.

"From New York." Blade answered.

"We have a friend from New York." Two-bit said.

"Cool." Blade answered.

"This is the Dingo." Soda said. The two looked up at the restaurant in front of them. Both sighed in unison and shared the same sarcastic thought. 'Welcome home.'

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