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"Dally is right!" Blade said, about to follow him. "You guys can't fight. Dally's my best friend and I haven't seen him in so long and I didn't wanna come here 'cause I love New York but I like it here. And so does Dally. He has two homes now, and he gets to decide where he lives!" And without waiting for an answer she ran out after him.

"Dally!" She called and he turned around. He let her fall into stride with him and they both kept walking.

"It ain't fair." Was all Dally said.

"I know. But, Dal…" She paused.

"What?" He asked curiously.

"Tell me the truth…where do you wanna live?"

"Blade, I really don't know…New York's so cool…so much more action…real gangs. The Jets are my family…but the guys, here…they're my family too…my brothers…" Blade sighed.

"I know…but Dal, you're gonna have to choose. And if you take your time, thinking it over here…well, Riff will take that as your decision."

"Yeah…I know." Dally nodded. "Maybe…I'll go to New York for a while…if I like it…well, I'll decide then. It's probably changed." Blade nodded.

"Yeah. C'mon, let's go keep Riff and Steve from killing each other." They went back to the house.

"I decided what I'm gonna do." Dally announced walking in. Riff and Steve stopped glaring at each other to look at Dally.

"I'm going to New York…not to stay…to see if I want to stay…I'll decide then." The greasers didn't like it at all, especially Johnny, and Riff didn't like that he said he might not stay in New York. But that was Dally's decision. Johnny looked from Dally to Steve to Riff, and walked out of the house.

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