Duelist Café
Author: Chaos Valkyrie
First Conceptualized: December 2004
Posted Chapter 01: February 25, 2005
Updated: December 22, 2005

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Author's Note: Oooo, new ficlet. Shame on you, plot bunnies!
Plot Bunnies: (look sheepish) Baaa.
Author's Note: (shakes head) Anywho, this, along with Kujaku Confessions (due next month), will be a little more light-hearted than my other fics. I guess. So, on with the show!

Chapter One: Boredom

Téa rolled her eyes, staring blankly at the screen before her. She knew she should be working on her term paper for her History class… key word being 'should'. Her books were piled at least three feet high next to the computer, bits of notebook paper sticking out from pages she had marked. A can of soda stood ready to give her a much needed caffeine boost, red pens littered the desk about her, and, needless to say, here she was staring blankly at the lone sentence she had written on the screen. The title, 'My History Paper, by Téa Gardner.'

Of course, it didn't help that it had been a gorgeous day outside. One of the last nice days of autumn, to be exact. The weather had been growing steadily colder, and it wouldn't be long before snow blanketed the ground, causing her and her friends to find a whole slew of new ways to goof off.

Ah, her friends. How they had abandoned her on this gorgeous day. Yugi was supposedly working on his paper, which meant that he was off dueling Joey somewhere. Joey and Tristan had made no such pretense – they admitted that they would goof off all day, writing their assignment at the last minute, around 11:30 this evening. Bakura, unfortunately, was actually working on his paper, and Duke had scoffed, saying, "I own my own company, and you think I'd write my own papers?"

And so, here Téa sat, envying her friends their lack of responsibility. Well…

"Screw it," Téa muttered, minimizing her paper and opening her web browser. Maybe someone would be online.

She scanned the usual chat rooms… Neither Mai nor Serenity were in the 'Female Duelists' room, and the guys didn't look to be online. Wait. DarkMagic and FlameSwords were in the virtual dueling arena! Had she called that or what? She logged on quickly.

FlameSwords: awwwwww man! i lost! doh! T.T

DarkMagic: Don't take it so hard, Flame. You almost had me there before I used Mirror Force and wiped out all your monsters…

FlameSwords: um, thanks, i think… -.-()

boygenius18: Was that supposed to make him feel better? It failed miserably!

DarkMagic: Sorry. I tried…

SonicMaid: That's okay, we still love you, Dark. And who's this boygenius18? Newbie, don't pick on my friends!

boygenius18: I'm not new. And your friends are losers, so why shouldn't I pick on them?

SonicMaid: Grrr… Don't make me open a cyber-can of whoopass!

DarkMagic: O.O Sonic, calm down…

boygenius18: Bring it on:P


Just then, Téa's phone rang. Vein-popping, she hopped out of her chair and ran across the room to answer it.


"Téa, calm down. He's just some creep wanting to make trouble," Yugi's worried voice came over the phone. Téa grinned in spite of herself.

"Maybe, but this guy really gets under my skin."

"I could tell."

"Well, maybe I'll let him off – this time. If he starts anymore trouble, though…"

"Joey and Tristan can help you track him down so that he can suffer a slow, excruciating death at your hands. Okay?"

"It's a deal!" Téa crowed. "Oh well, I'd better get back to the history paper. Have you finished yours yet?"

Silence came from the other end of the phone. "Umm…"

"I'll take that as a no. Well, at least I'm not the only one. Slice of pizza says you'll have yours finished before Joey!" Tea grinned.

Yugi laughed. "Two slices if he's trying to finish it in class tomorrow."

"Deal! I'll see you in class! Bye, Yugi."

"Later, Téa."

Téa hung up the phone, then returned to her desk. Her connection had already timed-out, so she closed her browser without bothering to check the rest of the messages. Sighing, she pulled up her history paper. Popping a can of soda, she took a swig, thinking, 'Its gonna be a long afternoon.'

End Notes: All right, all right, short introductory chapter. But there's still plenty more to come, so keep an eye out for a much much longer Chapter Two mid-March, along with Chapter One of Kujaku Confessions! Plus, I've got some other story ideas on the way too…