Duelist Café
Author: Chaos Valkyrie
First Conceptualized: December, 2004
Posted Chapter 03: December 23, 2005

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Chapter Three: Flight of the Kuriboh

Téa glared at the computer screen, waiting for the cyber arena's random virtual coin flip. boygenius18 had gone eerily quiet, and she wondered what he was up to.

SonicMaid: What are you up to?

Téa, as always, got straight to the point.

boygenius18: whistles innocently… Up to? Me?

SonicMaid: glares… Yes, you. Up to something.

boygenius18: Nothing at all… just focusing on the game. You?

Téa's chance to reply was cut short by the coin flip. boygenius18 got to go first.

boygenius18: Oh, would you look at that? Something here at least recognizes my obvious superiority…

SonicMaid: Loser. I'd rather go second anyhow – all the better to trounce you.

boygenius18: I'd like to see you try… XP

Both their Life Point meters gained 4000 Life Points. boygenius18 began by throwing down a face down card and a Koumori Dragon. Téa looked at her hand and crowed.

SonicMaid: Eat this attack!

Yes, nice and subtle. As always, Téa kept a complete poker face as she played Gemini Elf in attack mode and moved it to attack his Koumori Dragon. His Life Point meter dropped by 400 points.

boygenius18: Gemini Elf? How'd you get that?

SonicMaid: Because I rock!

In the Virtual Duelist Arena, all Duelists started with one of ten different starter decks. From there, as the duelist earned points dueling, they could customize their decks by trading points for new cards or trading with other duelists. Téa had been lucky – Yugi traded Gemini Elf to her for a Giant Soldier of Stone she had won.

boygenius18, however, did not seem to be so fortunate in his choice of friends.

boygenius18: Just because I'm new in this Arena doesn't mean I'll show you any mercy…

SonicMaid: That's funny, because I wasn't planning to show you any!

boygenius18 didn't respond for some reason. Téa smirked as he lay a face-down card in defense mode and another face down card in the spell field. Téa drew her next card, smirking as she summoned Hibikime to the field. She then sent Gemini Elf to attack his face-down monster…

boygenius18: Sucker.

Téa's eyes narrowed as the monster was flipped face-up.

"Man Eater Bug!" she gasped. Téa watched as not only his monster was destroyed, but also her Gemini Elf!

"Stupid bugs and their stupid effects," she muttered as she sent her Hibikime to attack his Life Points directly. He made no move to use his magic cards, and the attack cost him another 1450 Life Points.

boygenius18 drew his next card, then summoned Pale Beast to the field. He sent it to attack Hibikime, destroying her warrior. Téa smirked as her Life Points only dropped by 50 points.

SonicMaid: Loser! I'm still winning!

boygenius18: Whatever. There's still plenty of time to trounce you.

Yes, Téa was always a good sport. She drew, cursing slightly as she looked over her hand. Nothing she had currently could defeat his Pale Beast at 1500 attack points. She played Mystical Elf in defense mode and laid De-Spell face-down in her spell zone, ending her turn.

boygenius18: What was that about being a loser?

boygenius18: Oh, how the mighty will fall…

boygenius18 drew and laid one card in face down defense mode, then ended his turn. Téa blinked.

"All right… what're you up to now?" she mumbled, eyes glued to the screen. She then cheered as she drew her next card.

"Eat this!" she crowed, then sacrificed her Mystical Elf for Gyakutenno Megami. She sent her new monster to attack and destroy Pale Beast, losing boygenius18 another 300 Life Points.

SonicMaid: Are you crying to your mama yet?

There was a pause before boygenius18 responded.

boygenius18: Callous remarks being ignored.

Before Téa could truly puzzle over this response, he drew his next card and posted again…

boygenius18: Besides, that was a pittance compared to what I'm going to do to you!

boygenius18 sacrificed his monster, and Téa barely caught a glimpse of Morphing Jar before the image was replaced with…

"Aw shit," Téa sweatdropped. "He has a Summoned Skull!"

The demon wiped out her Gyakutenno Magami in the following attack.

boygenius18: Who's trouncing who now?

boygenius18: Loser. XP

Téa grimaced as she drew another card. She laid Dancing Elf in face down defense mode and looked at her field.

"Its worth a shot," she muttered. She flipped De-Spell and chose one of his face down cards. Dark Hole was briefly seen before it too went to the Graveyard. Téa almost closed her eyes before ending her turn.

boygenius18 instantly summoned Uraby to the field. He then sent Summoned Skull to destroy her Dancing Elf, then attacked directly with Uraby. Téa winced as her Life Points dropped below his to 1750.

boygenius18: Oh, would you look at that?

Téa glared at the screen. "I despise you," she muttered, looking at her hand. She sighed before throwing down Red Medicine. Her Life Points rose to 2250. She then summoned Winged Kuriboh to the field in defense mode.

boygenius18: Kuriboh? That's the weakest monster in all of Duel Monsters!

SonicMaid: This is Winged Kuriboh, loser!

boygenius18: Oh my bad…

boygenius18: It's the second weakest monster in all of Duel Monsters!

Téa flinched as his turn began. He first destroyed Winged Kuriboh with Uraby, then sent his Summoned Skull to wipe out her life points…

boygenius18: Hah! I win!

Téa smirked as the turn ended.

boygenius18: What the…

boygenius18: What kind of cheap trick is that!

SonicMaid: Oh, did I forget to mention Winged Kuriboh's special ability? When he's destroyed, any battle damage I take during the same turn is reduced to 0.

SonicMaid: Oops.

boygenius18: Glares threateningly.

boygenius18: I'll beat you yet you little…

Téa grinned, looking at her hand as her next card was drawn. She frowned. Nothing here could beat a Summoned Skull! She sighed. "Well, it was worth a try," she muttered when the screen flashed at her.

"'User disconnected'?" she read out loud. She glanced at boygenius18's stats… he had been cut offline? The screen flashed again.

"I win the duel?" Téa's eyes widened as she stared at the screen. "I… won?" She was having trouble grasping the victory by default, but the facts remained. He left the duel, her Life Points were higher, and so the victory was hers…

"Um, okay," she sweatdropped, then grinned. She didn't like winning by default, but being able to rub this in his virtual face would by far make up for it. She disconnected herself and jumped as she heard the door close downstairs.

"Téa, we're home! Do you have your homework finished?"

Téa sweatdropped, glancing at the large, neglected stack of books next to her computer. "Uh-oh…"

End Notes: Ha! Yes, Téa is supposed to win by default… I just couldn't see her truly beating any of the one-of-three people that boygenius18 could be right now… Smirk. I'll be dropping clues to who he is throughout the rest of the story, but this way too if I change my mind, the clues will still work!