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Past Confrontations

Chapter One

Life was complex.

There was no other way to explain it. Thinking back, I'm astounded that I could have been so stupid. So completely stupid. I thought that Harry, Ron and I would always be friends. What a load of crap that turned out to be. I have spent the last two years at Aries School of Witchcraft and Wizardry simply because I couldn't stand to be at Hogwarts anymore. It was so hard adjusting, but I've gotten better. In a way, life is easier now. I no longer have to worry about an evil wizard trying to kill me. The thing I should be worrying the most about is my NEWTS and the upcoming graduation ceremony.

The Graduation Ceremony. Oh God. They'll be there. I'm going to see them again after two years. I think this is some evil plot by Dumbledore, to show me all that I could have had it I hadn't turned traitor.

I hadn't been a traitor. Somebody had been framing me with evidence that pointed to the fact that I was. Nobody seemed to think that I was innocent. Not the Weasley's, not Harry. No one. Not even Minerva McGonagall, who I looked up to like a maiden aunt. The Order of the Phoenix called an emergency meeting and discussed my "situation". They decided that for the time being, I was to be excluded from everything. I was to stay away from Harry and Ron. I wasn't to speak to them. They even gave me my own room; simply because they were afraid I'd sneak in and smother them in their sleep or something. The beginning of my sixth year had been so hard. Everyone wanted to know why we were talking anymore. I just couldn't take it. I researched various schools around Britain so I wouldn't have to travel so bloody far to go to school. I found Aries. It was the farthest from Hogwarts, but still within the limit that Mum and Dad set for me. So I left. I had a going-away party.

Harry and Ron didn't attend, of course. I don't think they cared.

So I arrive at my brand new school, happy that I finally got away from the stares, the whispers, and the gossip. Only to find that even on the edge of Britain I was famous, or at least known. Everyone knew that I was one of Harry Potter's best friends. I made friends quickly (which was a big odd, for me at least). I told them the story (very edited of course), and we promptly forgot it. It was like we had known each other for a long, long time. I decided that for the last two years of my education, I was going to remain the best student, but that I was going to go out and have some fun.

I got a tattoo of a snake, and a belly button ring. I am extremely good at self-defense. I know how to use a sword. I'm so different from the person I was when I arrived. But different is good. I no longer let people walk all over me. I am in one word...a Slytherin.

Yes, a Slytherin.

At Aries, being a pureblood is just as important to the purebloods, just not as bad as it was at Hogwarts. The Houses we get sorted into are just like the Hogwarts one. There's a Hufflepuff house, a Ravenclaw, a Gryffindor, and a Slytherin house. Of course, they're simply called House A, B, C, and D. Hufflepuff is C, Gryffindor is A, and Ravenclaw is D. That leaves B for Slytherin, of course. The colors are even the same, which is rather amusing. And the Head of House is related to one Professor Severus Snape. They're second or third cousins or something. They act and teach the same. They even teach the same subjects! I suppose that I'm biased, but Professor Septimus Carce is way cooler than Snape. In fact, I'm Professor Carce's apprentice/assistant. He favors B House just as much as Snape favored Slytherins. My friends and I are Professor Carce's favorite students, even out of the rest of B House. He even lets us call him by his first name in private. Every other day (unless Septimus is otherwise engaged) my friends and I meet up with him to have tea and just argue over the latest potions articles. Even thought most of my other friends aren't going into a potions field, they've all decided to get a job related to potions.

The Headmaster is as crazy as Dumbledore was. He's very fond of startling the students, and talking about the oddest things (like whether heffalumps are pink or purple). Mostly we just humor him. The transfiguration teacher, Professor Peabody, is older than McGonagall and just as stern. The DADA teacher is young and pretty, and I know for a fact that she's caught Septimus' attention. She likes him back, but the damn stubborn man doesn't seem to get it. All year Tabby, Zachary, Jonathan, and I have been trying to hook them up. It's not easy though. Especially since there's rumors going around Septimus and I are sleeping together...honestly, just because I spend the majority of my time with him...although he is rather dashing. He does rather look like Snape, but I've always like brooding, dark men. He's got the same eyes, long fingers, pale skin, and black shoulder length hair (not greasy) as Snape. His nose is rather large, but not large enough to put woman off. He has perfect teeth though, but he's fond of black robes. He has the same deep, silky smooth voice, and the same acid tongue.

The Arithmancy teacher is the one I'd go for if I could. He's got the dark hair and eyes, but he's slightly tan, and has a great smile. When girls aren't staring at Septimus (I don't think there's a girl in the school who doesn't just love his voice) they're staring at Professor Jake Matthews. He's got this deep voice that is sooooo hot. He also teaches Muggle Studies. Our Care of Magical Creatures teacher is Professor Tanya Greenwood. She's the teacher all the guys have a thing for. She's extremely patient, and never gives out detentions. She speaks in this low, calm voice. The Charms teacher is Professor Adam Timely. He's middle-aged, with glasses and constantly messy hair. The Ancient Runes teacher is Professor Phyllis Strippe. She's short, chunky, and has a rather loud voice. But that doesn't stop her from being a favorite among the students.

Tabby (or Tabitha) is the first friend I made here. She's tall, and very pretty. She has pitch-black hair, and deep blue eyes. She looks so innocent with her heart-shaped face. But she's just as mischievous as I am. Who do you think helped me spray paint Professor Peabody's owl Gryffindor colors? I mean, besides Zac and Jon? They never did figure out who did that...Tabby plays Quidditch, just as I do. I'm a chaser, and so is she. We both love Mexican food, and we both can speak eight languages (Finnish, Russian, Latin, Greek, Roman, Italian, Spanish and French. Took me forever to learn those!). We've taught Zac and Jon seven (all but Roman) so far, and are working on the rest.

Zac is the person I'm "dating" right now. I say, "dating" because we're not actually dating. We just say that so the girls leave him alone, and the guys leave me alone. He has the dark brooding looks (what guy is good-looking without the dark, brooding look? I've always pictured Malfoy as an Albino Ferret.), he's intelligent, quiet, loves quidditch (plays seeker), loves to read, tall and thin, and is the sneakiest guy I've ever met. He can be quite serious, but for the most part he's extremely amusing. He's my (male) partner in crime. We occasionally "experiment" but it's all in fun.

Jon is the different one. He's pretty much a mystery to those who don't know him. He's usually quiet, but he's been known to argue and protest loudly about what he believes in. He's shy, but when he feels comfortable or strongly about something, he'll fight until he gets his way. Tabby and he are on-again, off-again boyfriend and girlfriend. He plays Quidditch as well. He's the Keeper of the team. He's short and stocky, but not fat. Neither of the guys is fat.

My best friends. There are others. They're names are Mike, Tim, Shannon, and Julie. We all hang out together, but Tabby, Zac, and Jon are my best friends. We do everything together.

Life was good, excluding my stubborn potions professor who won't admit his feelings about a certain DADA teacher and the rumors about us as well. That is, until the announcement this morning.


Headmaster Tubby stood up and used a Soranus to be heard over the noise. He was a tall, thin man. His name was the subject of many jokes, all of which he took in stride. He waited for complete silence, and then announced what was the most horrible thing I've ever heard.

"It has been decided that Hogwarts School and Ours are going to have a joint Graduation Ceremony. This will take place at the end of the year. However, we thought it would be wonderful if the seventh years joined us here for the rest of the year. The Hogwarts teachers will accompany them, so you needn't worry about over-crowded classrooms. They arrive at the end of the week."

With this said he immediately sat down and resumed eating. Meanwhile, I was freaking out. I caught Septimus' eye and he gestured towards the doors. I nodded in understand and stood up. Immediately, Jon, Tabby, Zac and the other's were out of their seats and following me out the door. The minute I heard the door boom shut, I let loose all my feelings.

I destroyed the front hall with my anger. I must have looked like a madwoman, screaming, crying and cursing. I had been learning wandless magic from Septimus, and now I used it. The whole front hall was in chaos. But, Septimus being the calm person he is, waited until I was done and then fixed the fall with a few flicks of his wrists.

"Come with me to my office." He spun around and walked away, robes billowing out in a way that reminded me of his cousin. I swallowed heavily. I was going to be seeing him soon.

We met up in his office, which was connected to his classroom. He was sitting calmly behind his desk grading 5th year papers. Snorting at what one unfortunate student had written, he slashed though most of the paragraph before setting it down and looking up at us.

"What are you waiting for, an invitation? Sit down." He snapped. He stood up and walked over to his cabinet next to the door that leads to his private chambers. Reaching to the top of the cabinet, he grabbed his bottle of firewhiskey and unscrewed the top. Taking a huge gulp of it, he turned towards us and let his mask drop. He looked worried, weary, and sad. Staring at my hands in my lap to avoid his pitying gaze, I willed myself not to cry. I was seventeen for god's sake!

"I'm sorry about the announcement. If I had been informed, I would have arranged a trip somewhere for rare potion ingredients during the duration of the visit. But, as I was not informed, I cannot do anything." He said softly.

Taking a deep breath, I looked up and Septimus concerned face. "I'll be fine. I have you guys. I don't need them. And maybe I can avoid them. But if I can't, then I'll show them what a true Slytherin is." A smirk crossed my face as I imagined all the things I could say and do to them.

"That's the spirit!" Zac cried. He threw a wink my way before turning a pleading look at Septimus.

"Septimus, ole pal, what do you say to sharing that lovely drink with us, aye?"

"I say, not likely."

"Oh come on! Just a sip! What'll it hurt?"

"Remember what happened the last time? You completely trashed my classroom. No, I don't think so. Bugger off."

I laughed as I watched Zac and Jon attempt to tackle Septimus to get his drink.

End Flashback

I smiled at the memory. I loved my friends.

That had been a couple days ago. They were due to arrive tomorrow before dinner. I didn't ever want to see "them" again. They hurt me so bad when the accused me of being a traitor. I got depressed for the first few months at my new school. But meeting Jon, Zac, and Tabby changed everything. I got better. But I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Until Septimus offered me the assistant/apprentice position.

Damn them for ruining my life!

Knock, knock.

Who the hell could be knocking on her door at midnight? Everyone knew that when I didn't get enough sleep, I was a major bitch. Stomping over to the door and yanking it open, I opened my mouth to tell whomever it was to fuck off and let me sleep. But before I could get a word in edgewise, the person began to speak.

"Septimus has an idea. We're supposed to meet up with him in his rooms." Tabby quickly said, grabbing my arm and dragging me down the hall before I could even open my mouth to reply. The stone floor was freezing without my slippers. Stupid socks. Stupid socks that can't keep my feet warm. I could feel a scowl etching itself across my face and glared at Tabby's offending hand that gripped my wrist.

"What the BLOODY HELL is going on!" I whispered in venomously. She stopped and turned towards me, a glint in her eye and an evil smirk I'd come to recognize on her lips.

"Septimus has an idea. You said that all of Hogwarts fear and hate Snape, and that Carce acts just as Snape does? Well Septimus is going to make sure that the students and teachers of Hogwarts know that you're under his wing. The fact that he's related to Snape is obviously going to be announced. Tubby can't resist announcing personal information. So the students and teachers will know that you're under his wing, and they won't dare try anything for fear of engaging his infamous Snape temper."

I smiled a cold, evil smile slowly. The plan just might work. Maybe. The smile melted from my lips as soon as it came.

"But...but Septimus is in the Order, isn't he? I mean, what if Dumbledore tells him to avoid me? Septimus is a spy just like Snape...what if they find out that when Septimus comes back from meetings, I'm the one that heals him?"

"Don't be silly. Even if they find out, does Septimus seem like the guy to give up seeing someone he cares about just because someone told him too? No, he doesn't. He'd probably hang around you even more to annoy the hell outta them." She smiled a reassuring smile and gently squeezed my wrist before dropping it and continuing to walk towards the dungeons. What is it with Snape's and dungeons? Is everyone who is related to Snape fond of dungeons...I wonder if there's a way to look that up.

"So...blabs...what's this I hear about you getting caught snogging Jimmy Carwheeler behind Detta the Crazy statue? I heard that it was a very ahem compromising position as well." I grinned mischievously while wiggling my eyebrows up and down. She glared at me and swung her fist playfully at my face, which I caught. She grinned at me and twisted her hand so she was holding my wrist and spun me towards her, locking my head in a headlock.

"Don't call me that! I hate that nickname! 'And the little shit was upset because I wouldn't snog him behind the statue. He made the rumor up. I thought you knew better than that Ally. Guess I expected too much from you...you always were a little slow." I stood up and spun away from Tabby, while gripping her arm and pinning it behind her back and bending her backwards a little to make it hard for her to move.

"I'll call you what I want, blabs. 'Sides it fits you. You're very opinionated. And you shouldn't talk about being slow. You're the one always coming to me for homework." I mimicked a high-pitched pleading voice. "Oh, Ally, please help me. I'm sooooo stupid when it comes to Brocker's theory. Please help me!" I released her hold and grinned at her. She grinned back.

We continued our bantering until we reached Septimus' room. We stepped inside and waited for our eyes to adjust. He had beautiful rooms. They were done all in dark colors, like black, navy blue, dark purple, green, and red. There were splashes of white and silver around the room. He had beautiful wooden tables and cabinets. He had a couch, a loveseat and two chairs that were really comfortable, great for relaxing in, lounging in, or sleeping in. A huge library covered the walls where there wasn't a break from doors and pictures. The books varied from Muggle literature to the dark arts, and everything in between.

One door led to his bedroom, which was much like his sitting room/library. It was dark colored, with silk sheets and pillows. He had two bathrooms; one for his bedroom, and the other bathroom was off from the sitting room. A doorway led to his navy blue-tiled kitchen. He sometimes made food in there, and we always enjoyed those experiences. He was a great cook. One door was from where we came from, from the hallway outside his rooms. There were two last doors-one led to his office, which led to his classroom. The other led to his private lab, which was stocked with all the potions ingredients one could wish for. Jon, Zac, and Septimus sat in the center of the sitting room. Septimus was in one chair, and Jon and Zac were on the couch. I took a seat in the chair next to Septimus while Tabby took the loveseat. I looked at Septimus and smiled.

"Let's get started."

The rest of the night passed quickly.