wow chapter 2 is up. I never thought I would really get reveiws. so here you go!

It was a few days later when I saw Eff again. It was raining and I was watching the purple rain fall out side one of my large windows. The purple water stuck to the weeping willow out side my large house that had once picked me up and swung me around by my legs. Mewnitch came into my room, thinking back I only have fond memories of my green haired caretaker. A quiet voice of mass murder, more like the voice that tells you to kill the old lady in front of you at the grocery store, she was tall (but now I'm sure I'm taller then she ever was), slightly peach colored skin that was hidden under tons of light green hair she kept in a high pony tail. She never said a harsh world to me and always seemed to understand me. Thinking back on her I see how hard it must have been raising me. To raise a child that is superior to you in just about every way (and who knows it too).

"D-boy?" she asked quietly coming into the room "Kitsho is coming over today for tea and I told her to bring Eff with her" she sat next to me as my eyes widened. "But…but" I started "No D-boy" said Mewnitch sternly "you have to start being nicer to that little boy he's going to be with you for a long time! And besides I think it would be good for you to play with some kids your age!" she crossed her arms which meant 'and that's finally' I sighed and leaned on the window with my eyes closed for a few seconds (or until I heard "don't do that, you'll fall out!" from mew). "Ok." I said finally opening my swirly eyes, "But I won't like it" Mewnitch broke out in a large smile and pulled me into a tight hug, "That's my boy!" she yelled. Just then the door bell rang and she jumped from the window sill. "Be right back." She said ran out of room, "Don't hurry" I said to myself forcing a smile.

I waited for a few minutes until I heard someone running nosily up the stairs. "HI!" said Eff as he sat next to me on the sill, "What are you doing?" he asked swaying his legs up and down. "Watching." I said simply without looking at him. "Watching what?" I wanted to kill him. "I hate rain, do you like it?" he said happily, "Do you ever shut up?" I asked looking at him "Ummmmm…no?" I WAS going to kill him. "BOYS COME DOWN!" yelled Mewnitch up to us. We made our way down the steps of the house and into the kitchen. Many pieces of food-mixings (cake mix, caramel, that stuff) were laid out on the large wooden table. "you guys are going to make cookies!" yelled Mewnitch happily smiling. I look at Eff and he looked just as borde as I was with the idea. "So you two have fun while I go and have tea with Kitsho. Alright, get goin'!" she said walking off out of the room. We went up to the table and started to work. We worked in silence for about 7 minutes until he said "pass me the dragon chips please." I picked up the pot of green chips. "Thank you D-boy." He pressed a kiss to my cheek, I think it took about 4 seconds for me to grab his long, spikes of hair and plunged his head into the bowl of nugget. His arms swayed around as I pressed it deeper and deeper in to the crunchy mess.

"D-boy, what are you doing!" someone yelled from the door. I looked up and saw a brown haired maid in the doorway with her hands covering her face. I let Eff up and he gasp for the breath he didn't need. He looked at me with flickers of fear in his red eyes and backed away out of the room from me. I went up the my room, wondering if I had made him cry.

Grrrrrrr evil D-boy. I feel bad for Eff in this one, I wonder if he did cry? R/R