Mewthree story

By Splash


Notes: I desperately need an actual title for this! I started this around 3/10/98, so it's really old. It's written in diary format, and since I was only in 7th grade when I started writing this it's REALLLLLY REALLLY majorly newbie. The improvement in writing is quite apparent as you read on, which is great because the main character of the story (Mewthree obviously) is also improving, since it begins right when he was born...

Hey, I just practically spoiled the first paragraph, dah well :-P Well, don't let the first entries turn you away, I know they absolutely suck. Attacks are rarely described in the beginning (back when I only played the video game), watch out for those... What do you get when you have a 7th grader trying to write in a newborn's point of view? An accidental talking fetus...

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And as the story progresses (much, much later) it might get a little more adult, but I'll try not to go past PG... and what I mean about adult is the language, so it's mild considering today's actual world ^^;;

Enough of me... on to the fic, my bonafide Mewthree story!!! ^_^


March 10, 2046

Mother told me that this was the day I was born. I don't remember much about what happened today except my family and home. I hope my writing skills will improve later on.

My first word happened to be my name, which is, "Mewthree." Mother says that I am part, "Mew," as well. Father is a, "Mew," but Mother still loves him. Father is very cute-looking, with young eyes, small legs, and a happy spirit. Mother, though, is tall with big kangaroo legs, and is always walking around with a stern expression. They told me that I would probably be more like Father, since I am the same gender as he.

I sense the hope of a bright life on this place!

March 11, 2046

Mother and Father showed our home to me. It is a very large area, with lots of water and rocks! They usually keep me on a tiny island so bad people wouldn't reach us. Who are the bad people?

I made a new friend later on today! His name is, "Pikachu," and he has no family! I feel sad for him. His mother and father were captured by the bad people and another creature called a, "Raichu," took him in, but treated him meanly. I asked Mother and Father if he could stay on the island with us for safety.

Father didn't mind, but Mother was very suspicious about electric people, especially Pikachu, but I don't know why and I'm afraid to ask! All I really cared for at the momment was that Pikachu could stay with us, which happened!

March 12, 2046

My friend Pikachu (I nicknamed him Piko) told me about what was outside of the world we live in. Is it true that a giant circle supplies almost all the light to the land? Is it true that all of the bad people live there? There would be only ONE way to find out.

I have a already become bored in this home, but Mother says that I must stay here until I am strong enough just to explore this world! The farthest distance away from home that I've been to is on a nearby shore just a few dozen tail spans from our island where I met Piko. I must see the outside, I MUST!

March 16, 2046

I have been training with Piko for a long time now, and I feel prepared to explore the waters around the island alone with Piko watching me. Father granted me that permission to do so.

I found that swimming alone was very relaxing and calm. Goldeen and Seel swam very gracefully around me, and a dozen lumbering Magikarp swished past me. One of the Goldeen and one of the Seel came to greet me and started splashing around, asking me to play with them. There needed to be something to break that deadly quietness in the water, so I accepted the invitation. Soon, we were jumping in and out of the water, dashing in between Magikarp and Psyduck, and hiding inside the tentacles of dozing Tentacruel. I soon found out that the game called, "tag," was very fun! If only Pikachu could join! Eventually, the fun had to stop when Goldeen's and Seel's family, Seaking and Dewgong, called them back home because we were making too much noise. But I could probably play with them again someday, maybe even tomorrow if I have time!

March 17, 2046

I was too worn out from yesterday to do much playing or training. Mainly Piko and I exchanged jokes and stories, occasionally tossing in stuff we wanted to do in the future.

I'm going to keep training with Piko until I come to my goal! You can count on THAT!

August 3, 2047

It seems so long ago when I opened my eyes for the first time. I have been training very hard and went through all the parts of this world that I could find, encountering many mean people and dead ends, but I always had Piko on my side. Mother and Father still refuse to tell me where the entrance to the outside world is, as they have been for the past year.

And ever since the incident I had with a BIG Gyarados last month, Seel and Goldeen haven't shown up around the island. I checked the other body of water that I found, but they weren't there, either! Piko can't find them as well.

Where was everyone? Piko was the only one I had now, with Goldeen and Seel gone, and my parents not trusting me anymore, what could I do. Where could I go?

Piko and I have decided to head out to the place we both had dreamed about for so long, and the one specific area was called: Cerulean City.

We found a long Raticate and Rattata wandering around the world, in search of a new home. We advised them that it was dangerous to live here, and to go back to where they came from. They following our advice and dug a hole underground. Piko and I followed.

We could barely see in the darkness, but Piko and I were pretty used to it. Raticate signaled to his companion that they made it and soon they were out of sight, leaving behind the entrance to a entirely different and bright world.

Piko and I burst out of the hole and were suddenly blind! All I could see was an irritable white! I could hear Pikachu wailing behind me, and then I realized that I was wailing, too. Oh, it was painful! Could a single circle cause this much suffering? Suddenly, I couldn't stand the pain any longer, so I collapsed, winced, but didn't opened my eyes for a VERY long time.

I woke up to see three weird creatures staring at me. They were whispering to each other, but stopped once I looked at them. Then they started talking very loudly. I wasn't blind anymore. Why was that? I looked up to see a dim light that seemed artificial. I turned my head sideways in one direction and saw Piko, who was still fainted. I turned my head the other way and saw a square that was painted black with small white dots spotting it. This was a very strange place!

The creatures were just as strange. They had fur on the top of their heads that were arranges in many different ways, artificial skins that overlapped them, possibly to hide something, and some had circular objects surrounding their eyes. Instantly, I realized who they were. They were called, "humans," but that was what Father said. THESE were the bad people.

August 4, 2047

I don't know why Mother called these people the BAD people, there weren't bad at all! In fact, they spoke to me kindly, gave me a warm place to stay, and let me do all sorts of things! Do you call that BAD?

Piko stays with me in my new home. I'm going to enjoy this new world!

August 6, 2047

The, " bad," people ran some tests on me, for what reason I don't know yet. First, they asked me various questions, such as, " What kind or powers do you know?" " Where is your homelands?" and, " Are you willing to show us some of your skills on other Pokémon?" Currently, I know the following moves: Transform, Surf, Swift, Mega Punch, Barrier, and Metronome. After I mentioned my fifth move, the people looked at me as though they didn't believe me, until I told them that I could learn up to 200 moves of any kind. THAT impressed them.

I told them that I lived in a cave near Cerulean City, but I didn't mention anything about the island. For the last question, I answered with a nod. I haven't battled in a long time.

I was placed into an artificial scenery that was similar to a forest. A Pinsir appeared in front of me, but I spotted a Scyther hiding inside one of the leafy trees. The Pinsir lunged at me, but I dodged and started charging after Scyther, who was in the middle of doing a Sword's Dance. The bug saw me, stopped his move, and tumbled out the tree in surprise. I ceased my attack right before I was going to leap on the tree, and Scyther slashed me really hard. I roared in pain, and in confusion I used Metronome. I ended up doing a fire blast, which was quite effective against the enemy.

I recovered when Scyther fainted, and Pinsir glared at me, but it wasn't an attack. I performed Swift on him and he toppled over. He used some defense move that somehow made my Mega Punch miss him. I don't know much about Pinsir, and this one got up and knocked me down. Ah, yes, this one wanted to be a powerhouse, all right. The only move I could do at that momment was Barrier, so that's what I used! Pinsir's next move barely touched me, and I used Swift once more, this time knocking the creature unconscious. I won!

A new inspiration came over me, and I let it out on the two bugs. It was one the strongest moves, Psychic! I just learned it! Wow! I couldn't wait to tell Piko! But, there was still another test the people wanted to run on me.

They healed me, let me have a short break, but not with Piko, and then sent me into a different area that was much, much higher and had different features, like a cold lake, a large structure for the power that keeps the area good, and a small cave that didn't go underground. Suddenly, I realized who I had to fight: The three legendary bird Pokémon.

Moltres came out from his cave and began to preen himself. Sparks flew this way and that from his tail and wing feathers while his beak dug into his breast and underwing. He completely ignored me.

I stood still, and if I used my new move, I would be able to attack him first without him knowing. I decided to go with my plan, and I performed Psychic on the flying Pokémon. He fell back, confused, and I attacked again with Swift. Now he knew his new enemy.

The people must've thought that fighting the legendary Pokémon was an honor for me. They were wrong. Fighting these Pokémon felt like battling the Elite Four's toughest Pokémon! I just wanted to finish this test and go to Piko, so I had to fight with all my might.

Moltres started to fly up into the air, so I knew that any attacks wouldn't hit him, so I used Barrier. He came down at me with enormous speed and jabbed me right on the forehead, which was very painful, but my move took most of the pain away. Soon, the bird started to glow. This guy must've had the habit of using two-turn attacks!

I quickly decided not to attack, but to use my head. I darted into Moltres's cave that didn't extend that far, and not too long after I saw him using Sky Attack inside the short cave. He ended up smashing his body against the cave wall, making him unconscious. One bird, two more to go!

I decided to head to the mini power plant where Zapdos lived in. He, too, was cleaning himself with his home as well. I saw him sweep some junk out of his shelter, but then he spotted me, so I couldn't surprise-attack him.

The first move on Zapdos I made was Mega Punch, but I only hit its tail, which just annoyed him. He let out a screeching chirp, then Thundershocked me badly, but luckily I wasn't paralyzed. I recovered a little bit from my pain and used Psychic, which I'll probably need to use a LOT from now on. Zapdos winced from the pain shortly, but he was fast enough to try to attack me. He tried Thunder, a very powerful move, on me, but like it does a lot, missed the opponent. I missed my next move, Mega Punch, by only an inch.

I had enough with this attack-and-miss stuff, so I used Swift. After flinching shortly, Zapdos flew high up into the air, so I went inside his unprotected home he had forgotten about. Again I won without attacking last!

Articuno was the last one I had to fight, and he'll probably be the toughest. For one thing, my health was lowered a little more than I thought it would be, and this was an ice/flying Pokémon. It would've been a LOT better is he were a water instead of an ice Pokémon!

I wadded through the cold lake, trying to keep my head above the water, but suddenly I was blown onto the island! I knew what had happened. Articuno was challenging ME instead of me challenging him.

This bird was faster than the other birds, so he attacked me first with an ice beam. I fell back in confusion and used Metronome, making me come back with a Bubblebeam. That was a BAD move, but luckily, Articuno's next move missed me. I used Metronome again and used Thunderpunch, a better, BETTER move, since he was a flying type.

The bird started to glow like Moltres once did, so I did something that I usually do when I want to try new thing, which was transforming into Articuno. The moment I did so, that bird hit my with Sky Attack, but that didn't matter. It was time to have some fun!

I flew up high and continued flying. I couldn't seem to stop because it was so fun and neat! Articuno started following me, but he didn't attack me! Perhaps he thought I was a real Articuno, which I didn't mind. We flew this way and that together for a while until the people called the bird back. I flew down to the exit door where the people were and asked me if I like flying, and I really did.

After I turned back to my real self, the people taught me the Fly move with one of their HM's. It's just amazing what those machines can do! I tested it out and I started flying around the room! Actually, it was more like gliding since I had no wings to flap, so that's that!

August 7, 2047

I gave Piko an exciting ride around our home and both of us liked it! It's just too hard to describe what it feels like up in the air! It sort of feels like swimming in the air without anything to slow you down, which makes it a whole lot better. Plus, it isn't cold!

Well, I'm pretty tucked out from the large battle, so I'll be resting now.

The legendary Pokémon are usually at level 50, so I know that I'm at a very high level, maybe even at level 70! Wow!

November 10, 2047

More tests have been performed on me these past months. I've fought with Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and tons of other creatures I don't know about.

I had asked the bad people why they were doing this after today's test, but they gave me a cold shoulder and sent me to my room. I had to find out what was going on!

In my room, Piko told me that he found an escape route that led to the leader's workroom. Perhaps the answers to my questions lie there! Once I saw the leader write some notes in some journal just like this one. I'll have to check it out tonight when the people go home and the leader and manager goes to sleep in the other rooms.

Restlessly I waited for night to come. The people gave us some Protein, Carbos, and Iron, but I didn't touch them. I was too busy thinking up plans for the investigation. I didn't just want to just slip in, read the journal, and slip back out, I wanted to find out what life outside THIS place was like. I suddenly realized that this place was just like the island back home. Information was hidden from me, everyone else was gone, and Piko was still the only one I could trust.

Night finally came after what seemed forever, and everything was going according to plan. Piko would cover for me and call me if someone was coming.

The escape route was actually a maze of large ventilation tunnels. Piko said that the first exit was the leader's workplace. I saw an opening and crawled through it. There was a very tiny THUMP, but it wasn't enough to disturb anyone's sleep. The cat traits were starting to fade away.

My first priority was to look for the journal. I opened some nearby shelves on the desk, but they were just research papers. On the desktop there was a picture of Mew and Mewtwo. I clicked on the desk light and looked at the desktop.. The first thing I noticed was a book titled, "100 days with Mewthree." The leader was writing a Pokémon book!

But what does he mean by 100 days? Was he truly so expectant that I would stay in a place where I could only trust one person? I calculated a little bit and figured that there was only 5 days to the 100 day mark! What would happen to Piko and me afterwards? I didn't want to think about it.

I opened the book cover and read the first entry.

" August 3: Mewthree had been discovered in a cave near Cerulean City. Strangely enough, his companion is a Pikachu, the same creature that the Great Pokémon master owns, to be exact. We will return him to the owner after our study."

They're taking Piko away? I won't let them separate us! If I'm coming with him I won't mind because I'd be getting out of this jailhouse! No offense or anything…

" It has been 50 years since the rarest Pokémon Mew created Mewtwo. When a Mew and Mewtwo mix, Mewthree is the result. Mewthree's have the intelligence of Mewtwo and the powers of Mew, possibly making it the most powerful Pokémon yet! We will give it a few tests soon."

That's all I could read before Piko told me to come back. Something had to be done, but I needed some sleep.

November 15, 2047

I woke up when something had nudged me hard. It was some of the people who were studying with the leader. In a grumpy manner I asked what was going on.

" Here!" one of the frantic ones shouted, shoving a few coin holders into my arms, " There's a bunch of Max Potions in those!"

" You don't have much time!" said another person who gave me another purse filled with full heals. Yet ANOTHER person gave me a few Full Restores.

Nobody was answering my question, so I shouted it really loudly.

" Not so loud!" one of them hissed. He handed me a lab coat, shirt, pants, and glasses, " Here. Put them on." That wasn't necessary. I used my transform move to change into one of the scientists, with the clothes and glasses. " Oops. Never mind," he replied. I asked him what was going on again, this time very calmly.

The man sighed. " It's our boss. He's going mad! He's been shouting at all of us and now he wants to sell you for a ton of money to Team Rocket!"

" You've got to get out of here!" they told me. I asked them why they even cared if I went to Team Rocket or not, " You don't know who they are? They don't treat their Pokémon nicely and they use them as if they were TOOLS for their evil doings!"

" We're going to disband this laboratory and go to Cinnabar Island for the resurrection research," one of the females said, " You should go look for Pikachu at Indigo Plateau." WHAT???

" Our boss transferred your Pikachu back to his owner, Ash Ketchem," said another scientist. He showed me the outside world the sun blazed upon. " Go. GO!" he shouted. I had to obey him, so I left.

I didn't have any clue where I was exactly, so I headed west, but I was blocked by a barrier, which I flew over. I hoped no one saw me, since I had changed back to normal form. The path led to a cave with a sign next to it saying, " Mt. Moon-Cerulean City." I guess I'll go backwards, since I knew the pathway to Indigo Plateau was in Viridian City.

I stepped inside the dim cave and the first thing I saw was a mass of trainers looking for Pokémon and fights. A few of them had Pikachu, but they were only needed to get rid of hungry Zubats. I took a few paces inside and took the disguise of a scientist. I hoped no one would challenge me, but a sneering voice invited me.

" Ah, a scientist! You must have some rare Pokémon, don't you?" said a red-haired woman. A blue-haired man accompanied her, with a Meowth as well. The man's hair lift REALLY annoyed me.

" I'm afraid we haven't introduced, quiet one!" the man said.

" Prepare for trouble!"

" And make it double!" Huh?

" To protect the world from devastation!"

" To unite all people within our nation!"

" To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

" To extend our reach to the stars above!"

" Jesse…"

" James…"

" Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

" Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

" You know, they're actually Jesse and James II, but they don't like to admit it."

" Be QUIET, Meowth, you just ruined our motto!" roared James. He and his partner started jumping on their Pokémon, but they eventually stopped. His voice went back to normal and he faced me to say,

" Ready yet? Send out your best Pokémon so we can stea-"

" DON'T TELL HIM OUR PLANS, YOU MORON!" the Meowth hissed, whacking James on the back of the head.

" Send out your Pokémon, scientist!" Jesse smirked. I decided that there was no way out from Team Rocket besides fighting them, so I returned to normal to show my true identity. They had no idea who or what I was, but since I could transform, they thought I was a Ditto, until I told them who Mewthree was.

" Go, Koffing!" James shouted, throwing some ball onto the ground. A Koffing appeared. Jesse did the game thing with Ekans and Meowth stepped up to fight, too.

I couldn't fight three Pokémon at the same time, low leveled or not!

Barrier was the first move I used, which I truly needed. The other three attacked at the same time, but one missed. I attacked back with Psychic, and it hit my enemies straight on. Quickly, I tried to escape but Ekans had one of my legs in his coils, making me trip. Meowth took advantage of this situation and body slammed me hard. I was paralyzed!

" Koffing! Smog, now!" James shouted excitingly.

I was losing because the enemies were cheating! I kept on getting Smogged and scratched and the only thing I could use was Barrier! Luckily, a good opportunity came when Ekans missed his wrap move, so I flew high up into the air to escape. Then, I used one of my Full Heals.

" Hey! No fair!" James wailed, " Koffing, go after him!"

Koffing was hovering towards me, but I was too high up for him to reach me. I was too tired to think about what to do or go next or how lucky I was. After a VERY long time of chasing me, the two Team Rocket members retreated, vowing that they'd capture me in a, " Pokéball," whatever THAT is.

A few bug-catchers saw me, but since they didn't know if I existed, they either avoided me or ran away. A Paras challenged me and I got rid of him with a simple Swift. By the end of the say I was still stuck in the cave, so I found a nice place to sleep for the night.

November 16, 2047

I found a potion in the cave after a short time of traveling and used it to restore most of my lost energy. I also found my way out of this rock pile. Once I got out, a Pokéball was hurling at me. I swacked it away easily.

" Hmph!" said the person who threw the ball, " You're going to be a challenge! Go, Butterfree!" The person sent out his Butterfree, who was active and mean-looking.

I attempted to Fly away, but the Butterfree followed my and used Stun Spore. I was paralyzed AGAIN! Now I had to waste another Full Heal.

" Butterfree! Confusion, now!" shouted the trainer. The Pokémon used Confusion but it didn't affect me much.

I decided to fight this battle, so I used Metronome, making me use ice beam, a very effective move.

The Butterfree fainted, the trainer gasped and he ran off, dropping some money on the ground. I took the money as a prize for winning a trainer battle. It happened to be $1000, which meant that this trainer had lots of money.

I got healed in the Pokécenter in the disguise of a Mewtwo (my mother) so that none of the nearby trainers would try to steal me (Mewtwos are considered to be rare and very hard to control by the people). Afterwards, I flew to Pewter City, only encountering a few Spearow and a Pidgey, which I used Swift on. Something was happening in this city, though.

Some nice person told my scientist form that the daycare here was having problems, so I decided to go there. Brock, the man who works there was moaning about Team Rocket stealing his Pokémon. When he raised his head and saw me, he looked at me gawk-eyed.

" Are you a Mew?" he asked me. He saw right through me transformation! I asked him how he knew and what was going on, " I was taking care of a Mew that could transform like you, until they stole her…" he started to mope more, " Last night Team Rocket went into the daycare and took all the Pokémon that were out of their Pokéballs!"

When I asked him what I could do to help, he replied with a loooong explanation…

" These Pokémon that were stolen out of their Pokéballs can't be put into any other Pokéball except the one that they used to be in before they were stolen. I still have those Pokéballs and they each have labels telling which Pokémon goes to which. The reason that I can't go out to get them back is because I still have new customers coming in and I still have other Pokémon to raise."

" If you go, I'll reward you and supply the potions and healings, but I don't know if you have the heart to do so…" he jammed his head into his crossed arms and sobbed. I went up to him, sat on a chair with him, and stroked his hair. By now, my transformation had worn off. I wanted to go get these Pokémon from Team Rocket.

After receiving my supplies, I headed out to the north, where very few people go through because it is surrounded by vicious Team Rocket members. If I used my Fly move, I could probably get away from battling most of them.

I was challenged by a few of the members that were patrolling the skies and they sent out bird Pokémon. I had to use Psychic a few times when I was in trouble. The only time that I remember when I got hurt was when a Fearow wing attacked me with a critical hit.

Not too soon I arrived at the large Team Rocket base and I went into a comfy tree to rest for the night. I watched the front gate (which was guarded by four Team Rocket members, two on the ground, one in the air and one underground) and I saw an innocent trainer get kicked out of their base, taking all of his Pokémon except for his so-called worthless Magikarp. I approached the trainer after he was out of range from any Rocket and asked if I could help. He didn't tell me anything that I could do for him, but he kept on hinting me about his helpless fish. That's when I remember that I had tons of Rare Candy with me.

I gave most of them to the trainer, who gave me lots of gratitude and told me to visit him in Cinnabar Island if I ever get there. He ran off, a little less disappointed, but he forgot to tell me who he was and he didn't seem frightened to see a Pokémon like me. I guess he wanted to go home badly because of all the events that just occurred.

I had trouble sleeping tonight. I kept on thinking about how I would get the stolen Pokémon and I was worried that a Team Rocket member would spot me. I knew some of the Pokémon that Team Rocket had stolen from the trainer: Pidgeot, Venusaur, and Vaporeon, all very good Pokémon. If I saved them they could help me get to Piko and I could help them get back to their original owner. With that thought in mind, I closed my eyes and went to sleep.



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