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The magnificent Lord Frieza reclined in his hover chair as it carried him down the corridors of his biggest and favorite base on a planet that He'd named Frieza. At least, the planet would be named Frieza so long as it was his favorite planet. Let's see, how long would it take to establish a newer, bigger base on that planet that the Ginyu had so kindly cleared out for him? Well, one person should know.

"Zarbon", Frieza enjoyed watching Zarbon jump from being addressed so suddenly, "how goes the progress on Larane?" Zarbon stopped as the hover chair halted and turned to face his master. He seemed a bit nervous about the subject.

"Well, Lord Frieza, things don't seem to have gone as well as we had hoped. The entire Ginyu Force returned critically injured and are in the recovery sector of the east wing right now. However, their morale has taken a far worse beating. As you know, they've never been defeated before and their confidence is in shambles. Not that I pity them", Zarbon's resentment of the Ginyus was now clear on his face, "If you ask me, it's about time that someone took them down a notch. I'm sure it's nothing that Dodoria and I can't handle."

"Zarbon, you fool! You know that if the Ginyu Force cannot finish the job, then you can't either. Stop being so delusional! …I'll have to clear the planet myself, how annoying. Worse yet, I'll have to do something about the Ginyu Force."

"Pardon me, Lord," Dodoria interrupted", but what do you mean by that?" Frieza was entertained by the ignorance of his minions.

"You've heard of the "Little Engine That Could", haven't you? Well, my engine is off schedule and derailed! If this little engine doesn't start "thinking it can" and getting some steam into it, I will become most agitated."

"Wonderful analogy, Lord Frieza!" Zarbon cheered, never missing an opportunity to kiss up.

"You think so? I made it up myself." It was about that moment when a ruckus started down the corridor from the group. There running with impressive speed for a child, was the Prince Vegeta. The saiyan boy had a pleased smirk on his face and was carrying something in his right arm.

"Stop, you little brat! Get back here right now!" a large brownish alien bellowed. However, Vegeta had already stopped. He stood looking nonchalantly at Frieza and his group as the alien continued to dash obliviously toward them. Sensing the impending havoc, the little saiyan moved off to the side, out of harm's way. The large alien, however, collided with an even larger alien. The brown humanoid thing bounced right off of Dodoria's huge and apparently springy belly and landed on his rear end before the group.

"Watch where you're going, you low class weakling! What's going on here anyway?" Dodoria hovered over the now trembling creature as it pointed a sausage-like finger toward the Prince.

"That boy there, he just stole food from the kitchen. No one steals food from my kitchen! I was just about to cream the little twerp when he took off!" Vegeta did not show any remorse of even make an attempt to hide the evidence of his crime. Instead, he stood straight and looked Frieza directly in his red and heartless eyes. Frieza did not show it but if he could feel such things, he felt admiration for the boy. Vegeta rarely sunk so low as to commit petty crimes as he had today, but when he was caught in the wrong, he never begged for mercy or even tried to deny the deed. He took his punishment with as much dignity as he could and never cried. This added to the fact that he was adorable and accidentally pouted when he was trying to look tough had caused Frieza to favor the little boy.

"Now, Vegeta, you know better. What a naughty boy, you're being. Why would you do a thing like this? You're usually so well behaved." Frieza spoke with a disgusting sweetness that made Zarbon flinch. Zarbon couldn't help but feel jealous of Frieza's fondness for such a brat. Really, he might as well name the boy Spot, tie a leash around his neck, and give him a basket to sleep in.

"I was hungry," Vegeta said with annoying confidence. Frieza's eyes turned to Dodoria. Dodoria was in charge of food rations for all elite soldiers.

"Don't look at me, sire, he's already eating as much as the other two saiyans combined. I don't know what his problem is."

"Someone took my lunch. If I could find him, I would've just beat him and eaten him myself, but he got away from me. He was shorter than me and green." Vegeta blinked. He was sure, that the person was shorter than he was.

"Aw what a shame, so your lunch got stolen by a little green man. Maybe this should teach you to be more protective about your food. Now, what's a fitting punishment? How about a couple nights in isolation with no food at all?" Zarbon strutted over to the prince, putting the boy in his shadow and forcing the child to look up at him.

"Now, Zarbon, don't be cruel. He's only a boy after all. Run along, Vegeta, you know how Nappa worries when he can't find you. And I don't want to hear of you stealing again understand."

"Yes, Lord Frieza." The prince gave a well-practiced bow and ran off in the direction of the saiyan's apartments but only after showing Zarbon a cocky smirk.

"Ah, but Lord Frieza!" Zarbon felt wronged, he had been looking forward to showing the cocky little brat who's boss.

"Are you questioning my methods, Zarbon?" Frieza smiled as he saw the look of horror on his lackey's face. "Besides, that little bit of missing food won't hurt anyone. He is a growing boy. Your plan would have left one of my elite fighters too weak to be of any use. Aside from that, I have an idea of how to help out my Ginyus and he's part of it." Frieza then let out one of his most bone-chilling laughs, causing Zarbon, Dodoria, and the stunned brown alien to shudder.

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