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Chapter 4

"Alright, Vegeta, this is where you'll be living for a week", the man that Vegeta now knew as Ginyu said. Vegeta had listened in on their conversations as they walked, and from that, he had picked up their names. He'd also picked up a bit on their personalities. They got along rather well, but the green booger known as Guldo was the outcast. He was the weakest, the ugliest, and he wasn't very smart. He also had a love for picking on anyone who was as small as or smaller than he was. Jees, the orange man with the hair and Burter, the blue insect-looking creature got along together the best. Recoome, a big man with orange hair, loved children, and Captain Ginyu, the leader with the horns, loved anything that appealed to his ego.

Anyway, Vegeta crept past the eight shaved legs to examine his new environment. It was much more like a penthouse suite than an apartment. The five hosts let him alone to explore at his leisure, checking up on him occasionally to chuckle at his awe. The place really reminded him most of his palace back home, only it was geared to suit movie stars instead of warriors. They had a big screen TV complete with every video game imaginable. There was a pool, bar, kitchen, dining room, obstacle course, a private studio, and five bedrooms.

"You can sleep with me if you want, huh little guy? It will be fun, like a slumber party," Recoome said. However, Captain Ginyu already decided that Vegeta would bunk with each member of the Force in turn starting with the Captain himself. For the most part Vegeta did not have much to say to the group. He thought they were a bunch of disturbing freaks and didn't much want to associate with them. The Ginyu Force accredited this to the fact that they were so intimidating, powerful, and popular.

"Poor little tyke probably can't think of anything to say now that he's finally met his all time favorite heroes, eh boys?" The other four were amused about this and all enjoyed a good chuckle. Vegeta was amazed at the egocentricism in the room. Worst of all, none of it was his. He also noted that for a bunch of high-ranking fighters, they acted much more like children than he did.

In fact, Vegeta had just sat down to observe a conflict between Burter and Jees over who won a video game when Captain Ginyu came in with an announcement.

"Alright guys, playtime is over. It's time to start our morning exercises so we can see how much style this little guy has really got."

"Style? Do you mean fighting style?" Vegeta asked a look of utter bafflement on his face.

"Just you follow us to the studio. We'll show you what I mean." Ginyu led the way to the large studio room. Vegeta could not understand any of this. Who trained in a studio anyway? There were too many lights and a camera sitting around, all waiting to be broken by a careless chi blast. "Alright, Vegeta, you go stand over there where you won't get hurt and we'll show you how it's done." Vegeta obeyed, walking over to the designated area in no kind of hurry and then leaning against the wall with his arms crossed in front of his chest. "Ready boys?" Ginyu cried.

"Ready!" was the unanimous answer from all. "We are…" They all took their respective positions. "The Ginyu Force!" Each of them did their own stupid pose.

Vegeta just stood there. His mouth hung open a bit and he blinked several times. Was that it? Quickly, Vegeta tried to rationalize. Perhaps these positions could be of some benefit in battle. However, no matter how hard he thought, he could not seem to find any use for these ridiculous positions. Suddenly, an idea struck him, one that frightened him badly. These fools must really be circus freaks! They can't possibly be an army! These weirdoes might try to make him jump through hoops or ride a tiny motorcycle for all that he knew. Vegeta took on a defensive position and began looking for an escape route in case he needed to make a hasty retreat. Mentally, he cursed Raditz. How could he allow a bunch of creeps to make off with his own prince? Vegeta really hoped that Nappa strangled that low-class loser.

Meanwhile, Nappa had just finished strangling Raditz and was now pondering how he could possibly retrieve Vegeta from the most powerful warriors in the universe. Raditz just sat, conscious, but in a lot of pain after his second beating for the day. He massaged his aching neck and watched Nappa with one eye, but otherwise he did not move for fear of attracting attention. Nappa began to pace. Every idea led him back to one question. Why had they taken Vegeta, out of all the young boys on base? He was the youngest, truly, but he wasn't the strongest of them. Nor was he the most obedient or humble, but he probably could outsmart most if not all of the other boys. Frieza was the only answer.

It always disturbed Nappa that Frieza took such an interest in the young prince, even before it disturbed King Vegeta. Frieza had to be behind this most recent development. Nappa growled to himself. Frieza was probably trying to condition Vegeta to work in his private army someday. Well, Nappa would show him! He would march right down there and tell that creature…Nappa had actually begun to leave the room when he suddenly had a better idea.

"Raditz, you come with me!"

"Well, Vegeta, aren't you even going to try?" Ginyu asked in a coaxing tone.


"Then maybe later, when you feel more comfortable around us you'll try. I promise that we won't laugh."

"Sure, just write down my tryout date as…let's see, when do you think HFIL will be freezing over?"

"Now, Vegeta, there's no need to be rude. I don't think you understand the importance of style training. All right boys, you keep practicing. I'll explain some things to our little guest." Vegeta let out a little growl as Ginyu approached him. "Yes, yes, I know you're tough, but have you got style? You can be the best fighter in the universe, but if you haven't got the style to go with it, what will people remember of you?" Vegeta looked away for a moment, and then looked back at Ginyu wondering if this was a trick question.

"…that you're the best fighter in the universe?"

"…who has no style! Don't you see, they'll say things like 'Vegeta has a power level of over a million, but did you see how he stood after defeating that one guy or those outdated clothes that he was wearing?'. You don't want that do you?" Vegeta did not answer. He was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the idiocy of it all. It was so overwhelming that for a moment he wondered if this all made sense and he just wasn't smart enough to understand. However, that was only for a moment.

"You moron, do you even know what you're talking about because I sure don't. I could wear the rattiest clothes imaginable, and it wouldn't matter because no one would dare to tell me to my face! Just show me where you people do the real training! I don't get up this early for nothing!" In response, Ginyu just let out an exasperated sigh and placed two fingers on his temples. Clearly, the child was just too young to understand something as complex as style training just yet.

"Alright, kiddo, have it your way. Now, you just stay here and watch. Maybe you'll learn by example if I can't explain it to you." With that, Ginyu joined his men while shouting orders to "straighten those legs" and remember, "Facial expression is key". Vegeta took a seat on the floor and watched for a short time. However, style practice continued for over an hour and no five-year old (even a five-year old prince) could possible pay attention to something for that long. Therefore, in order to do something productive to pass the time he began doing a tail conditioning exercise that was often used by elite saiyans. He would squeeze the base and slide his hand down to the more sensitive tip. He'd pause only when the pain became unbearable before trying it again. Each time he was able to squeeze a bit harder and push a bit further.

With each step, Nappa pushed Raditz a bit harder and a bit further to Frieza's chambers. Despite his beatings, the third-class saiyan was managing to put up an impressive resistance to the elite.

"Come on, Raditz, move it! You screwed up, so now it's time to fix things. All you have to do is tell Frieza that we want Vegeta back. It's that simple!"

"Then you do it. If he gets mad, you have a greater chance of living than I do. I'm already injured, haven't I been punished enough?"

"No, not really. Think of Vegeta! He could be scared and crying for us right now and thinking that we abandoned him."

"Nappa, you moron! He's probably the one making them cry! If we brought him back now, he'd probably be pissed because we interrupted his fun." This actually caused Nappa to stop and think about what he was doing. If Vegeta got upset at them for messing up his good time, he would undoubtedly take his frustrations out on them. In fact, it might be safer just to leave him. Frieza liked the boy too much to let anything serious happen to him. In fact, they'd probably bring Vegeta back early and beg to get rid of him.

"Alright, Raditz, let's make a bet. I'll bet you half of my midday ration that they bring him back in three days." Raditz slumped with relief and nearly fell over.

"Three days seems a bit extreme. I'll bet you my new armor that they bring him back in five days."

"Ooo, you mean the armor with the black trim? Great, it's a deal!"

"He's a little beast," Jees muttered as he watched Vegeta spar with Recoome. They had been going on for quite a while now, and while Recoome was unquestionably stronger than the child was, Vegeta seemed to have a boundless amount of energy. What seemed to have developed by this time was a rather complex game of fox and hound. Vegeta was on the defensive, evading and fleeing but occasionally taunting to keep Recoome's attention. Recoome obediently gave chase, trying hard to hit Vegeta with any attack to no great avail. Vegeta would nimbly move out of harm's way repeatedly. This however, was not Vegeta's preferred strategy. He found it much more fun to just attack head on, but when dealing with someone with a higher chi, one had to get creative. Finally, Recoome managed to maneuver Vegeta into a corner, and with one very large blast, he finished the battle.

"Wow, I haven't had fun like that in a while! These saiyans sure do have more to them than they look. Man, he sure did wear me out!" Recoome exited the training room with the unconscious Saiyan Prince hanging limply in one arm.

"You'd better hope that he's still in good enough condition to fight in the Tournament tomorrow. The Captain will be furious if he's not in top condition."

"Oh sure, I didn't hurt him. I just stunned him a little. See, he's already coming around." Vegeta made a soft groan and flexed his small hands a bit, but he did not make any other attempts to move. Jees cocked an eyebrow at Recoome.

"Well come on Jees, it's like 11PM. That's way too late for a little kid to be up. Especially after such a busy day, there was style training, then swimming. That was fun!"

"Yeah, but did it seem to you like he picked on Guldo? I mean, the way that he stole Guldo's swimming trunks and ran off with them and the way that he kept shoving Guldo in the deep end of the pool even though he can hardly swim, you'd think that Vegeta had it out for him!"

"I'm sure that was nothing. Guldo is closer to his size than the rest of us, so I can understand why he would want to play with him more. Vegeta was just playing. Saiyans play rough like that. Besides, I can't really feel sorry for Guldo. That'll teach him to always cheat using his time freeze whenever we play Marco Polo. However, I could have killed Vegeta during my soap operas."

"Hey, I told you before that those were too mature for him."

"But he could have at least kept quiet. It was always, 'How can she be pregnant if she's not married?' or 'What? Did they just say that that's not really a man?' God, what a pain…"

"Kids ask questions, that's how they learn."

"You know how else they learn?"


"By getting into things that they should leave alone."


"Like your make-up…"

"Why did you have to go and bring that up?"

"It does kind of look like paint, Jees."

"Alright! All right, let's just agree that this is a little more than we expected it to be. I mean, we don't have to keep him for the whole week."

"Aww, but Jees, that'd break his heart!"

"Better his heart broken than our minds lost."

"But even you've got to admit it, Jees, that he is awfully cute when he's asleep like this."

"Only a little!"

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