Yu-Gi-Oh! is probably the best anime that a freak like me will come to love. However, it's also an anime that I did not have the brains to come up with and therefore, do not own.

Jou and Mai was a couple, but Mai leaves with Valon, leaving Jou heartbroken and alone. He moves on and realizes that he has feelings for a certain blue eyed CEO. Little by little, Seto and Jou fall in love with each other, but do not admit it out loud. However, Mai comes back, expecting Jou and her to be together. She breaks up whatever Jou and Seto had and persuades Jou to give her a second chance. Jou is confused. He thought he would be thrilled to have Mai back in his life, yet he cannot stop thinking about a person he left hanging. When Seto decides that it hurts him too much, he makes a decision to leave Domino City forever to get over Jou, and to never return. Will Jou realize his feelings for Seto before it's too late?

Slight Yugi and Yami, Bakura and Ryou, Otogi and Honda, and Mai (possibly Anzu) bashing.

Main couple: Seto and Jou

The Last to Know

Blinded by Love and Lies

"Good job, Jou! You played a great game!"

"Thank God we had you!"

Katsuya Jounouchi grinned as people start to leave the locker room. It was Saturday afternoon, another end to another game. Katsuya was part of the Domino High soccer team. He was the best soccer player on the team. The coach always made sure that he was out on the field, not sitting down on the bench. Other teams winced at the thought of his kick. He was definitely good.

"Bye Jou!"

"See you later!"

Katsuya was his first name. He goes by his last name though, only his sister, Serenity calls him Katsuya. Ah… Serenity. How he missed her. She lived in another city with his mother. His parents were divorced and the two were separated. He was currently living with his father now. His father wasn't that bad; he was a recovering alcoholic and was doing much better than before. He was actually working now, making enough money so Jou had enough time to play on the team instead of having to work 24/7.

Jou was the last one left in the room. He put away the last of his clothes and headed outside. The sun was shining brightly, just like Jou was. He was in a terrific mood. On the benches, he saw that his friends were still there waiting for him. His smile grew wider. He was looking forward to spending the afternoon with them and hanging out by the arcade. He really deserved a break.

From afar, he could make out his shortest and best friend: Yugi Muto. With his spiky red hair and blonde spikes, it was kind of hard not to. Yugi used to be one of the guys Jou would pick on until Jou came to his senses. Now Jou was the one protecting Yugi from the bullies. Normally, people know to back off, but there were some that still needed to learn.

Luckily for Yugi, he also had Yami to protect him. Yami was like Yugi's protector/mother/brother/friend. Jou knew that Yami had a "thing" for Yugi, but Yami was too shy to anything. Yugi, naïve and innocent, had no idea that Yami had these feelings for him. It was pretty obvious, but hey, people were blind.

Sitting next to Yami, was Ryou. He had shoulder length white hair with the biggest chocolate colored eyes you would ever see. He was very quiet, much like Yugi, and used to be picked on. He was the calmest out of everyone and was very optimistic, just like Yugi. He was currently dating Bakura, one of the most popular guys in school.

Bakura was Ryou's boyfriend. He was often looked at as the "tough guy" but at heart, he was a really sweet guy. He was very protective of his lover and will not hesitate to beat you up if he finds you had been flirting with his boyfriend. He had no problem showing people how much he loves Ryou, and was often getting in trouble for too much PDA.

Honda was Jou's best friend after Yugi. Honda and Jou go way back; they had known each other since they were little kids. Honda was very loud and that mouth of his gets him in trouble with the teachers. He was a guy that really wants to be loved by someone. He's jealous of what Bakura and Ryou had and was often searching for "the one". That was probably the reason why he was always keeping an eye out for a hot girl to ask out. (The poor guy keeps getting rejected).

Otogi was the only other guy who owned a game shop other than Yugi. He's a little queer, but wasn't everyone? He had green jaded eyes and you normally knew it was Otogi if he had a dice hanging out of his ear. (Jou had been wondering how he managed to keep that earring on for years.) He played Duel Monster, but preferred to play his own game he had invented earlier on, Dungeon Dice Monsters. Honda considered Otogi his biggest opponent because Otogi had the charms, the looks, and basically everything a girl would want. He was a 'pretty' boy.

"Hey guys!" Jou greeted them cheerfully. "Ready to go?"

Yugi nodded, smiling at his friend. "Are you sure you don't want to wait a while? I mean, you just played a long game and all… surely you are tired…"

That's just like Yugi, always making sure everyone was okay. Jou shook his head. "C'mon, Yugi! You know me! Always energetic for a good game… and some food! But," he paused and looked around, "where is Mai?"

Yami frowned and his face looked as if he wanted to remark about how rude she was, but merely said politely in a neutral tone, "She left."

Mai Valentine was Jou's two month girlfriend. Even though school had just started two months ago, she already had a reputation around school as being a 'slut' and 'the-bitch-that-slept-with-every-guy'. She certainly dressed like one; she could be found wearing a skimpy top and either a really, really short skirt or dead tight jeans with high heeled boots. She was a cheerleader and wasn't very smart. She hangs with the "bad crowd". She skipped school and drank beer and other alcoholic drinks a lot, even though people knew she was not of the proper age. Not surprisingly, Yugi, Yami, Bakura, Ryou, Otogi, and definitely Honda, do not like Mai. She was always off flirting with some football player, leaving Jou hurt and alone while putting on a happy face to cover up his unhappiness and nervousness. However, whenever Mai had no one to talk to (no one she considered popular or good enough for her) she'll come running to Jou in her sweet voice and that got Jou every time. That only happened once a week. She doesn't hang out with him, doesn't talk to him, but she finds the time to talk to all the other guys. Sometimes, people question why Jou won't dump Mai. It's obvious that Mai was using Jou when there was no one else around or if she had no plans for the night. She called Jou her "last minute date" when she had no one else. Yet Jou, being Jou, refused to believe all the rumors and gossips and trusted Mai with all his heart.

"Yeah, with three of the soccer players," Bakura chimed in. "Ow! What was that for?" he exclaimed when Ryou elbows him in the stomach, his attention diverted.

"Man, she said to meet her to go watch a movie too. I guess she forgot…" his voice trailed off and Jou shrugged, pretending he didn't care or mind. "That's Mai, always finding guys to talk to." He laughed weakly as if to prove it didn't bother him, but his friends knew it did.

Honda did not look happy. His eyes were concerned. "Jou, you seriously need to dump that bitch."

Jou stopped laughing and automatically, he went to a defensive and offended tone that he used when arguing with people about Mai. "She's not a bitch, Honda! Leave her alone. She's my girlfriend, okay?"

Silence. Awkward tension in the air. Otogi broke it by coughing. "Let's go grab a bite down at the pizzeria shall we?"


"All right, I'm starving!"

As they were walking, a new conversation started. Obviously, they were trying to pretend that the last remark never occurred. Jou looked down at his shoe. "Sorry I snapped at you Honda."

"It's alright, Jou. I'm just concerned."

"Well don't be, okay? Mai just has a lot of friends and a lot of it just happens to be guys."

Honda looked like he wanted to say something else, but he changed his mind at the last minute. In his mind, Jou shouldn't have to justify Mai's behavior.

"Dang, Jou, you just ate half the pizza!"

"Not my fault you were slow!"

The gang was hanging out down at the pizzeria. Jou had just eaten his twelfth pizza, more than half. It wasn't his fault! He was just very hungry. He reached over for his cup of Coke and takes a long gulp.

Honda opened his mouth to argue back when he was interrupted by a table nearby, laughing out loud. They all turned their attention to the group of people that had just arrived.

It was the cheerleaders, in their usual short skirt and tight white top. They were with the jocks, with one hanging on each arm. Jou did not care about that part, however. He was more concerned with a certain blonde cheerleader kissing and hanging onto another guy.

The table was silent as they all watch them sit down and take their menus to order. Everyone noticed that Mai was acting as if she didn't have a boyfriend by constantly touching the other guy.

Everyone was at first shocked, but soon recovered by feeling a rush of anger, for Jou. Yugi looked down at his pizza, only wishing that nothing like this would have happened. Everybody else at the table remained quiet, unsure of what to say.

Yami was the first to speak. "Jou, I…"

Jou stopped him from talking by talking first. "Guys, it's not big deal! Mai was having a good time and she just lost track of time."

Honda looked straight up mad. This was not the first time Jou had defended Mai and her behavior, and this was practically the last straw. He clenched his first and was ready for an all out war with Jou over Mai again when Ryou stepped in.

Ryou was the least mad at the table besides Jou, who was only hurt by Mai. Normally the peacemaker, he said, "Jou, I think she's having a bit too much fun," as gently as possible. "And Honda, calm down. There is no need to look like you want to kill someone."

"Yeah? Well, I think someone should over to her and give her a shove in the—"

He was interrupted by Mai giggling loudly and screeching, grabbing their attention once more.

Mai looked over and saw Jou for the first time. She said something briefly and climbed out of the booth. She made her way over to their table, moving slowly and dramatically. She put on one of her sweet smiles that gave her an innocent expression and greeted Jou. "Hi Jou!"

Yugi's eyes were full of concern and worry for his friend. Next to him, Yami took Yugi's hand and squeezed it as if to reassure him. Ryou was too busy yelling at Bakura again quietly for suggesting them to "go home and do laundry". Otogi's attention was diverted to the pizza that was left alone. And Honda? He looked more than just a little bit angry.

Jou, who was already hurt by Mai who had ditched him earlier, seemed to brighten up like a Christmas tree at the sound of Mai's voice. "Hey Mai. Looks like you're having fun. I meant to ask, are we still on for tonight? I planned something really special for the two of us..."

Mai shrugged carelessly. "Yeah, about that…"

Jou's face started to look crestfallen. "Busy?" he asked softly, trying his best to hide his hurt feelings.

"Yeah. You know Danny? No wait, of course you don't. Anyways, he has this party going on tonight. It's kind of last minute, he just invited me. I would take you, but you would be in my way and everyone else's way of fun. No offense, you're kind of boring. Oh, but guess what! There is a Jacuzzi, so I need to go shopping for a new bikini. The last one I had some dork spilled soda on it. You understand my problem right? Do you mind?"

"A Jacuzzi?"

Mai stomped her foot impatiently and crossed her arms. "Yeah, weren't you listening? God, Jou, you're so stupid sometimes."

Maybe Jou was able to ignore that cruel remark, but Yugi, ignoring Mai's unkind actions, wasn't. He frowned, clearly not happy and wanted to say something to stick up for his friend, but however, Yugi did not want to be mean no matter who he was talking to (even if it's the queen of mean) so in the nicest voice possible, he said, "Mai, Jou is not stupid, he was merely repeating what you said to clarify your statement. I would really appreciate it if you didn't treat Jou like that."

Mai's eyes glanced over to him, finally realizing Yugi's presence. Her lips curved into a nasty insincere smile. "Well, Yugi, I didn't see you there! I guess you were just a little bit too short. By the way, how is your dad doing? Still in the loony bin? Why, I heard the nastiest rumor about it the other day too…"

Yugi's parents were involved in a car crash. His mother, a wonderful, charming lady that was loved and adored by everyone, had died instantly. His father had survived, but had taken a horrible blow to the head, causing him to have problems thinking normally. He was sent to a mental institution in hopes of recovering. That was the reason why Yugi and Yami live with his grandfather. Yugi didn't like to talk about this situation very much because although he liked living with his grandfather, he still missed his father and mother every day.

Instantly, Yugi's big violet eyes were filling up with tears at the mention of his father. Yami glared murderously with hatred, now showing signs of what was obviously deep loathing. "Mai, you better keep that pretty mouth of yours shut if you want to keep it for the party, which I'm sure you'll want to put to use," Yami threatened, practically hissing, his ruby eyes ice cold.

Otogi, who was now aware of a dilemma brewing and everyone's faces, stopped eating for a moment to glare at Mai. "Get lost bitch."

Jou decided it was best to hurry and tell his friends that he really did not care that Mai called him stupid even if he did. "Come on guys, chill! Stop attacking my girlfriend and pretending that I'm not even here!" he exclaimed, anger creeping into his voice. Somehow, he managed to look at Mai with a smile. "It's fine!"

Mai's sweet, angelic smile curved even more if possible. "Thanks honey. Now I better go, they were waiting for me. See you losers later… And oh, Yami? Thanks, I will be using my mouth and I'm so sorry you won't be." Mai sauntered off back to her table and shrieked, "Danny, you bad boy! You better not be getting any from Marie! You are supposed to be mine." Mai sat down next to the lanky guy who was apparently Danny, turned his face towards her, and started to kiss him.

Everyone's mouths dropped in surprise that Mai would go as low as to cheat in front of her boyfriend. They all turn to stare at Jou, wondering what he was going to do. They were still shocked that Jou didn't stand up and defend Yugi, after what was obviously a low and horrible comment to make, especially at Yugi. This was the first time Jou was actually watching Mai do something so... so... Mai.

Jou watched this, unaware of his friends' stares. His face was pained, and he felt completely helpless as he could only watch. He knew what everyone thought about his so called girlfriend, yet he always listened to Mai when she said stuff like, "Oh, those were just rumors!" or "Jou, I just had to kiss him for help in science!"

People wondered why Jou won't leave Mai. Why was he still hanging onto a person who clearly doesn't care about him? Why was he still allowing himself to be used and hurt like this?

Jou claimed that Mai truly cared for him. He said that she was the only one who would understand his life and that no one else would. He believed that Mai cared about Jou the way Jou cared about her. He said that everyone had a loving heart on the inside and that he had found that in Mai. Jou knew that Mai might not be what people consider a good girlfriend, but knowing that he could make her happy by not questioning her on her actions or by allowing Mai to treat him the way that she does was enough to satisfy him.

Still… it hurt him.

Jou's stomach did a flip flop and suddenly he's not hungry anymore. He turned away and focused on his drink, trying to avoid feeling his friends' stares.

Being Mai's boyfriend hurt.


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