Bloody Nocturne

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Summary: A/U. Vampire fic. A blue eyed blond bartender encounters a certain raven haired stranger one night. What is it that makes a simple poor boy the target of creatures of the night? Foursome. (Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto)

Pairing: KakaIta, KakaSasu, KakaNaru, ItaSasu (Incest), ItaNaru, SasuNaru and KakaItaSasuNaru Foursome.

Warning: This fic contains yaoi, vampirism, foursome and incest materials. If you find any of these disturbing, I suggest you leave this page immediately. You've been warned, so please don't flame me about that.

Note: This fic, unlike all my other fics, is originally written in Thai (my mother's tongue) and this is the translation version to English, so I would like to tell you or rather warn you that the format and the language used are a little bit different from those fic of mine that you may or may not previously read.


How many years is it that we've last seen the sun rise?

How many days is it that we've never seen the sun shine?

How many chills of nightfall that we've to stay and wait?

Waiting for the light we will never again see…

O creatures of the night…haunted by the light they can never touch…

Haunted by the light they so long for…

And haunted, still…by the light that they hate most.

Bloody Nocturne 1

Red Night

A dark night…so dark and charmless without anything but unfathomable darkness stretching its never-ending claw farther and farther every minute as the night grew old. Night wind blew from place to place, taking along the gloomy colored clouds to shroud the pale crescent moon that seemed to lose its life light.

The darker the night was, the darker the human's heart got. Those frightening imaginations that were so widely said were just imaginations sprung out of the blue black to life—blood, flesh and bones. Fear. That was what installed in one's nature.

…But how many people out there that knew the real meaning of fear?

Quick, hurried footsteps were heard echoing through the long, dark street. A young blond boy ran as if there was no tomorrow, trying to save his own life. Even though the weather was cold like that of the winter, he didn't stop sweating until the back of his shirt was soaked.

Running…running…and running…that was the only thing the boy had in mind. No matter how exhausted he got…no matter how those muscles in his legs seemed to scream for him to stop…he wouldn't, for he knew what might befall his being if he did.

He would surely end up dead.

The blond boy panted heavily. The weather was dry it was hard to breathe but he didn't have any thought of stopping. He was tired to death but the black shadow chasing after him showed no sign of ever tiring—as if it was having fun watching its prey run about frantically and when the prey was tired…it would go in for the kill. But did he have a choice?

Not at all.

What he had just seen made a frightened chill run down his spine…if he were to be dead, he would rather choose to be tired to dead than that. Let him flee until he ran out of breath then that.

Running…running…and running…

The young boy didn't stop. Perspiration trickled down his forehead into his cerulean-blue eyes, making the vision all blurry that he didn't notice a tall figure standing solemnly before him.


"Watch it, will you?" The said figure said, raising his slender hand to block the running boy from causing any greater impact.

The blond one was still in panic and he whirled back to see if the 'hunter' was still after him. Yet there was no sign of that demon, only a raven haired-stranger that seemed to appear at the right time and unintentionally saved him. "Ah, s-sorry." Now that he was sure he was in no danger, the blond boy turned to have a good look at his savior…

He was a young boy around his age but there was something about him that made him seemed more mature that he looked. "'Tis alright. Just watch where you are going next time." The raven haired-stranger said, a small smirk playing on his thin lips.

As if the darkest hour had finally passed, the whistling wind then chased away the clouds, letting the moon back to show its face. Pale moonlight, even so weak and feeble, did its job clasping the dark realm again with its soft glow, coaxing the wavering heart of fear gently. And from what the blond boy saw in that moonlight was about to make his heart stop beating.

The boy he had met looked as if he wasn't the creature of this world. His skin was so pale…paler than anyone he had ever seen in his entire life…as pale as the moonlight itself. His eyes were as black as the night without any light a moment before… And that small arrogant smirk on those lips…

The young blond found himself blushing hotly and uncontrollably. At that moment, as if he was under a spell of the night, he was unable to tear his eyes away from the sight. He didn't even know when the other had moved in so close that he could feel the other's warm breath on his bare skin. His heart was beating so fast he thought he could hear it in his ears. And he would have stayed there just to feel the other boy's presence if he hadn't look into the eyes of that boy.

The blond boy felt every strand of his hair stand on end… Those eyes…they weren't of any human… Being this close, he could clearly see his own reflection reflecting in those eyes as red as blood. The young blond gave a start and quickly took a few steps back. Yet he was in such a hurry that didn't notice some stones and tripped. "Wha-"

Abruptly, one strong arm shot out and supported him just in time before he fell. "Didn't I say 'watch where you are going'?" The raven haired-boy said, amused.

"Let go of me!" The smaller boy yelled, trying to get himself out of that 'embrace'.

"…You don't have to be that loud, you know?" With that, the taller one let go of the protester. His odd eyes now returned to their normal black—the same color as his hair. "At this time of the night, it's unlikely for anyone, especially a clumsy one like you, to run around. You should go home already." He said before disappearing at the corner of the quiet street.

"Wait!" The blond boy called, weak legs running after the mysterious boy. Yet when he rounded the corner…all he could see was an empty street…no sign of any presence… It could be just a dream or illusion yet…the feeling of that warm breath on his skin…that…was no dream.

Those eyes…was it just me or…? The boy wondered, standing still. The same redness as blood…was it just his stupid imagination out of fear?


Someone was coming near. The blue eyed-boy quickly turned to look behind him…Was it the 'hunter' coming back after him again? He tried to run but his tired muscles didn't seem to move. A sharp pain he felt emitting from his calves even made itself known clearer. He couldn't escape. The young boy slid to the ground, closing his eyes. He couldn't escape his fate.

The footstep was coming nearer and nearer.

Nearer and nearer…

…And finally…

It stopped.

"Are you alright? Did they do anything to you?" A calm voice asked, causing the young boy to open his eyes. There, before him, was a tall man dressed in a strangely fashioned outfit with hair the color of quicksilver. In his hand was an even stranger-than-his-outfit-looking equipment. Yet what caught the blond boy's eyes the most was his eyes. One was of an ordinary human but the other one…

It was the same red color as he had seen in the raven haired-boy he had just met a while before…

Gathering the last of his strength, the tired boy asked:

"Who are you?"


"Hahaha…You think I will really believe that joke? Jesus, that's the best one I've ever heard! Hahaha!" The blue eyed-blond laughed loudly as if he couldn't control his laughter having heard the funniest thing in his life.

The silver haired-man who had just introduced himself as Hatake Kakashi shook his head. "I don't care if you believe it or not, Naruto-kun. All I can say is that your life is in great danger." He said, readjusting his eye-patch a little. What was hidden behind the eye-patch wasn't what ordinary human should see. "You have just felt it yourself… The taste of fear."

"…This ramen is so great! Thank you for treating, I guess." Naruto suddenly changed the topic. He couldn't just make himself believe what Kakashi had just said…not that fast…even with his fresh experience. So that boy…he's… The image of the raven haired-boy he met earlier flashed in his mind. Does vampire really exist?

"Naruto-kun…" Kakashi was about to call the boy back when the blond settled to leave but considering that no matter what he said it was no use…he decided to let the boy go.

Tomorrow is a moonless night. Those creatures will surely come back after their prey. His one visible eye narrowed. I'll have to keep an eye on him.


Enchanting music echoed against the smooth surface of expensive marble before fading into the silence of the night. Long, slender fingers danced skillfully along the keyboard, creating a bittersweet song that was played over and over again…a hundred times…a thousand times…it was painfully beautiful all the same, singing its mournful tone to the night alone, telling about the so longed for beautiful sun…the same sun that was hated.

"Where have you been, Sasuke?" The melody ended as soon as its player spoke when a large bat with velvety black wings flew in through the high window before resting itself on the grand piano's keyboard, emitting an annoyingly high-pitched sound.

"Just a usual walking around, brother." The form of the large bat faded, turning into golden mist before forming into a shape of a raven haired-beauty—the exact same one Naruto had met on the street—sitting cross-legged on the keyboard. The echoing sound the piano gave was annoyingly horrible due to the more weight being pushed down on it. "Your piano skill's still as good as ever."

"…Seems like you're in a good mood, found something interesting out there?" The older one asked, his face dead-panned as if he didn't hear the noisy sound his younger brother caused.

"Well, yeah." Sasuke gave a small smile. "I did find something."

"…………" That 'something' was definitely 'someone'.

"Those low class vampires thought they can have my prey… How absurd."


"You're so quiet, brother. Jealous?" With that, the younger one spread his slim legs apart, wounding them around his brother's waist. The older one didn't wait and sank his fangs into the snow-white throat. "Ah…" The smaller one cried, tilting his head back to grant the other a better access. Soon black blood was seen trickling down from the small wounds there. "Ah…Itachi…"

"Sasuke, didn't I tell you that the 'hunter' is now in this town?" Itachi said in a monotonous voice yet those blood-red eyes of his spoke clearly of raging anger. Sasuke shivered as he saw that while the older one continued ravishing his pale flesh. "Ah…ah…"

'Hunter', this word was previously used to represent them, vampires, the creatures of the night, the hunter of human's sweet blood yet recently, a lot of vampires had been hunted instead by one single human…

A man with silver hair.

In the silence of the vast ruin of their unholy castle, all they could hear was the erotic chime of gasps and moans, along with incoherent melody coming from the piano.

"Ah…but…" The younger vampire panted heavily. "…but…you don't think that the 'hunter' is stronger than you, do you, brother? A high class vampire like you…ah…"

Itachi went silent for a while before replying: "…A human is still a human. No matter how strong they are, they still have flaws." He trailed his sharp fangs along the younger vampire's flesh slowly. "But we are in no need to rush striking first…" Demon-red eyes narrowed.

He'll come to us himself.


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