Bloody Nocturne

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Summary: A/U. Vampire fic. A blue eyed blond bartender encounters a certain raven haired stranger one night. What is it that makes a simple poor boy the target of creatures of the night? Foursome. (Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto)

Pairing: KakaIta, KakaSasu, KakaNaru, ItaSasu (Incest), ItaNaru, SasuNaru and KakaItaSasuNaru Foursome (later chapters).

Warning: This fic contains yaoi, vampirism, foursome and incest materials. If you find any of these disturbing, I suggest you leave this page immediately. You've been warned, so please don't flame me about that.


Do you remember that day when we last heard the clicking sound of the door?

The locked door…what is it that makes our home so devoid of any guest?

Devoid…of any laughter…from the visitors…and from ourselves…

Why is it that everything has to be swallowed away by the darkness?

The darkness that left nothing but sweet memories…

Bloody Nocturne 6

Uninvited Guest


Another vampire screeched painfully as the silver dart pierce through its unbeating heart. The dark colored-sky was now shrouded with even darker curtains of blacker-than-night wings of the forsaken children that flew above them in a circle, waiting for the right time to strike at their one and only target without fearing their real eternal slumber even bit. Waiting and waiting…they wait—the number doubled—for they knew that their prey would be exhausted eventually.

They screeched their ear-splitting sound. The sound that almost made Naruto's blood turn to ice. Yet if that ice meant that cold slender hand that was now covering his…the blond boy was ready to fight the blizzard storm with this only ice that kept him warm instead of frozen…

Strong arm encircled around his waist loosely. "Stay focus. I can't always save you and your clumsy ass like this, you know." The words suddenly woke Naruto up and he wouldn't let the insult slip that easily if it wasn't for their dangerous circumstance. Instead, the blond boy kept his mouth zipped as he watched another vampire be shot down with another silver dart.

The vampire shooting game went on without much difficulty for the vampire hunter, prey and the betrayer. More and more vampires were killed until…

Click. Click.

Cerulean eyes widened. "Kakashi-san! I'm out of the dart!" Naruto yelled in alarm as one of the soaring creatures swoop down upon him, seeing that he was out of weapon.

"Naruto!" Kakshi was going to help the boy but was stopped by an annoying flock of slave bats. "Shit!"

Sasuke scowled in annoyance before throwing the now-useless dart firer. Tightening his grip around the blond bartender's waist, he quickly pulled Naruto to another side. And just the moment the creature was about to fly past them, Naruto saw it. Those obsidian eyes…they were turning to the shade of blood.

Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Tha-thump.

His heart started beating faster.

My job is to hunt down vampires. Every of them. Vampires are the form of lives—if we could still call them that—that shouldn't exist in this world. They must all be eliminated."

Tha-thump. Tha-thump. Tha-thump.

Naruto glanced at the silver haired-man who was fending off the vampire bats then at the red, red eyes of the dark haired-boy in front of him and his extending claw.

"They must all be eliminated."

Be eliminated…


"No! You can't!"

Blood red eyes widened in surprise as the other boy suddenly jumped at him, promptly capturing his wrist in a dead grip. The impact caused Sasuke to fall down with the blond boy on top of him—still clutching his wrist fast. That gave the creature its perfect opportunity.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sasuke hissed in a low voice. Hell, does he want to commit suicide?

Kakashi was finally be able to get rid of the slave bats and didn't wait to run toward the two boys for the rescue with a long, silver sword armed in his hand, for there was no more of the dart left. This was, so far, the hardest battle the hunter had ever experienced.


The creature was getting nearer and nearer.

Shit! Let me make it in time! Kakashi prayed as he threw his sword at the creature, hoping that his sword was fast enough.

The silver sword flew through the air while the vampire was drawing nearer and nearer.

Sasuke pushed Naruto away and pulled his wrist free. Blood-red eyes were blazing with murderous flame. Naruto tried desperately to pull him back by his sleeve back his effort was in vain. Deepest despair came over his usually bright mind in a hazy fog. Kakashi's sword was too slow. It couldn't save them…it couldn't. But…suddenly!

The unholy slave of the night that was soaring high in the sky gave the highest screech ever before hurriedly flying away as if fleeing from something. The vampire that was near them stopped mid-way on hearing that blood-curdling noise. Just one milli-second and the result altered. Silver sword caught the moonlight in one brightest flash before piercing through the demon's heart. Black blood trickled, diminishing away the bright reflecting gleam of the sword as the walking corpse fell.

"…" Kakashi watched those vampires fly away in their haste for a while before walking over to pick up his sword from the fallen body and to check if it was really dead.

"You're wasting your time. That thing is dead for real."

The silver haired-vampire hunter turned to see the speaker now standing, rearranging his disheveled shirt thanks to Naruto's madly pulling and yanking. The hunter gave the raven haired-boy a questioning look but the boy just shrugged and kicked the fallen vampire to show him it was really at peace.

"You…" Kakashi began as his curious gaze met the boy' indifferent one. Even with seeing his unusual red eyes, this boy still looked unfazed. And his skin…it was pale…too pale as if it belonged to a sick man... No. Kakashi's eyes narrowed. Pale as if it doesn't belong to a human.

Yet his instinct detected nothing wrong about this strangely beautiful boy. It was just his extraordinary look that caught his eyes more than anything.

Too extraordinary.

If it isn't this boy…then those vampires…what were they fleeing from?

Yet before Kakashi could say anything, Naruto spoke up. "Uh, Kakashi-san, this guy's a friend of mine…" The other two's gazes turned to fix on the young bartender and the moment Naruto saw that the raven haired-boy's eyes were now black, he mentally sighed in relief. But when he met Kakashi's questioning gaze, his mind was starting to get frantic.

"Uh…well…he…" What should he say? Saying that this guy was his friend but he didn't even know his name yet. "His name is…"

"Sasuke." The raven haired-boy quickly cut in before Naruto could give him some stupid name and shot him a sharp glance. Naruto, having caught the sign, quickly shifted into happy-go-lucky mode and placed an arm around his newly declared buddy's shoulder. "Yeah, that's it. Kakashi-san, even though this guy likes to act strange and pop out of nowhere without giving you a warning first but he's a very good friend, you see."

Sasuke couldn't help but smiled a little at how funny Naruto's actions were. He didn't know what the blond think to immediately want to help him. It wasn't as if he couldn't go up against this hunter like those low-class walking corpses. Yet…as obsidian orbs took in the sight of the cheekily grinning blond…

Well, playing along isn't that bad, is it?

Kakashi looked between the two best buddies for a while before his lips curved into an amused smile, his eyes forming into happy arcs. "Right. If it wasn't for him, you would surely be as dead as those vampires."

"Hey! How could you say that? Didn't you say you're going to be my bodyguard?" Naruto pointed a finger at him accusingly. "If it wasn't for him, you'd fail your first mission!"

Kakashi looked thoughtful for a while but then he replied with a casual wave of his hand. "Ah well, but if you had done as I said, it wouldn't have been this difficult."


"I think he's right."

Naruto abruptly spun around to give his 'friend' the most vicious glare he could manage. "Hey, Sasuke, I think we need to talk." With that, he dragged the other boy away from Kakashi's earshot but not without an apologetic smile to the said hunter.

"I try to help you and you're saying that?" Naruto pulled the taller boy down so that he could harshly whisper in his ear. "Ungrateful bastard. If I knew you were to repay me like this, I'd say your name's 'Mr.Hoghead' or something like that."

Sasuke looked at the blond boy in puzzlement. Naruto didn't seem to fear him anymore and even tried to threaten him with such idiotic nickname but… Mr.Hoghead? A frown made itself toward his pretty face. No way.

"And what will you-" Sasuke stopped mid-sentence when he felt a certain gaze on him. The only gaze that could make shivers run down his spine. That gaze… the raven haired-vampire turned slowly, feeling his throat suddenly go dry as his eyes met with another pair of blood-red orbs.

"What's the matter?" Naruto asked and as he followed Sasuke's gaze, saw a giant black dog whose fur was the blackest shiny black and eyes as red as those vampires that were looking straight at them. It possessed such calmness and gracefulness that one would never found before in a normal canine.

A cheeky smile then appeared on Naruto's lips. He elbowed his frozen raven haired-friend who was still staring at the dog without doing anything else in the ribs. "Hehehe, you're afraid of a dog? How funny is that? You look as if you have seen a…" He was about to say 'ghost' but reconsidered it as the boy with him here was also a dead man walking. "An old hag in a drag." He finished and snapped his fingers. "Come here, doggie. Come here."

But the large canine just stood there unmoving, staring at them in earnest silence.

"Che. I've never met such an arrogance dog. He's just like you, Sasuke." Naruto grumbled and paying the black dog no more heed, he grabbed the cold hand of Sasuke and dragged him toward where Kakashi was waiting.


"You…Sasuke-kun, right?" Kakashi inhaled deeply. In his hand, the broken dart firer could be seen in all its battered glory thanks to Sasuke who threw it away in such a force in the earlier incident that it couldn't be of any use anymore. Kakashi smiled but it was that kind of smile that gave Naruto chills instead of the one it was directed toward. "Now that you have taken a part in this, I don't think I could let you go home easily. I reckon we have a talk first."

"…" The raven haired-boy was still quiet as if he was busying thinking about something, so Naruto shoved him again in the ribs his elbow. "He's talking to you." Sasuke glared darkly at the blond but still didn't say anything.

Naruto sighed. "He was afraid of a dog. He still is."

"A dog?" Kakashi asked, not sure if he had heart it right.

"Let's forget that. So I say tonight my room has one more guest. A little bit narrower but I hope it's ok with you." Naruto said before dragging Sasuke along with them to the said room.

The giant black dog watched the three figures disappeared at the corner of the street. Its demonic red eyes were blazing like dancing flame as it slowly walked along the quiet street.


"Yes, I told you to fix it." Kakashi demanded with his face still smiling oh-so-friendlily and Naruto couldn't be even more pleased as he watched the proud vampire be helplessly forced to fix the equipment he had broken.

Sasuke picked the thing up and examined it – turning it this side and that before giving Kakashi a frown and Naruto a glare. "I don't think it needs any repairing."

"What? It's broken! Just the look of it and you can tell already! There's no way in trying to talk the way out!" Naruto threw a pillow at Sasuke who easily dodged – the pillow hit the wall with a loud thud.

And that's because of whom? The dark haired-vampire gave the young bartender a look. "I didn't say it isn't broken. I mean if it's this broken, why don't you buy a new one?"

Kakashi's smiled grew even wider before he crooned happily. "This thing isn't for sale. You'll have to fix it only, Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke looked at the two beings in the room before shaking his head in disbelief. He, the great vampire, had been forced to do a stupid chore like this? How humiliated. He bit his lips and began to fix the thing as he had been generously assigned.

10 minutes later…

"Done." Sasuke said with a hint of a grunt in his voice. "Are you satisfied?"

Kakashi took the newly-fixed dart-firer from the boy and just the first sight of it… "Wait, Sasuke-kun. What's this?" The hunter raised the 'fixed' equipment up to let everyone see clearly. And suddenly, Naruto was on the floor, rolling with an outburst of unstoppable laughter at the sight of the dart-firer that looked like it had been stomp on by a horde of wildly running horses than properly fixed.

Sasuke feigned indifferent. "You didn't say how to fix it."

And yet before Kakashi could put the blame on the unfortunate vampire, there was a knock at the door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Naruto stood up. "I'll open it."


As soon as the doorknob was turned and the old door creaked open, chilling night wind suddenly blew into the rent room along with an uninvited guest…

The enormous black dog whose eyes were as red as fresh human blood.


That's chapter 6 for you. I'm really sorry for my tardiness but there've been a lot of things on my mind lately and this chapter is quite a trouble to translate because of some terms that couldn't be interpret as the same way in English. Maybe it's the worst chapter of this story ever? Oh well…I promise the next chapter will be better and things will start to heat up. Here's a little preview for you:

"I wonder how Naruto-niichan is right now…"

"Naruto! Step back!"

"What business do you have with us?"

"If I were you, I wouldn't be keeping those useless toys."

"I hope Kakashi-san's alright."

"You miss our midnight tea, Sasuke."