Another one-shot (I like writing these lol): enjoy! It's kind-of stupid I know but I was REALLY bored...feel free to flame if you want to waste the energy :D
A bird twittered, and Legolas awoke, blinking sleepily several times as he tried to remember where he was.

Oh, yes. Rivendell. The Elf-Prince of Mirkwood had come to stay for the summer in the home of his friend Aragorn, a Man adopted by the Elf-King Elrond.

Speaking of Aragorn, the young Ranger was sprawled, snoring, atop a large bed with furs and pillows. Legolas snorted. Being around Aragorn made him feel like a mischievous young elf again instead of his wise 2000+ years.

Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond's sons, seemed to feel that way too, judging from their actions at the moment. Legolas stifled a laugh as the two most mischievous elves he had ever seen snuck in the door with a bucket of water and a bag of flour.

No one noticed the ominous silence from Aragorn's bed.

The two brothers tiptoed to either side of his bed and raised their weapons above their heads…

Aragorn leapt up, grabbed the bucket, tossed the water on Elrohir, threw all the flour at Elladan, and stuck the bucket on the latter's head. Then he raced past Legolas, who by now could not contain his laughter, and climbed up one of the bedposts, perching at the top and choking with laughter.

Elladan was laughing, but his soaked brother was furious. Elrohir tackled Elladan and they fought for a few moments, then both got up and headed for Aragorn, who jumped down and hid behind Legolas.

Legolas leaped out of the way as a pillow came hurtling at a deadly velocity toward his head. Aragorn was no there either, having sidestepped it and returning fire.

Soon the room was full of floating feathers and 4 laughing men. Unfortunately, this little episode had caused a lot of noise, and Elrond heard it.

"Elladan! Elrohir!" they heard him call. "Estel!" This was Aragorn's Elvish name; it meant "hope."

The four froze and stared at each other, then raced for the window, leaving behind a huge mess.

They had to squeeze through the window 2 at a time, and Elladan and Legolas reached it first, vaulting through. Elrohir and Aragorn fought for a good position, then resolved their differences quickly as they heard Elrond's no-nonsense step just outside the door.

Some bushes made for a good, soft landing, and the two brothers rolled onto the ground and ran for their lives. They caught up to Elladan and Legolas, and the four truant young men made for the river that marked the boundary of Rivendell.

Yeah I know, not the greatest but I had fun with some of the descriptions, such as "...then resolved their differences quickly as they heard Elrond's no-nonsense step..."