Whoever thought the thief king, Bakura, would save some girl in a dungeon? Certainly not him. Now he's got a thief girl on his hands, and his code of honor won't let him abandon her. Now what's he to do? Does he abandon her to the harsh Egyptian desert and the Pharaoh, or does he let her stay, a lone girl in a group of thirty cut throat men?

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The early morning peace was shattered by a yell of "Hey you! Stop!" A girl, looking about 18 or so and wearing mostly rags, ran, clutching some fruit. She felt someone grab her, and struggled to get free, kicking and biting at the hands that held her.

"Let go!" The guards ignored her cries, tightening their grips as they dragged her into the throne room.

"Pharaoh, we hate to disturb you…"

"But we found this… This titch stealing from the Royal Gardens." Atem looked up from what he had been doing. The girl glared.

"Bow to the Pharaoh!" the guards snapped.

"Not likely. I don't bow to those unworthy." Atem's eyes flashed, and then he nodded to the guard. The guards dragged her away to a dungeon cell, where they locked the door and headed off.

"That'll teach you proper respect, street rat."

She refused to answer, simply sitting in a corner, waiting silently. Her black hair was a mess, sticking up all over, and looking in a dirty puddle, she sawthe rest of herwas as well. Covered in half healed cuts in various places covered byfresh bruises from the guards, and a small scar on her left hand from a dagger wound. And covered in dust, dirt and grime from nights of travel. She sighed, leaning on the wall again.

"Yumiko, what'd you get into this time…?" she muttered. Most of her weapons had been taken, save a small dagger hidden in her boot, which was pretty much useless at this point. She got semi-comfortable, and closed her eyes, falling asleep.


A large amount of yelling forced her from slumber and into the waking world, and she went to the cell door to see what was going on. As she watched, a few men, apparently thieves, came down.

"Free everyone down here who's still alive!" ordered aman with white hair and a red cloak.Yumiko stared. She knew his identity, but not his name, immediately. The Thief King. She'd fallen in love with him a long time ago, listening to stories of what he had done. The men opened a few doors, then left, leaving her alone. She kicked wall of her cell, shouting.

"Hey! You forgot me here!"

The Thief King,the only one left down there, turned, and cursed. He freed her, and she grinned cheekily at him.

"Thank you," she said, getting her weapons from the pile.

"What the hell is a woman doing down here?" he asked. He looked irritated. Most likely at the delay freeing her had caused.

"I stole from the gardens, then insulted the guy. You?"

"None of your business." He started to go, andYumiko followed him. He paused, hearing her behind him.

"Whatthe hellare you doing?"

"Hey, you know the way out," she answered with a shrug. He sighed and ignored her after that. He didn't have time for this. The two finally came up outside the palace walls. A bunch of men jumped up and the man nodded to them, still ignoring his new found companion. "Damn it Bakura, we thought they got y-!" the man stopped speaking as he saw Yumiko. Yumiko looked back at him, then at the other men, all staring at her with a look she understood all too well.

"Note to self: A lone female in a group of thieving men is not a good thing…" she muttered.

"Hey, Bakura… Can we have her?" Bakura ignored the question, instead asking one of his own.

"Did we get what we came for?"

"Uhm… Well, no… They moved it while we were fighting the guards…" one of the men said quietly. Bakura cursed to himself.

"Let's move then. We'll find it soon enough," he said, grabbing the reins of a nearby horse. "That damn priest must have it."Yumiko cleared her throat.

"Uh, yeah… Can I get a ride to a town anywhere past a hundred miles from here?" she asked. Bakura looked at her. "Ever ride a horse?"

"Nope… Nothing other than a donkey." He turned his horse around, without looking back.

"Then you're on your own." She stared at him.

"Oh come on! You can't do that to me!" He looked down at her, a look of dry humor on his face.

"And why not?"

"You'd leave a girl on her own, in the middle of the desert, with the Pharaoh's bloody guards on her trail!" she asked in disbelief.

"Well, when you put it that way… Yes. Yes I would." The horse began to walk, and she stared after him, and then sputtered indignantly. She chased afterthe slow moving horse, keeping up.

"You're heartless!" she said, looking unhappy. He simply shrugged.

"Look girl. Out here, its kill or be killed. You'll have to survive on your own. We're in a hurry, we have our own problems. If you can't even ride a horse, you're more of a hindrance than anything else," Bakura answered firmly. She sighed. "I can learn real fast… It can't be much different than riding anything else, can it?"

"Other than the height, not much."

"And from the looks of it, you have no extra horse… I'd be riding with someone else, not on my own anyway." Bakura studied her, the horse pausing midstep.

"Hmm… Good point there. Fine, we'll take you to the nearest village past a hundred miles from this point. After that, you're on your own."

"Fine, good enough."

If I get lucky... I'll get a ride farther than that. To someplace out of his reach. As long as he can keep the others off me, I think I'll make it.'

Bakura held out a hand, and she grabbed it, as he hoisted her up onto his own horse. She sat back slightly, and then looked around slightly nervous.

"I suggest you lean back, it'll keep you from falling," he muttered, wrapping an arm around her waist to keep her in place and to grab the reins. She shrugged and did as he told her. As the horse began to trot off, she closed her eyes, feeling the rhythm. She tried not to fall asleep, but didn't open her eyes.

"Go ahead and sleep, you look like you need it."

"Can I trust you?" She asked, opening one eye to look back at him. He just stared ahead.

"Can you afford not to?" he asked after a moment of silence.

"Not really, no…"

"Just go to sleep."

She sighed in defeat and let the horse's rhythm lull her to sleep.

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