Angela: Hello everyone. –Sits in a chair- Someone asked me today, why I write things. My answer? I walked away, and as I did, simply said, "I can get lost in it with my friends, and I enjoy helping others like me find a place where they belong, a place to be themselves. Can you get lost in being popular and having no real friends?" They never answered.

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A sudden shriek startled Bakura awake. He eyes shot open and he looked at Yumiko. She was huddled against him, shaking slightly.

"What is it!" She pointed.

"That… thing was almost on me!" she exclaimed. He sighed.

"I thought it was important, that you were hurt!"

"Sorry… But I told you I hate snakes!"

"Well, ignore it then. That's all I can say right now." Yumiko shuddered, pressed against his chest. He sighed again, and pulled away.

"Come on, we have to get ready to move, and they'll be up any minute. And it's none of their business, keep that mouth shut." She sighed back, following him. She dug through the packs.

"I'll make breakfast…"

"Fine. And check the demon horse, he's been quite unfriendly." Yumiko looked to her horse, which pawed the sand. He stared back, then trotted over, nuzzling her. Snorting at Bakura, it turned and walked away, as Yumiko chuckled and made breakfast. The waking men soon crowded around her and the pot.

"'Ey, Boss… There's some dust being kicked up out there…" one of the scouts murmured. Bakura glanced back at the group behind him, then at the scout.

"Go find out what it is and report back here. You, go tell Kadir to watch Yumiko, and then get back here. We may have to fight," he ordered.

"Yes sir."

"Kadir, what the hell are they doing?"

"Not sure, 'Iko. Let's find out…"

"Boss said to watch Yumiko, we may have to fight!" said the rider who'd been sent back.

"Alright." Kadir nodded.

"Let's go, 'Iko." Yumiko followed, looking over her shoulder at Bakura.

"He'd better be careful…"

Bakura watched the guards, frowning. 'How'd they find us so fast…?'

"Bakura, you are under arrest, by the order of Pharaoh Atemu. Alive. Let's go." Bakura snorted at the captain of the guards.

"What, you think I care, or that I'd go?" The captain laughed.

"You will when your woman is in our hands." He nodded in the direction of Yumiko. Bakura's face paled when he saw Bakura's face paled when he saw Yumiko and the others being dragged over. For the first time in his life, he prayed to the Goddess of the Nile, Rumiko. 'Rumiko… I beg you; don't let her get hurt…!'

Zakari's eyes flew open. It seems someone is praying to you again, after so long, Daughter. said Ra's voice in her mind. 'Who is it? Who am I to protect?' Ah, now that would be telling. And with a chuckle, Ra's voice vanished. Zakari rolled her eyes, and stood.

Yumiko glared at the guard as he threw her at Bakura's feet.

"Now, will you come or must we kill her?"


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