Chapter 81: Doctor's Orders

The next morning, Lauren woke up thinking it had all been a dream. However she saw the bright, white room and new that it had all been too real. She turned her head slightly to feel her forehead connect with Dave's shoulder, which caused her to smile. He had stayed with her all night like he promised, and was still sleeping.

"Good morning sunshine," she whispered.

Dave groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, "Good morning beautiful. Feeling any better?"

"Yeah actually, the pain killers really worked. I could probably walk out right now," Lauren replied.

"I don't know about that, but let me go get a doctor to see if you can leave today, okay?" Dave asked.

"Okay." Lauren eased up so Dave could get his arm out and slip out of the bed. Not before he stole quick kiss and told her he loved her.

Lauren hoped as he walked away that she could leave as soon as possible, she hated hospitals. It brought back far too many memories that she had tried for years to forget. Dave returned a few minutes later with the doctor she'd had the night before.

He checked the charts for her progress over the night, "Well it definitely looks like you've improved quite a bit from last night. I'd say you could go home in a few days."

"A few days? Are you sure I couldn't go home today? I'm feeling a lot better," Lauren said as she tried to sit up. Dave quickly placed his hands over her shoulders to keep her still.

"Lauren you can't be pushing yourself," he told her.

"I'm sorry," the doctor added, "but I really don't think you'd be able to handle yourself for a good while now. I know this is hard given your line of work, but you won't be fully recovered for at least three weeks, and possibly unable to truly take care of yourself for the next few days."

Lauren laid back in defeat, tears ready to come to her eyes. "I really don't want to stay here," she whispered. It was more to herself but Dave caught on to it, and looked at the doctor.

"Can I speak to you for a moment Doctor?" he asked him. The doctor nodded and followed him to the window on the other side of the room. "Listen, you say she's unable to take care of herself…but what if I did?" The doctor looked at him to continue, "I mean I can take her home, keep her in bed, give her medicine, anything she needs until she's well again. Then could she leave today?"

"Honestly Mr. Batista I'm not sure. I mean she shouldn't even be walking around, but it seems like with her, she'd do her best to push her recovery faster than she should. But…I suppose if she agrees to what I ask her to do, then yes, you can take her home. Are you sure you'll be able to handle it?" he asked.

"Doc, I asked her to marry me so I could take care of her the rest of her life. Trust me, I'm up to it." Dave replied.

The doctor nodded, "All right then. I'll make the arrangements for her to be released today."

"Thank you sir," Dave said as he shook his hand, before the doctor walked out the door.

"What were you guys talking about?" Lauren asked him.

"I basically told him that it seems like instead of having to stay here, you just need someone to take care of you. He's going to have you released today."

"Really?" she asked in excitement.

"Damn right. I'll go grab your things, wash up a little and make a few calls. I know everyone will be wondering how you are and try to visit." Dave kissed her forehead and made his way to the restroom, and made a few calls along the way.

When he returned, he brought Lauren her clothes and purse so she could change to leave. Dave eased her up before slipping her shirt overtop her head. "I need you to hang on to me so I can put your skirt on, okay?"

"Dave you don't have to do this. Besides you're usually more concerned with trying to get my clothes off," she chuckled.

"Don't think I've gotten rusty," he winked as he started slipping on her skirt. "Hold on to me." Lauren wrapped her arms weakly around his neck as he worked quickly to get the skirt on so she could sit down again.

After a little while longer a nurse brought a wheelchair to Lauren's room, as she and Dave eased her into it. "I'm gonna pull the car around so you won't have far to go, okay?"

"Okay," Lauren replied as the nurse started wheeling her to the entrance. As Dave walked away, the doctor walked up to Lauren.

"Well Miss, I only agreed to let you out today because your fiancé said he would be taking care of you, and that you followed the orders I give you. Okay?" he told her.

"Absolutely sir. Whatever I need to do." Lauren said in all seriousness.

"First off, you need to stay in bed for at least a week. I only want you to get up if you need to use the restroom and bathe, but only baths so you don't stand for too long. Even for those things I want someone to assist you. As the days go by you'll feel yourself getting stronger, so you'll be able to tell when you're able to move around on your own. Now, in regards to work, I can't stress enough how much I advise against wrestling, or even working out for at least three weeks. Otherwise you'll be in extreme pain and your recovery will be extended even longer. I'm going to prescribe painkillers, and I want you to get a check up a week from tomorrow. Is that clear?" he asked as he wrote the prescription.

"I understand. I really appreciate everything doctor, thank you" Lauren smiled.

"You're welcome," the doctor replied with a smile of his own as he placed the prescription in her hand. "Take care, and remember what I said." With that, the doctor walked off to see another patient, as the nurse continued to wheel her to meet Dave.

As soon as they got outside Dave exited the car and walked up to her, a smile on his face. Lauren started standing when Dave simply lifted her into his arms out of the chair and into the backseat so she could lay down. "The doctor gave me clear orders to let you rest as much as you could. So you just go to sleep and I'll wake you up when we get there."

"The hotel isn't that far away," Lauren told him as she started closing her eyes. Dave kissed her cheek before closing the door.

"I know," he replied quietly as he made his way to the driver's seat and started driving. He made a note to see that they had passed the hotel and kept going for the drive ahead of them, as Lauren slept peacefully in the back.

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