A/N: I should be working on Sacrifice, and I was, but I was tired and was planning on going to bed. And then this happened. Personally, I think that there's a serious lack of Jonas stories, and even more so of stories dealing with his baskstory. So, here's another one from me. Enjoy.

In his dreams, he was always running.

They were with him, right behind him, he knew it. He'd screamed for them to follow, as he turned a corner, and ushered them outside. All around him the neighbourhood was emptying, as other families ran to find some sort of shelter from the death falling from the sky.

The noise was deafening. He grabbed their hands and pulled them with him, as the dead and dying shrieked their final wails from all around. Down beside him, the little girl kept tripping with her still awkward walking skills, and he scooped her up into his strong arms. She closed her eyes to the horror around her and clutched to his chest. He wished that he could do the same.

An explosion rocked the ground beneath them, and the woman by his side stumbled. He pulled her back up with his other hand, and they continued running blindly forsafety they knew they couldn't find.

The planes flew down perilously close to the ground, and the wind created by them rushed across them as they ran, ruffling their clothes and hair. Finally, in the distance, he could see a small bomb shelter hidden in the trees that was not either already hit or full. Willing himself to keep running, he pulled her along side himself, closer and closer to that elusive safety.

So close.

Suddenly, the world ended. The ground exploded beneath his feet, and the road beneath rushed up to meet him. He was not aware of losing consciousness, so it was all the more disorientating when he woke up.

Silence was everywhere. The attacks had stopped, and his ears rang with the echoes of destruction. His vision was blurred with the warm blood that ran across his head, and he wiped it away without a care. His legs screamed for help, but he didn't notice. His arms felt empty, and with bile rising up in his stomach he saw why.

He closed his eyes while he vomited to his right side. It wasn't, it couldn't be... Slowly, once he had recovered, he dragged his useless legs a mere few feet to gingerly touch the mangled corpse of the little girl he had held in his arms only moments ago. He closed her familiargreen eyes while tears ran from his own. A moan of utter despair escaped him, and it sounded alien to him.

Not a foot away lay the dying body of a woman. He approached her, and wrapped her shaking hand with his. Her chest heaved while trying to gulp in a few, final breaths. Her eyes locked with his, and her mouth formed words that he knew so well. He whispered them back to her softly, as she took her last mouthful of air. And then the life that had occupied her body vanished into the cool Kelownan morning and he was left all alone.

He woke up sobbing. Gradually he recognized his surroundings, and he wiped his tears away as he saw the familiar setting of the SGC. His heart stopped pounding in his ears, and as soon as he calmed down, he placed his head back against the pillow, pulled the blankets up to his neck and closed his eyes once more.

In his dreams, he was always running.