Disclaimer: it is so not my fault if you get any hormonal-insanity thoughts after this story; I would love to own Inuyasha but unfortunately all I can do is run my hands over his rippling-six-pack and fantasize.

Rating: PG-13 just to be safe, but really, its practically G cuz even Disney show things kinkier :P

Author's Note: I got this crazy idea after reading some other suggestive fanfics hahah

Summary: Miroku hears some pretty kinky things while eavesdropping behind a bush ;)

"Trust me.. I've done this before, I'm a professional at this…"

What a lovely day. There was sunshine and all the world was warm with smiles. The tall grass swayed to the gentle breeze of the wind and the leaves on a tree rustled. It really was the perfect day for a monk to relax and meditate and that was exactly what Miroku had plan to do until…


he heard a noise from a near by bush. He recognized the feminine giggle… it was Kaede. What can possibly cause the poised Kaede to giggle?

"Inuyasha.. are you sure we should do this?" asked a very nervous Kaede.

He answered gruffly, "Of course.. no one else is around to disturb us, or…hear your screams." he added mischievously.

Another giggle and a light swat. Miroku gasped, not believing what he was hearing. And to think he was the lecher!

A moan. "OOOOOOO I told you not to do that," said Kaede weakly.

"What, don't like a challenge?" replied a very cocky Inuyasha.

"The hole is too small…" breathed Kaede.

"Trust me.. I've done this before, I'm a professional at this." reassured Inuyasha.

"But…" protested Kaede.

"Just, trust me Kaede," Inuyasha said softly but surely.

The pervert! And what exactly could he mean by "professional"? mused Miroku. Surely no one can be more knowledged in this area other than him! It was practically his expertise! Despite his conscious, Miroku was tempted to hear more of what they were saying. I mean, who wouldn't? Who knew Inuyasha had this much kink! XD

"Inuyasha! Not that hole!" whimpered Kaede.

Color drained from Miroku's face. Holes. How many possible holes could there be to "put in?"

"Feh, fine." said Inuyasha as he chose another hole.

This was almost unbearable for Miroku to hear, but boys will be boys, he kept listening.

"Oh baby, this is TIGHT," panted Inuyasha.

"Keep going, almost there…almost there, hurry up!" squealed Kaede, "Ahhhhhh!"

Miroku couldn't keep up with this, he had to go before his mind was permanently scarred. So he ran screaming his head off, as fast as his feet could carry him.

"Huh, what's wrong with Miroku? Has he not played Jenga before?" said Kaede quizzically.

"Feh, who knows." shrugged an also confused Inuyasha.

Hahah okay, that's the end of that story :D Hope you liked it :) or at least…got it OO
If you didn't get it… I don't know whether to strangle you for being stupid or applaud you for being so innocently pure.

If you don't know what Jenga is, it's a game where you take out blocks and stack em on top, trying to not make them fall. You can stack em on top, or stick em in spare holes if u like.