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Summary: Sakura Kinomoto, a 19 year old gal, applied as a tutor to the son of the richest busiest business man in the whole Hong Kong, Li Syaoran. All she doesn't know is that her boss is her secret suitor from high school. Wow, this must be really something!

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My Tutor's Suitor


By: Keia


Sakura's POV

I am here, listening to my cousin and best friend talking to her boyfriend in England. Sure, it's a long distant call. So guys, you ask why I am listening to her conversation to her oh-so-lovey-dovey-boy friend is because I need to use the phone to know if I'm accepted to the job I've been applying to. It's a work looking for a tutor, and I still don't know that results. Well, duh? How can I know? The agency must be calling and my cousin is still not yet finish. I think my blood will boil any minute now.

"Ah, oh, sure baby. I'll call you next time. I think Sakura-chan is already boiling in her seat to use the phone. Don't worry, love you. Bye." my cousin said to the phone as she hung up. Finally.

I grabbed the phone and dialed the agency's number. I heard someone picked he phone and answer it.

End of POV

"Good afternoon. This is Hong Kong Working Agency, can I help you?"

Sakura cleared her throat and started to speak. "Well, hello. This is Sakura Kinomoto. And I want to know if I'm hired to the job I'm applying to."

"Oh, hi Miss Kinomoto. Wait, I'll look in our records."

"Ah sure." Sakura said as she waited for the person in the other line to speak.

"Yes, Miss Kinomoto. You're hired for being a tutor of Mr. Li Syaoran. Here's the number; 768- 259- 1339. He said just called him when you want to start."

"Thank you." Sakura smiled as she hung up.

"So, how's your application." Tomoyo, Sakura's cousin, asked.

"Guess it? I'm accepted! I already have work!" Sakura exclaimed. She hugged her best friend and jumped around the room.

"Really?" Tomoyo asked as she pulled herself off of Sakura before she died in dizzyness. "Who hired you?"

"Li Syaoran. I don't know him since I just arrived here last month." Sakura replied as she sat down on the couch and looked at the paper where the number was written.

"Li Syaoran? As in, Li Syaoran?" Tomoyo repeated in disbelief.

"Yeah, is there something wrong? Is he some of a Prince of China or whatever?" Sakura asked as she raised an eyebrow. She didn't want to work to some of those rich, arrogant, and bastard boss who will treat her like some dust.

"Sakura, Li Syaoran is the richest, the most handsome business man is Hong Kong and China. Well, there are no gossips of him being arrogant." Tomoyo replied, with stars dancing in her eyes. "And did you know that I have a crush on him even though he already had a son."

Sakura groaned softly. She didn't want that stars in her cousin's eyes. "Dream on, Tomoyo-chan. You already have a boy friend who is the number 1 bachelor of England. You must be lucky enough with Hiiragizawa-kun." she plainly uttered.

Tomoyo snapped in reality. "You're so mean, Sakura-chan. Even though Eriol is the number 1 bachelor in England, doesn't mean I can't dream of Syaoran." she complained softly. "But you know, you're always lucky Sakura. Come to think of it. Last time, you apply for being an assistant and you were hired by the Korean's famous actor, Lee Donggun. Then personal maid of the owner of Japan's biggest car factory. Then today, tutor of the son of Li Syaoran. Isn't that cool?"

"Well, yeah. It's cool that I work to rich people. But I don't want to rich person, I want to work to some small company or to not- very- popular dude. Maybe when I finish my contract to Li-san, I will apply to some small company." Sakura said.

"Whatever, Sakura. Do you want to go shopping later?" Tomoyo suggested.

"Why later? What about now?" Sakura queried.

"I think I need to remind you to call Li Syaoran. That's what the agency said, right?" Tomoyo said while giggling as she went to her room.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Sakura whispered loudly as she picked up the phone and called her new boss.

Ring Ring

"Good afternoon. This is Li Global Corporation. Can I help you?"

Sakura grinned. "Hi, can I speak to Mr. Li Syaoran."

"Is Mr. Li expecting some calls from you Ms?"

Sakura rolled her eyes as she sighed a bit. "Yes, he is. Please tell him this is the new tutor for his son."

"Ok, but can I know your name please?"

"Kinomoto... Sakura Kinomoto." she answered.


Tomoyo appeared in front of Sakura. "So what happened?" she asked in a low voice. She sipped her orange juice as she wait for Sakura to answer.

Sakura shook her head as she heard a male voice.

"Good afternoon. This is Li Syaoran."

Sakura felt nervous as she tried to speak. "Oh... hi! Mr. Li, this is Sakura Kinomoto, the new tutor. The agency said that I calle you after I find out the results."

"Yeah, so I think I can't make phone appointment this afternoon. Maybe later at 7 in the evening at Startbuck's near Li Global Corporation. I expect you to meet before or on the given time."

Sakura bowed even though Mr. Li doesn't see her. "Yes, Mr. Li." then she hung up.


Tomoyo looked at her. "So, when are you going to start?" she asked again.

"Oh, Tomoyo. Stop asking me. I think I fell in love in his voice," Sakura said as she daydream. "Wait! Did I just say fell in love? NO!" she yelled.

Tomoyo laughed at her. "I think Sakura, you're not just gonna fell in love in his voice but also in his charms." Tomoyo stated as she went to the kitchen.

Sakura looked at her cousin with disgust. "Gosh Tomoyo. Just help me look presentable when I meet my boss later."

Tomoyo looked back at her. "Don't worry. I have many clothes in my closet to make you presentable to our Li-boy."

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