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My Tutor's Suitor

Chapter 11

By:, aieK


Sakura's POV

It's been a week since the party happened. I don't really care about it. I'm just worried about him, that Li Syaoran. I'm making him worried sick about me. But can I do something? It's already there. And I'm scared if he'll discover about it. I only have four months to stay in this world. Maybe it's better if I'll tell him later. It's better than he knew it from others.


I turned my back and saw Tomoyo hooking her earring in her ear. "Yes?"

"I'll be out again. We need to prepare for the Fashion Show on the next day, so I think I'll be late. But, don't worry; I'll try to be here as early as I can." Tomoyo said.

I just smiled at her as I went to the kitchen. I heard the door closed. I'm sure she's pretty busy these days. Hahaha... it's really hard to be an owner of a famous boutique, eh?

Then, to my surprise, Tomoyo went back.

"Oh yeah, Sakura. I bought you a ticket as you said yesterday. I placed it on the drawer beside the TV set." I heard her shout from the door, following a loud bang. Sigh… I forgot that I need to prepare my things.


6:17 pm, Sakura's apartment; Living room area

"Why didn't you tell him?"

I got distracted with Shun's question. I looked at him for a moment and smiled. I caressed his cheek and asked, "What is it?"

"Why didn't you tell him that you love him?"

My heart beats faster then the usual when I heard his question. "Uhm, Shun, how did you know such things?" I asked him again.

"Well, I don't know. My mother said that when someone falls in love, he or she should confess it. Don't you want to do the same?"

"Shun, I think it shouldn't be discussed like this. Because, you know, you're still young. I appreciate how mature you think, but, still, it's too early for you to understand." I answered simply. I was really surprise. I didn't know how to react. There's nothing wrong for parents to teach their children about the aspects of life but how will other people react on this? No wonder he's the highest in their class. And thinking about their family clan, I think their sons are trained mentally. Shocks…

Shun groaned. "I thought this will be my chance for you to become my mom," he said as he stopped scribbling. He gave me his paper and I saw a sketch of a woman sitting beside a boy in a room.

"Oh my… this is a wonderful sketch, Shun. When did you start sketching?" I asked while admiring every detail. "May I keep it?"

"Sure," he mumbled. He leaned forward and gave me a puppy-eyed stare. "So, can you answer my question?"

"Let's just keep it a secret, okay? I do love you father but I don't know when I will have a time to confess. I'll still think about it, though." I said while I inserted the sketch on the drawer. I looked at the wall clock and smiled. "It's already late; you want to help me cook dinner?"

Shun smiled widely. "Yes!"

"So what do you want for dinner?" I asked as we went down to the kitchen.

Shun kept on thinking. I opened the refrigerator to look for available ingredients. "Uhm, I don't know." He said as he looked inside the fridge, too. He reached for the cabbage and stared at it. "How about sautéed vegetables?"

I got the cabbage and chopped it. I got some garlic and onion and other vegetables. I got the frying pan ready and put some oil on it. I turned to Shun and asked, "Anyway, what time will your father fetch you? Just in case he's late, I'll get the bed ready."

Shun grimaced. "But I'll sleep beside you."

"Wha-what? Beside me?" I almost dropped the bottle of cooking oil I'm holding. "Why?"

Shun frowned.

Oh my, how am I going to do with this? He might get angry at me. "Ah, okay. You can sleep beside me." I need to agree. He might not see me tomorrow.


Sigh. It's already 10 o'clock. Shun fell asleep, watching TV, waiting for Syaoran. I carried Shun to my room. He snuggled on the pillow. It made me smile a bit. He really looks like Syaoran.

I got out of the room and saw some light from Tomoyo's room. She's sure has a lot of things to do. I remembered that I'll leave tomorrow. Oh, who will be left here to make her dinner? How about Shun? Who will look after him? I don't even know if Syaoran already looked for a new tutor. I sighed. I think I'm still hesitating to leave or not. But if not, I won't be able to see them again… Forever. And I don't want that to happen.

I looked again inside my room. I saw Shun moved. I entered again and raised the blanket up to his chin.

"Okaa-san," I heard him say. I felt a tear fell from my eye.

"Shun, I'll miss you so much. You take care of yourself while I'm gone, okay?" I whispered at his sleeping figure. I can't help but pity for myself. I kissed his forehead. Am I that affected? I think so…

Before I stand up again, I saw a tear from Shun's eye. I wiped it off and smiled. I went outside my room and sat on the sofa. I looked at a white envelope resting on our center table. Shun didn't bother asking what it is, which is good. He might be surprised when he knew it's a resignation letter. I don't even know how I will give it. I can't imagine how Syaoran will accept it. I just hope he understand me well enough to know the situation.


Eleven in the evening – the time I heard an engine ceased outside the house. I yawned before I opened the door. I'm already sleepy but I need to give the letter (after deciding for almost an hour). I opened the door and saw Syaoran. He looks surprise at my presence.

"Shun's sleeping already." I said as I let him inside.

"You're still awake. You shouldn't have waited for me." He said calmly, as always.

"It's all right." I'm kind of shy now. What's happening to me?

"So, how was he here?" he asked for the moment.

"He's fine." I answered. I felt my stomach lurched. Gosh… "By the way, can we talk for a sec?" I hate myself! I blurted it out. The knot on my stomach is getting tighter.

Syaoran looked at me. "What is it about?" he asked.

I led him to the dinner room which is connected to the kitchen. I sat down and he followed. "You want a drink?" I asked first before anything else.

He shook his head. I think he can feel that this is an important matter. "No thanks."

"Ah, okay." I paused. I placed the letter on the table and showed it to him.

Well, he looked surprised. "A resignation letter, huh?" But still, his voice really sounds calm.

I smiled sadly while nodding. "Yes, I will resign. There's been an emergency and I need to leave soon." I explained. A white lie explanation.

"Will you return to Japan?" he asked, ignoring the letter on the table. I can feel his stare. I can't take the hurt my stomach is giving me.

"Seems like it."

"I don't believe you."

I heard him whisper. I suddenly raised my head to look at him. "You don't believe what?" I asked. Does he know it already? "Do you know?"

"I do."

I almost faint to what I hear. So he knows it! Why didn't he tell me about it?

"You do know." I laughed. The knot slightly loosened. Oh my gosh... I really can't take this anymore!

He looked at me seriously. Truthfully, I don't really know what to do. "Fine. I'll accept your resignation. But how will I tell it to Shun?"

Wait? He accepted it? "I included a letter for Shun. I know he'll understand."

He nodded. "I'll go get Shun. Where is he?" he asked as he stood up.

I stood up. "W-Wait!..."

He turned to me, "Yes?"

I approached him. Will I tell him? But I don't want to get rejected? It's too late for me to say it. He still loves Mrs. Kanako, I'm sure. So it's not worth mentioning. Sorry, Shun. I shook my head and smiled. "Never mind. Follow me, I'll wake Shun."

We went to my room and opened the lamp beside the bed. I smiled at Shun and shook him slightly. I will really miss him.

Shun got up slowly, and rubbed his eyes. "Sakura-nee-san?"

I didn't say anything. I just hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead. Syaoran got Shun and carried him. I followed them outside the house. I saw Shun mumbling on the passenger's seat. I hope I can still see his lovely face.

"Thanks again, for everything." I said, before Syaoran got to his car.

He smiled. "I should be the one thanking you. Take care out there. Don't worry, I'll be praying for your safety," he said. He went inside his car and started the engine.

I nodded and smiled. His car started to move. Slowly, they disappeared from the sight. I cried silently. I can't stop myself from crying.



"Sakura!" Tomoyo exclaimed from outside the house.

"Wait up! My luggage is still here. I'll get it first."

Tomoyo sighed. "Oh my… Hurry up, or we're gonna be late for your flight," she shouted louder.

Sakura got out from the house with her luggage. She sighed tiredly as Tomoyo laughed at her. "You know, you better help me or else, I won't be able to catch my flight," she muttered as she put her luggage on the compartment.

Tomoyo walked to her and carried her luggage. "You get on the car, I'll get these. Don't worry, you'll be on time."

After some minutes, Tomoyo started the engine and sped off to the airport. And since the airport is just near, Sakura got on time. Tomoyo helped her put the luggage our. She smiled at Sakura who is preparing her passport and flight tickets.

"You better return, or else!" Tomoyo said as she hugged Sakura tightly.

Sakura nodded. "Of course, I will. It will just be a piece of cake for me!" she declared proudly.

Tomoyo laughed. "I know you can do it!"

Sakura nodded. She dragged her luggage and entered the airport. Unknown to her, Syaoran is just near aound the corner, inside his car.



"For an exclusive report, Miss Sakura Kinomoto, fiancée of Mr. Syaoran Li of Li Global Corporation, is said to be in the airport this morning. There have been rumors that she will return to Japan to visit her parents. But what's will the sudden flight? Is there something future Mrs. Li –"

Yelan sighed as she turned the TV off. She leaned on her chair and concentrated on certain thoughts. She composed herself as she heard a knock on her door. "Come in."

Syaoran enetered the room and bowed. "You called me?"

Yelan stood up. "So, where will Sakura go? It's all of a sudden," she said as she went to the fireplace.

Syaoran sat on the sofa and sighed. "She'll go to America for medication," he said with a serious tone.

His mother turned to him. "Medication, huh? So it is true all along."

Syaoran gasped. "You know it?"

"No secrets will not be revealed from me, how about simple things like that?" Yelan said. "And the elders decided to pay for her medication, no matter what."


Sakura sneezed as she listens to the radio. "I think someone's talking about me. Who could that be?" she asked herself.

"Miss," someone tugged her sleeves.

Sakura removed her headphone and turned to the child beside her. "Yes?"

"Where are you going, Miss? I'll go to the States, you know?" he said cheerfully.

"Well, me, too." Sakura replied.

"Really? So we can play after riding a plane, right?"

Sakura smiled at him. "Hmmm… I don't know because I'll do something very important. Maybe, if we bumped to each other, we'll play, okay?"

The child nodded and laughed.


After 1 year…

"Li Global Corporation, please," a lady with a waist length hair said as she hopped on the taxi. She's wearing a pink spaghetti strap blouse with a knitted bolero and denim knee-length skirt

The taxi moved and went to the said place. While traveling, the lady tied her hair with a pink ribbon. The taxi driver was surprised to see her familiar face.


The lady looked at him and smiled.

The taxi reached the building and the lady paid for the fair. She went out of the car and dusted her skirt. She stopped in front of the building and smiled.

"It's been a long time since I've been to this place," she said to herself. She smiled and started walking to the building.

The people bowed at her as they recognized her face. She entered an elevator and went to the 23rd floor. She went to the secretary's table.

"Good after. May I help you, miss?" the new secretary asked politely.

"May I ask, where's the secretary before, Miss Reiko?"

"She was promoted to other department," the secretary replied. "Miss, do you have any appointment with Mr. Li?"

The lady smiled. "Tell him that his fiancée has arrived."

The secretary looked at her with confusion. "Fiancée, miss? But Mr. Li's fiancée is already inside," she said.

"What? What's her name?" the lady asked with anger flowing through her veins.

"Akina Yamashina."


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