A HUGE THANK YOU! Going out to Midnight Heir for the beta and invaluable assistance with this chapter!

Epilogue - Back in Action

& One Month Later &

The Foot had long since given up on finding the lair in the warehouse district and they were currently searching so far from the actual location that it was almost comical. That meant that the Turtles could relax a little, and they had used the time wisely. Currently, four turtles raced across the rooftops of New York City. It was time for the nightly training run. The run had a tendency to turn into a patrol of the city, but that was not the intended purpose of the exercise.

Michelangelo had recovered almost completely from his run in with the Foot ninja's katana and all he had to show for it was a slice on his plastron. Every once in a while he would get some twinges in his gut reminding him of the incident, but as time passed they became fewer and farther between. Though quite capable of the blowing right by all of them and leaving everyone in his dust, he usually chose to remain with his brothers on the training runs. It was more fun to stay with them and be a part of the group than it was to take off on his own. He was a social creature after all. Mikey saw a cable in front of him and whipped out a nunchaku. Expertly flicking the weapon over the cable, he jumped and slid to a lower rooftop. "Cowabunga!" Hearing Donnie coming up behind him, he got out of the way quickly to allow his brother some room to land. Mikey grinned as Donatello joined him on the rooftop.

Arriving on the rooftop behind Mike, Don returned the grin as he slipped his bo staff back into its place on his back. Together, they looked up at their blade-wielding brothers and smirked. It was going to be a little more difficult for those two to follow.

"Maybe I should have left them a chuck, huh bro?" Mike asked Don as they waved smugly up at their brothers who were still on the higher rooftop.

"Nah, remember all the times they made fun of our choice of weapons over the years?" Donnie replied with a grin on his face.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Mikey responded with a laugh.

Raph and Leo soon found another way down and joined their still smirking brothers.

"Real cute, guys," Raph grouched, slightly miffed at having been left behind.

"Come on, let's get moving." Leo turned and set the pace once again.

They were just getting back into the rhythm of things when Donatello suddenly skidded to a halt.

"We've got trouble guys. Not Foot. Punks robbing a…" He paused a moment to listen "a shop of some kind."

Leo gave his purple masked brother a nod and Don took off, heading south. It wasn't long before they came across a truck parked in a dark alley.

Blending into the wall behind him, Leonardo slipped down the fire escape and wandered around the alley until he came to a place directly in front of the parked truck. He stood there and watched as his brothers moved into position.

Mikey and Don had each taken up a point on the fire escapes on either side of the alley while Raph had moved in low. As soon as the punks had the truck loaded and the back doors shut, he silently slipped up behind the vehicle. The 5 punks had piled into the front seat of the rig and made themselves perfect little sitting ducks. Leonardo chose that moment to slide out of the brickwork. His plastron returned to its normal shade of yellow and his skin became green again. He grinned at the shocked boys and unsheathed his katana. Had the boys been paying attention, they might have noticed the seemingly floating sword hilts, as well as the bandana and pads Leo wore. The driver fired up the rig and stomped on the gas, but all that suggested anything of the sort had happened was the noise of the engine. It wasn't going anywhere, as Raphael had the back end of the rear-wheel-drive vehicle and was holding it a few inches off the ground.

Michelangelo yanked open the passenger side door in a split second and Don was at the driver's door not long after. Donatello extracted the driver from his seat as Mike made short work of hauling the others from the rig and throwing them to the ground using his 'super-speed' to the best of his ability. When the punks noticed the turtles, they panicked and Donnie mostly closed himself off to their thoughts to avoid being distracted. As soon as the truck was emptied of its passengers Raph dropped the back end and made his way into the fight.

Using his bo, Donatello blocked a knife strike from the driver of the vehicle. He then reversed directions brought the other end of the weapon around quickly and without hesitation until it collided with the driver's skull. The boy was out cold and Don leapt to the top of the truck to see how his brothers were doing, and step in if he was needed. From what he could tell the fight was pretty much over, but it couldn't hurt to be there, just in case.

Leonardo had blended in with the wall, once again, and stood waiting for Raph to knock one of the punks his way. Raph spotted his brother and sent one of the two boys in front of him stumbling Leo's direction. Leo stepped away from the wall and knocked the thief to the ground in a move the kid never saw coming. In fact, the boy never even saw his attacker.

Michelangelo still had two punks to deal with and Don was about to jump down and offer some assistance when Mike leapt backward in what seemed to be a retreat. Don, however, knew better. Just like Mikey to do something like this, He thought. The two punks closed in and just as they got close enough, Mike pushed back hard, slamming his shell into the wall behind him with all the force he could. It rebounded and he sailed toward the two boys and, bringing his nunchucks into play, Mike had both teens floored before they even knew that he wasn't in front of them anymore.

Raphael was toying with the guy who was still standing. He would make short work of the boy when the time was right. This kid wielded a knife that he had pulled from his sleeve. Raph just made an exasperated noise and pulled his sais out, like the little knife was going to do anything anyway, but the three pronged weapons were really rather intimidating and Raphael had always been a fan of intimidation. The kid lunged at Raph and made an attempt to bury his weapon into the red masked turtle's arm. A look of horror crossed the kid's face when the knife snapped in half. Raphael smirked down at the kid and, using the back of his hand, knocked the boy unconscious.

"Well, that was easy." Raph stated, slightly disappointed at how little resistance these boys had offered.

"Yeah," Don concurred, "but they triggered an alarm inside when they were robbing the place. The police are on their way."

"Then it's time to make ourselves scarce." Leo ordered. He pointed to the roof and leapt, his three brothers close behind.

A/N: Well, that's it. They're back on their feet and are, once again, the well oiled fighting machine we know them to be. I was asked a while ago for a note on how the final version differed from the initial idea, so here it is! In the original idea, Donatello did not have the healing ability, or the ability to share his thoughts with those he touched as that manifested itself in how I chose for the healing ability to work. Leonardo originally could turn to metal: steel, mercury, you name it he could become it, so long as it was metallic. Raphael could change size, like Gridex in the cartoon and I am now really glad I didn't go with that one now. Michelangelo pretty much had me stumped, but I was leaning toward giving him the chameleon ability that Leo wound up with in the end. Midnight Heir gave me some feedback and suggestions about mutations that were better suited to their personalities and we shuffled things out until I liked what I had. Mike wound up going through about 7 incarnations before I got him all figured out. I don't remember what all of them were, but a couple of them involved the spiderman-esque ability of crawling around on the walls and ceilings. That would have been fun too, but the bouncing was just too perfect.

Also the original story did not have the battle with the Foot near the warehouses. Instead Mike was injured by Raph in a sparring session. He wasn't injured to the near-death point I took him in the final version, he was just banged up. This was dropped for three reasons. 1) Raph hurt Leo before I got to this part of the story and I didn't want to do it again. It would have been rather monotonous, especially since he almost took out Don too. 2) It didn't work all that well with the bouncing thing. If Raph hit him, Mike would just bounce, so I needed something sharp to do the job. 3) I really wanted a good action sequence and it was sadly lacking, so enter the Foot battle.