Fire in her head

Chapter One

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The red, pink, orange and purple hues painted the heavens as the sun begun to set. Grey and blue clouds scattered the sky and the sweet smell of fresh rain passed through the air. Maegan watched the sky as she brought her second cigarette of the day to her lips, she wedge it in her mouth and lit the cancer stick.
Sighing contently she inhaled the intoxicating chemicals and leaned against the cement wall.

"You know smoking is bad for you." Maegan turned and saw her cousin, Stephanie McMahon standing beside her, her arms crossed.

"Yeah, yeah I know, but old habits die hard." Maegan replied. Breathing out the smoke she knelt down and stubbed the remaining cigarette onto the ground. She stood upright and stretched.

"By the way, dad wants to see you quickly in his office." Stephanie said, glancing at her expensive gold watch.

"Thanks, I'll see you around." Maegan waved goodbye and headed back into the Pepsi Arena in Albany where Raw is War was being televised.

She opened the door to Vince's office and stepped in. Her uncle was sitting behind his desk; a large man with his arms covered in tattoos was opposite him.

Vince looked over and smiled, motioning her in and for her to sit down. Mark watched her curiously.

"Mark, I would like you to meet my niece Maegan, Maegan meet the big idiot Mark also known as The Undertaker." Vince introduced them. Maegan smiled shyly and tucked her blonde bangs back behind her ears.

"Nice to meet you darlin.' "

"You too," Maegan looked at her uncle and grinned. "See, I'm making friends already and you thought I wouldn't!"

Vince and Mark chuckled. The Undertaker stood up and said a quick goodbye, leaving Vince and Maegan alone.

'Damn,' Mark thought as he exited the office. 'What a sweet little thing.' He jumped as someone poked his ribs, he looked down and smiled, picking Sara up and hugging her.

"What took you so long?" Sara asked, kissing her husband on the lips.

"I met Vince's niece, her name is Maegan." Mark told her, carrying Sara back to their locker room.

"Oh? What is she like?"

"Nice, sweet from what I know."

"How does she look?" Sara asked, poking Mark again. Mark laughed and sat on the black couch in their locker room, Sara still in his arms.

"Young, around 5 foot 8, teal colored eyes, short spiky white blonde hair with red and black streaks, that's pretty much it."

"Whose got red and black streaks?" A voice asked from the door. Mark and Sara turned and faced Kane, the Undertaker's brother.

"Maegan, Vince's niece." Mark explained. Kane nodded and went into their bathroom, readying himself for his match.

Maegan watched Mark walk out and smiled. "He seems like a nice guy." She said, settling herself in the chair.

"One of my top Superstars."

"Cool, so you wanted to see me?" Maegan asked.

"Oh yes. Linda and myself think that you would be better off if you were to valet for someone," Vince begun. Maegan sighed. "Just hear me out, he's a nice person, outgoing, wild…"

"Uncle V. What if I don't want to valet? I've been training to become a wrestler not someone who prances around outside the ring!" Maegan protested.

It was Vince's turn to sigh. "Maegan, honey. We don't want you hurt in the ring. You could get injured or worse. It's safer if you be a valet."

"Please give me a chance Vince, please?" Maegan begged, leaning forward in the chair and giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

"I'll talk to Linda about it." Maegan let out a whoop and hugged her uncle.

She left the office and wandered around the maze of halls in the arena. Numerous Superstars walked around, some talking, joking, insulting one another, or sitting.

"Hey Maegan!" Maegan looked up and smiled, Shane McMahon stood a few feet in front of her. She ran up and hugged her cousin, happy that she saw someone else that she knew.

"I was starting to get worried about you. I looked for you everywhere." Shane murmured, slinging his arm around her shoulders.

Maegan laughed. "Shane, how old do you think I am? I'm a big girl now, I can take care of myself."

"You're 20, and what's this about being a big girl?"

Maegan punched him in the stomach lightly and grinned. True she was 20, but most of the time she acted like a 12 year old, always playing around and never being serious.

"You hungry?" Shane asked, recovering from the punches.

"Of course!" His cousin replied. Shane smiled and took her to the cafeteria. Superstars on Raw and Smackdown! looked up from their meals to watch the two relatives pile their plates with food.

" Darlin' don't you think you have enough food?" Maegan jumped and spun around, nearly losing balance, she glared up at the 7' foot man.

"Never, ever do that again! And don't tell me if I have enough food on my plate." Maegan said, pulling the plate possessively to her chest.

Mark smiled and held up his hands in defeat. "Maegan, I want you to meet someone." Sara stood beside him and offered her hand, the pretty blonde smiling.

"Sara, Maegan. Maegan meet my woman Sara."

"Hi." Maegan smiled, shaking the Diva's hand.

"I've heard a bit about you, well enough anyway." Sara said, nodding her head up to Mark.

"There's not much to tell about me. But it's nice to know I'm gossiped about."

The 4 of them sat around a plastic round table, talking and eating.

"So are you going to be a Diva or valet?" Sara asked, sipping at her coffee.

"Diva. Uncle V wanted me to be a valet but I'm persuading him to make me a Diva. He's going to ask Aunt Linda if I can be one. I've trained enough and everything but it's all about my safety." Maegan answered.

"We are concerned about your safety, God knows what sort of trouble you get in to." Shane declared, earning a glare from his cousin.

The Undertaker and Sara laughed at them.

"Anyway I gotta go, I promised Steph that I'd meet her in her office." Maegan stood up and waved goodbye to her friends. She left the cafeteria and made her way down the twisting halls to the GM office.

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