Fire in Her Head
Chapter Thirteen

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Stephanie stood outside the door, wringing her fists by her side. What was she doing here? Biting down on her bottom lip she walked away down the driveway, past the parked car, pulling out her cell phone she dialled the one person who'd she knew would bring her around and keep her head straight.


"Hunter, I'm here but I don't know…" Stephanie whispered, glancing frantically at the front of the house.

"Babe, just knock on the front door and act casual, you're her cousin. You're allowed to visit her."

"I'm spying on her life!"

"Steph, you aren't spying, you're merely checking up on her and to see if that retard is with her. There's nothing wrong with that."


"There's nothing wrong with what you're doing. Trust me, in the long run it's better off he's not around her. Look, I like Maegan, she's a sweet girl but like your father says, he's too insane for her."

"Okay, I'll call you later. Love you."

"You too, babe."

Stephanie slipped her cell phone back into her pocket and walked back to the front door. Raising her fist she knocked and placed a fake smile on her face.

Kane stirred from the couch, the blankets falling off his body, the tapping opened his eyes and he sat up looking around the unfamiliar house. Standing up, he looked around the room and his eyes were focussed to the front door. Sighing, he stepped over the coffee table and stopped. Should he get Maegan? Shaking his head at the thought and remembering what happened the night before, he reached the door and opened it.

Stepping back in shock, Kane looked down at Stephanie McMahon and glared at her.

"K…Kane." Stephanie stuttered, her faux smile disappearing and staring at themonstrous man before her.

"It's lovely to see you too, Stephanie." He replied sarcastically.

"Is Maegan home?" Stephanie asked, ignoring what he said and getting straight to the point and no longer stuttering.

"She's asleep."

"Want to go get her?"

"I'd rather not."

Stephanie glared hatefully at the taller man and forced her way in under his bare arm. The door slammed shut behind her and Kane watched the Billion-Dollar Princess.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on its end, Kane blocked her path to get out. Forcing herself not to panic, Stephanie walked down the hallway, stopping in front of Maegan's room; she opened the door quietly and flicked the light on. Not caring about her cousin sleeping.

"Steph?" Maegan called out, startling her cousin.

"Yeah, morning sunshine." Steph sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Maegan in disappointment.

"What?" Maegan asked, pulling the covers up to her chest and wrapping her arms around her legs.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Huh? I was sleeping but.."

"No!" Stephanie cut her off, losing her patience and anger quickly. "I meant what is he doing out there?"


"Yes you idiot."

"I guess he was sleeping too."

"Do you even care what you're doing to this company?" Stephanie screamed, standing up and staring at Maegan, waiting for her answer.

"I don't know what, huh?"

"Wake up Maegan, you're risking everything being here and with him! I don't get it. Out of everyone at the whole company, you choose him! It's disgusting, he's a monster, and he's…"

"My boyfriend." Maegan finished calmly.

"Great, just great. When Vince hears about this, one of you will be fired, no doubt about that."

"I know."

"Well, aren't you going to do something to stop it? Like, oh I don't know, break up with him?"


"Maegan, this is stupid. You're ruining everything."

"I'm ruining everything? Yeah, okay. At least I'm not the one trying to push you away from someone you love. You're dating a wrestler too. You and Hunter are probably going to get married one day. But you don't see me trying to talk you out of the relationship and saying how disgusting and shit he is."

"Love, love? Maegan you know nothing of love. This is all probably some sick joke you're playing. Hey, guess what? At least dad likes Hunter! I don't see dad praising Kane for anything good or see him sitting for lunch or something!"

"Tell us what you really think." Kane spoke up, hearing everything she said to Maegan.

Steph faced Kane and sneered. "This is unbelievable. I don't get it; especially why someone so tormented like you would go after someone like her. It's stupid and I've…had enough. See you at work." She moved out of the room and her footsteps were heard until the front door closed shut loudly.

Kane watched Maegan awkwardly and touched his hand to the doorframe, leaning against it lightly.

"That was interesting." Maegan spoke softly, staring wide-eyed down the hall, looking past the man at the doorway, expecting to see her uncle or Stephanie to storm in.

"You call that interesting? I call it fucking insane."

"The wonders of being with a McMahon, I mean, if you still want to." She finished quietly and looked at him, a sort of hope swimming in her teal coloured eyes.

Kane stood silently, his head tilted to the side contemplating what she said. He took a step forward, his shadow and size looming over her, Kane raised his arms up shakily, not speaking a word, his hands came to the strap of his mask and he pulled at it, biting his lip he unfastened the black restraint. Fingers fumbled with the mask and he growled at the frustration of untangling it from his wild hair. Finally, the mask was undone and as if the world stopped at this point and time, he dropped the mask to the floor, freeing himself from the façade.

Maegan's breathing stopped in her throat and shivers raced up and down her spine, at last she saw him without giving it a thought she threw the blankets off her, and crawled across the bed to where Kane was. She was speechless, totally mute. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she pulled him down to her height on the bed, examining his face. Her fingertips brushed the sides of his face, trailing her nails along his cheekbones, down his nose and around his eyes and forehead.

"I've dreamed of this for so long." She whispered, tears falling down her cheeks.

"You don't care?" He asked hoarsely, shivering at her touch.

"Of?" She laughed quietly.

"That I'm hideously ugly and not perfect for someone like you."

"Kane, I love you. You're perfect for me just like you are and I won't have it any other way."

Her hands cupped the sides of his face as she drew him to her. Their lips touched and parted, tongues entwined, a kiss more intense than their first. Kane wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. Maegan bent back and she took Kane with her, she fell onto the bed, and they ended the kiss.

Kane looked down at her, his arms on each side of her keeping his weight above her smaller body.

He noticed the look of desire and love in her eyes and he smiled and leant down, trailing light kisses on her collarbone to her shoulder.

"Kane…" Maegan whined lightly, ticklish at his soft touch. He brought his lips back to hers and kissed her gently, his hand sliding down the side of her body and across her breast. He placed a knee in between her legs, persuading them open to position himself better, not pulling away from the kiss; he smiled against her lips as she hooked her arms around his neck, pressing herself to him.

His large hand traced circles down her abdomen and up to her breasts, lifting her shirt up, his fingers lightly grazed her nipples and she moaned when he pulled away, chasing after his hand, she held it back in place on her breast, her small hand covering his.

Smirking, Kane raised up and his eyes travelled down her body.

"You need to do something with your clothing." He illustrated by taking off his shirt and pulling his pants off, standing there naked. Maegan's eyes skimmed his body and her eyes widened, almost comical at the size of his member.

"Okay…" Maegan breathed, throwing her shirt to the floor and wriggling out of panties. Not denying that she needed him, wanted him as quick as possible and for as long as possible.

Kane nodded and pushed her back down, kissing her lips, her throat, her breasts and stomach, exploring every inch of her body beneath him. He placed a light kiss on the top of her hood, moving slowly down her body and tasted her, sending her into a wave of moans and cries.

"Kane, I need…you." She cried out, pulling him back up. He kissed her, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.

Positioning himself in between Maegan's legs, he looked at her smiling, wanting face and searched her eyes for any signs of stopping. He gently rested his hands on her hips and entered her as gently as possible, definitely not wanting to cause her pain.

Maegan cried out and bit her lip as he entered her completely. He stayed there for a few minutes, getting her use to it.

"Maegan, are you a virgin?" Kane asked her quietly.

"Is that…bad?" Maegan gasped, as he began to thrust in and out of her, only halfway. Teasing her in small ways.

"No." Kane replied, bending down and kissing her once more. Maegan grew desperate at he slow strokes and moved her hips to meet his stroke for stroke, quickening the pace.

As she reached her orgasm, Kane slowed down, teasing her. Maegan growled out and her nails raked down his chest and back, her hands rubbed down his arms, pressing her to him.

Kane gasped as she clenched her inner muscles around his member, testing him, he sped up the rapidity, Maegan cried out as her climax hit, sending waves upon waves of pleasure over her body, she threw her head back, kneading her knuckles on his shoulders and gasping for air. Kane came soon after, his growled out and felt himself explode within her walls. Calming down, his pulled out and lay beside her. Kissing her nose lightly then her lips more completely.

He pulled her to him, his arms encircling her waist, and kissing the top of her head.

Maegan turned and faced her love, she smiled adoringly up at him, thanking him in a simple smile, and no words were needed as they spoke their I love you in a passionate kiss.

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